Stripper verse Player

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Chapter 24 - Beach Day

Steph’s POV

I woke up by my bed moving up and down with West laughing. I groaned and hit him but got his legs as he was jumping up and down.

“West.” I groaned and then cried out when he jumped on me, “Weston!”

“Wakey wakey.” He said and I pushed him off, “Ow.” He said, falling off my bed and then he started crying.

“West, I’m not falling for it. I’m tired.” I said and then turned because he was actually crying, “West, I didn’t push you hard. Are you ok?” Worry hit my face and I pulled him up and in for a hug, “Oh my gosh.” I gasped and he stunk of everything bad, “Weston!” I said, looking at him but he just fell down and he was out, “Dad!” I yelled and moved over West, tapped his cheek.

“What?” Dad said, rushing in.

“He just passed out.” I said as he came in, “He stinks too.” I said and he sighed and nodded.

“He had good fun at a party last night. I had to bring him and Liam home.”

“He was just jumping on my bed.”

“He’s going to have a big day but he’s grounded for two months.”

“Ouch,” I muttered and he picked West up and carried him out as I got up and went to my cupboards.

Oh, beach day.

With that thought, I got a blue and rainbow bikini and changed into that. I put on a pink shirt, tied it up so it showed my waist and stomach. I put on some denim shorts and then got my phone, sunnies, glasses and keys.

I put on my black thongs and then made my way out and downstairs. I looked at the time to see that it was already ten.

“Hey, dad?”

“Yeah, sweetie?” He called out from the kitchen and I poked my head him.

“I’m going to go to the beach for a bit with the girls.”

“Ok, that’s fine. I don’t think you want to be here when Weston wakes up anyway.”

“Yeah,” I said and then made my way out. I walked to my car and then I looked at Gale as he ran out and jumped the fence, got into my car even before I got to it myself.

I rolled my eyes and got into the passenger seat.

“Morning.” He smiled and I threw the keys to him with a sigh.

“West’s stoned himself.”

“Yeah, Liam rolled down the stairs.” He said and I stopped a laugh, “Don’t worry, I laughed too.”

“Well, West just jumped on me and then passed out.”

“Better than Liam.” He said as he drove down the street, “You ok though?”


“Sure look it.” He smirked down at my waist and legs. He poked my ribs and then tickled me. I erupted in laughter and tried hitting his hand away as he tickled me, laughing at my reaction.

“Gale! You need to drive!” I screamed with laughter, “Please! Stop!” I choked on air and started coughing as I laughed. He laughed and then stopped and turned the radio on loud. He started singing to the song, Rude Boy by Rihanna.

“So, true!” I said, “You’re a rude boy!” I yelled and he laughed. I blushed so bad when I heard the lyrics and that’s why he was laughing.

I’ma let you be the captain
I’ma let you do your thing, yeah
I’ma let you be a rider

“No!” I screamed and he laughed again. I turned it down and then off, “That’s an inappropriate song.”

“Why? Don’t you want me to be a rider? I can be a good captain.”

“Oh, fuck you.” I muttered and he laughed, poked my ribs again, “No, Gale.”

“Ok, ok.” He retreated his hand but then put it to my leg, rubbed it a little, “Can I take you out tonight again?”



“I got work, remember?”

“Right, donuts.”

“Yep,” I said and then we both laughed a little.

“I’ll drive you then, pick you up.”

“No thanks.” I said and he sighed, “I forgot a towel.”

“Dumbass.” He rolled his eyes and I looked at him and then looked for his towel.

“Where’s yours, dickhead?”

“Logan’s bringing me one since all our beach towels are of baby sharks and watermelon.” He said and I laughed at that, “What? It’s true.”

“Don’t you change them? Buy new ones?”

“Not really.” He shrugged and I leaned back. I looked out of my window as we drove down the last few streets.

An hour later, the girls and boys had joined us at the beach and we all had gotten into a good game of keepings off, boys verse girls in the water.

I gave up with Chloe and Gale and we just went to sunbaking on the beach, well, Gale was kind of just there, laying close with my head on his shoulder. He had his hand running up and down my side softly.

“So, you two?” Sammy said, coming to us with the others, “What happened to never ever, Steph?” She smirked as she got her towel and dried herself.

“We had a good time last night.”

“And he’s still with you?” Becky said, confused and looking at Gale.

“No, I took her out for dinner.” He said, “She didn’t let me in her house after.” He said and they laughed a little.


“She doesn’t trust me.”

“So, he can take a step closer every time I trust him until we reach my room.”

“Shit, that’ll be a while.” Chloe said, “You got to step it up, man.”

“Well, I’ve already seen her naked.” He said and I sat up, gave him a dark look, “You’ve seen me naked.”

“That was your fault.”

“Your fault too for when I saw you.” He said and tried pulling me down but I moved away. The others laughed and he sat up.

“What now?” Becky asked, “What if we all go out tonight?”

“I have work.” I groaned, “I’m sorry, maybe another time.”

“All good.” She said.

“Hey, we should have a boy’s night again.” Jake said, “What was that sick place we went to on Friday night?”

“Cut us out, why don’t you?” Chloe rolled her eyes.

“Right, you guys would love it.” Logan said to the other boys, smirking, “Men’s Gallery.”

Should I tell them? Did I even care? No, not really. I mean, it’s what I enjoy. I mean, I touched Logan’s cunt. That matters. But then, Gale’s going to let it slip some time.

“I have a confession.” I said, standing and they all looked at me, “Wait, let's play a game. Never have I ever.”

“There’s no drinks.”

“No, but we don’t need drinks.” I said, sitting back down, “Never have I ever had sex with Stacy. Raise your hand.” I said, hitting Gale’s shoulder and he sighed and raised his hand as well as Jake and Jeremy.

“Damn.” Chloe laughed.

“Never have I ever turned seventeen to be a virgin still.” Jake got back to me but I didn’t raise my hand. No one did but everyone looked at me.

“Secret’s out now.” Gale chuckled.

“What?! With him?” Becky said.

“What? No, not him.”

“Who?” Logan asked and Gale laughed as I didn’t reply.

“It’s complicated.”

“You were drunk?”

“No.” I said, “Just, someone else go.”

“Ok, never have I ever had sex with any of them,” Chloe said and Sammy put her hand up.

“Of course you have, Jasper’s your boyfriend,” Jake said and she smiled.

“Ok, never have I ever been to a strip club.” Becky said and the boys put their hands up before I did slowly, “Stephanie Grey!”

“Never ever have I been Gretta Grey!” Logan blurted out and I looked at him.

“Who?” Chloe asked and I waved a hand up.

“Ha, I knew it!” Logan said as Jake laughed and Gale just hugged his arm around my neck.

“Wait, what?” Sammy said, “Who’s Gretta Grey?”

“Her.” Logan said, pointing to me, “Holy crap! You touched my dick.”

“The world doesn’t need to know,” Gale muttered.

“You knew?”

“I saw her after and she was wearing the same outfit.”

“At her car?”

“In her room.”

“Guys! What the fuck’s going on?” Becky asked.

“I’m a stripper.” I said, looking at them and they looked at me, “My name’s Gretta Grey at the Men’s Gallery.”

“Holy shit, Steph.” Chloe said, sitting up, “Are you fucking serious?”

“You touched Logan’s dick?” Sammy said.

“Yes,” Logan said.

“No!” I said, looking at him, “Well, not really. You had your boxers over still.”

“Fucking hell, Steph.” Chloe laughed and clapped her hands twice, “Are you serious?!”

“I thought you worked at the donut place?” Becky said and Gale laughed.

“I thought that too.” He smiled, “But nope. She’s Gretta Grey. The boy’s favourite. Damn, why was Logan picked for you.”

“Because you got Lucy.” I said, “You seemed pretty glued to her.”

“That’s why you left.” Logan said, “I was about to take her mask off.”

“And the timer went off.” I shrugged, “Shift was done.”

“Wait, so how long have you been there for?” Chloe asked.

“Almost a year.”

“Steph! We’re your best friends, how could you not tell us?”

“Because it’s big.” I said, “Plus, I didn’t know what you’d guys think.”


“Now I don’t give a crap.” I sighed and I looked at Gale, “Impressed I told my secret?”

“Oh, bitch.” He said and I smirked, “Fine, one more point.”

“Seventeen, twelve, baby,” I smirked and stood up. I brushed the sand off.

“Damn, you’re losing big time.” Logan laughed and I smirked.

“Got any ideas?” Gale asked.

“Nude run.” Chloe said and we looked at her, “Challenge. You need to get clothes from around, first one back, dressed, like, covered, wins.”

“No,” I said.

“Fuck it,” Gale said and stood. I shook my head, looking at him, “Yes, come on.”

“No, wait! The most kisses.” Sammy said, “Strangers but they have to kiss you.”

“No, he’ll cheat.”

“No, one of us goes with him and counts. One of the boys can count for you to make it even.”

“Ok.” Gale said, “I like that one better.”

“No shit,” I muttered and he chuckled, put his arm around my waist.

“You like it deep down.”

“Maybe,” I said, looking at him.

“Well, take your time,” Logan said and I kissed Gale’s lips quickly.

“One,” Sammy said to Gale and I smirked and ran off, Logan and Jake following as Gale went the other way with Sammy and Chloe.

“Hey, anyone want a free kiss?!” I yelled out and everyone looked up.

“Yeah, sure!” A boy yelled back and I went to him. Cute blonde, a few years older than me. I smirked and put my hands to his abs before his lips met with mine. I kissed him back as his hands trailed down my body.

“Thanks,” I whispered.


“Game with my boyfriend.”

“Some boyfriend.” He said and I smirked and looked around. Another yelled and waved. I went to him and I got a lot of kisses. Logan and Jake kept count and I lost count after seven.

After about twenty minutes Becky was yelling back with the other boys, saying time was up and we made our way back.

“You got nineteen by the way,” Logan said and I laughed.


“Some relationship you have.” He muttered, “He took you on a date?”

“Yeah, I guess. Why?”

“He’s going to play you.” He warned me and then we reached the others before he could tell me more. I looked down and then at Gale, who smirked at me.

“How many did you get?” He asked, his hands going to my hips.

“Um, what?” I asked, my mind completely blank, “Oh, ah, nineteen.”

“Oh, twenty-three.” He said, “So, thirty-six to....” He took a moment, thinking, “Thirty-five. One off. Damn.” He smirked, “I liked that one. Impressed enough for one or two points?”

“Nope.” I said and he pouted his lips for a sad face, “None.”

“Ok, it’s getting late.” Chloe said, “I have work soon so I’m going to get going.”

“Yeah, same,” Jeremy said and then waved goodbye with the other two boys as Jesper went to Sammy.

“See you at school.” Sammy waved and walked away with him.

“See you at the club tonight then.” Jake raised his eyebrows and I groaned as Logan chuckled and followed him.

I sighed and put my shirt and shorts on as Gale put his shirt on again and found my keys in his towel. He wrapped his arm around me as we started up the beach and to my car.

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