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Chapter 25 - Play

Gretta’s POV

So, it was late again and I’d been out on stage for the past hour until Paige put me at the bar so I was now serving drinks. I hardly ever did it but when I did, I had fun with it. I went out with trays of glasses and delivered to tables.

Music was loud again and the men and boys were dancing around if not drinking or watching the strippers on the centre stage.

I took out my next order to table fourteen and smiled as it was Gale with Logan and Jake but also Jasper and Jeremy.

“Damn,” Jeremy smirked at my outfit. Two-piece leather, small panties and that leather top with the string in the centre with my high heeled black leather boots.

“Now this makes me uncomfortable,” I said, putting their drinks out.

“You do this for work. In front of all these people.” Jake said.

“I know but you guys know me and I know you so it’s weird. Everyone else here, they don’t know me and I don’t care what they think.”

“Trust me, it’s all positive,” Logan said.

“Gretta!” I heard Paige calling out.

“I have to go,” I said and turned. I walked into the crowd and then back to the bar.

“You’re on.” Paige said and I nodded, “Boyfriends?”

“Boyfriend and his friends.”

“Does he know what you do in the alleyway?”

“Who am I swapping?”

“Jess.” She said and I nodded, “You want a solo with him?”

“No thanks,” I said and she laughed a little as I walked away and up onto the stage. I smirked at Jess as she met with me.

“He’s cute.” She said and I rolled my eyes and walked to the corner. I took the pole in one hand and moved around it. I closed my eyes and had my moment of warm-up dances before I got to work and impressed the boys in front.

“Ok, ok!” Paige yelled in the speaker, “Special surprise ten minute make out!” She said and I closed my eyes and silently cursed as I continued as she went through the rules and things again.

“First off it’s Gabriella Daniels with Gary Price!” She said and the crowd went wild on the other side, “Marianne Baker with Han Solo.” I smiled at that. I loved it when the boys were creative with their draw box names. A boy around my age joined Mary, black hair, cute.

“Once again, our very famous fav, Gretta Grey!” She said and I put my hands up and waved as the lights came on me, “With her own surprise guy. Show what you’ve got for Gale Colten!”

Of course, she did that. I directly said no! Oh, fuck her. I don’t want to touch Gale like this. He’ll enjoy it too much and that’s exactly what I’m trying to get him off.

Gale joined me on stage and the boys were yelling and clapping from the table.

“You going to touch my dick and lick my body?” He whispered as he hugged his arms around my body and kissed my shoulder.

“Is that what you want? You know the rules.” I said and I moved my arms up as I moved my hips slowly.

“You didn’t play like that with Logan.” He said and I laughed a little and turned to him.

“Well, I did this.” I moved down his body and moved to the side to I went up against his side, “And then I went like this.” I said, moving behind him and putting my hands under his shirt. I moved them around and he moaned as I put them down his pants. I drew back though and tapped his ass as I moved around him.

“You missed.”

“I know,” I smirked and went up. I kissed his cheek and made my way back and to his ear. His arms tightened around me as I nibbled on his earlobe.

I moved to his side and pushed my body against his and then I stepped out but he caught my hand and twirled me back in. I landed against his chest but I moved my leg around him and ducked under his arm, standing back up behind him. He laughed as the other boys did and I ran my fingertips around his shoulders as I walked back around to his front.

“Logan said you’re playing me,” I said and the music completely died out from my ears so I could hear his response.

“If I’d played on you, we wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t care enough to be here, wouldn’t give a shit that you work here. Logan’s just full of bull.”

“Except he knows you best and you’re you,” I said and put my hand behind his neck as I pushed my body against his. He took my hips and I looked at him.

“I don’t want you to hurt me.”

“I’d never hurt you.”

“How do I believe you?” I asked and then everything came back to my ears as the timer went off, “My shifts done.”

“I’ll drive you home.”

“I know my way home.”

“Steph.” He said as I walked away and down the steps. I made my way to the back to get my things, jacket and pay before I made my way out and to my car.

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