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Chapter 26 - Shitty

Gale’s POV

I made my way back to the boys after Steph left and they were laughing about nothing, probably more shit.

“Why did you do that?” I said harshly to Logan.

“What?” He asked, looking at me.

“Steph’s all shit with me now. You said I’d play on her.”

“That.” He said and I nodded, looked at him like he was dumb as I took my seat.

“She didn’t look shitty to us,” Jake said and sipped his drink.

“I was trying to help.” Logan said and I scoffed, stole his drink, “Come on, man. I like her, we all like her. She’s fun and you two click. As soon as you see that, you’re going to go skits and leave her. You’ll break her like all the fucking rest.”

“You’re wrong,” I said and finished off his drink.

“Is he?” Jake chuckled, “It’s just Tessa all over again.”

“Don’t fucking talk about Tes.” I snapped and got up, “I’m out of here.” I said, throwing a twenty on the table and then walking away and through the crowd, towards the front door.

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