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Chapter 27 - Again?

Steph’s POV

I got to school and just stayed in my car for a few more moments.

What was Gale doing? Was he actually trying to play me? Was this all fake and game to him? An act. I knew he's playing for that night with me but no way was I actually going to give it to him. He’s disrespectful.

What if I played him back? If I made my own game to see if he actually cared?

I got out of my car finally and put my bag over my shoulder. I closed the door and locked it before I made my way inside.

I walked upstairs and found my locker. I stopped and looked around when I noticed that everyone was looking at me. They all turned though when I noticed and I was confused.

I shook it off, I’m just seeing things probably. I went to open my locker but I saw Gale and Logan in the corner of my eyes. Gale had his phone as they were trying to hide around the corner.

I rolled my eyes and took my hand away from my locker. I looked down at my bag and then looked in it. Ok, good. I had the books I needed for first and second period. I took a few steps away before my phone started ringing. I looked to see Gale’s name.

I rolled my eyes, answered as I turned to him and Logan. I couldn’t see them but I could see the edge of Gale’s white shirt passing the wall.

“Are you ok?” He asked, “I mean, about last night?”

“I’m fine.” I said, “Are you at school?”

“Ah, on my way.” He said and I rolled my eyes and turned away.

“So, you’re not hiding around the corner wanting to film me when I open my locker?” I said, looking back and he looked around and smirked at me.


“What are you doing?” I opened my arms.

“You look cute today. I like you in black, and the leather jacket makes you look badass.”

“I can take it off?”

“Not here, baby.” He said, “Can I take you out tonight?”


“Again?” He said and I nodded, “Tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, I think I can fit it in.” I said, “But hey, at least you didn’t ask me over text.” I said and hung up. I turned and walked away, towards class.

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