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Chapter 28 - Good Laugh

Gale’s POV

Lunch came and I sat outside with the boys like every other time. I sat on the edge of the table as the boys sat on the chairs around.

“Gale!” I turned and rolled my eyes at Stacy as I turned back around, “Heard you’re with Steph.” She said, moving in front of me and then in between my legs, “I respect that but you want some time?”

“No thanks.”

“You sure?” She asked softly as she ran her hands up my thighs and I grabbed her wrists. She jumped a little with a gasp.

“I fucking said no,” I said harshly and pushed her away.

“You fucking asshole!” She screamed and turned on her heel, walking away.

“Correct.” I turned to see Steph walking to me with glitter in her hair and on her arms, her neck but it had been wiped off her face.

“Oh, come here.” I chuckled, standing and going to her.

“Asshole.” She said and I rolled my eyes. I rubbed it off her arms and then her neck gently. I brushed her hair with my fingers, so soft and neat, not knotty.

“You did it to me.”

“I knew it was in there. I just forgot and I was hungry.” She scrunched her nose up adorably and I smiled, “Tie.”

“Oh, thirty-six, thirty-six.” I said and she nodded, “I didn’t catch it on camera.”

“Exactly the same as yours. I can send you the vid of you? I mean, just put me there with my screams and swearing at you.” She said and I laughed a little and moved down, kissed her lips, “Asshole.” She whispered, still grumpy with a frown and her arms crossed over her chest.

“Asshole, ok, I’m an asshole,” I said and poked her ribs.

“Don’t!” She squealed but I did it again. I caught her before she could escape and I trapped her in my arms, her back turned against my front as I tickled her. Her laughs came out and her legs went weak. I caught her though and held her up as I continued my torture.

“St-stop!” She said between laughs, “Gale!” She screamed and then I was laughing too hard that I almost dropped her. I caught her again but then we both stumbled over each other’s feet. We both fell to the ground, laughing.

“Guys.” Logan laughed as the other boys were laughing too, “Get off the ground!”

“I can’t.” I laughed, groaned and turned onto my back. I then looked at Steph as she was just laying there, not laughing but smiling. I took a breath and then leaned up on my elbow and looked at her.

“You ok?” I asked and she laughed a little and then smirked at me. I smiled back and went down, kissing her. She kissed me back and I moved my hand down her body to her bum.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Steph pulled away first and we both looked at Chloe with the other girls.

“Here, help me up.” Steph said, holding her hand up and Sammy took her hand and helped her up as I got to my feet myself.

“Why were you on the ground?” Daniella asked.

“Um, his fault.”

“You pushed her?” Chloe said, looking at me, “He pushed you?” She said, looking at Steph, who just laughed and pulled her away with the other girls.

“Ah, what just happened?” Jake laughed and I shrugged and got back onto the table.

“Well, that was cute.” Jasper said and we all just laughed.

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