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Chapter 29 - Date Night

Steph’s POV

So, the days went on just perfect. No more drama or stupid arguments with Gale. He’d taken me out at every possibility but hadn’t reached my bedroom yet, or the stairs.

The dates were cute and fun. We both had a lot of fun and with our game, it’s slowly dying but now and then, we’d get a point. I was winning again since I’d impressed him too many times with my cute outfits. I gave him a few free points too because he’d just been nice.

I was walking out of school and to my car, Gale was taking me back out this afternoon.

“Steph!” I stopped at my car and turned to Chloe as she caught up, out of breath and looking a mess. Her hair was less straight and neat than normal. Her skirt was crinkled a little and she had her heels in her hands. And she obviously forgot her bag too.

“I totally just fucked Logan in the gym.”

“What?” I said, wide-eyed and scanning her again. Of course, she did, “I don’t want to know that, Chlo.”

“I know but I needed to tell someone and you’re my best friend so it’s you.” She said and I laughed a little, leaning against my car, “I feel bad now, the bell went.”

“Oh and that stopped you?”

“He asked me over tonight?”

“That’s good. I think?”

“Yeah.” She said, “Um, you need to go.”

“And you need your bag,” I reminded her, opening the door and she nodded. I laughed, “See you, Chlo.”

“Bye.” She stepped back and then made her way back as I got into my car and got out of there.

An hour later, Gale held my hand as we walked up a steep bush trail quite close to the cliffs. I’d gotten dressed into a nice white with yellow flowers dress and he’d told me that we were going for a bushwalk when we parked.

Hopeless, I know.

I mean, I would have worn suitable clothes for walking if he’d just told me.

“Almost there.”

“We’re not even on the track anymore,” I said, stropping in the middle of the bush and he looked back at me.

“Trust me.”

“I’m working on that, remember?”

“I know where we’re going.” He reassured and pulled me to continue. I sighed and did what he wanted. I walked with him to the top and then when we came out of the trees, we were on the edge of the cliffs with the sun falling and close to hiding.

“Come on,” Gale smirked as I smiled at it and he put his arm around me, walking me forward. I went with him and it was only a few more steps before we came to a red and white checked picnic blanket with a basket in the centre.

“Oh my gosh, you’re so romantic!” I said and he scoffed. I rolled my eyes and sat down as he did. I sat opposite him, leaning sideways on my hand as he opened the basket.

“So, wine of course.” He said, taking out a bottle of red wine and I smiled, “We have cheese and crackers.” He said, taking out a small wooden board and put three types of cheese, all looking good. One camembert, cheddar and then Manchego. He put out a few soft crackers too and a blue cheese knife.

“You going to feed me grapes too?” I smirked as I got some cheese on a cracker and ate it.

“Sandwiches.” He said and I laughed, laying down on my back, “What? I love sandwiches.”

“Me too! Don’t get me wrong. It’s just funny.”

“Oh, like this?” He moved over and then jumped to hold me as he started tickling me. I screamed and laughed, grabbing for his hands.

“Gale!” I laughed, “Please, it hurts.”

“Why are you laughing then?” He asked and then had my hands pinned down next to my head. He was over me, close and his eyes moved down to my lips but then back to my eyes.

“Kiss me,” I whispered and he granted. He came down and kissed me ever so gently and I returned it.

“Cracker?” He asked and I laughed.

“You’re so adorable.”

“Me?” He frowned and put the cracker on my chin. He went down and took the end with his lips. He put it to mine and I took it, ate it before I found his lips on my neck and trailing down to my chest.

I smiled and closed my eyes, running my fingers through his hair lightly. I lazily trailed them down his neck and then down his shirt on his back for a gentle scratch.

“Can you get me some cheese with a cracker?” I asked and he chuckled a little.

“You’re a cracker.” He said, getting me some and then feeding it to me. I took small bites and I got through two before he ate the rest.

“Gale!” I said, sitting and he laughed, covered his mouth with his hand as he finished my cracker.

“There’s plenty more.” He said and I reached passed him and got another. He pulled me back into his lap and I leaned back against him as I ate it. I finished it and then looked out at the sun, smiled when it gave that green flash before the sunset took the skies in so many colours.

“It’s so beautiful.” I said, “But cold, maybe we go home shortly?”

“Anything you want.” He said and rubbed my legs fast, warming them up.

“I don’t want to waste the food though,” I said, getting another cracker and eating it.

“Logan and Jake will love it.” He said, standing, “Plus, it’s cold.” He said and I took his hand. He helped me up and I looked down, “Don’t worry about it.” He said, putting his arm around my waist and walking me back towards the trees, “Logan and Jake’s got it.”

“Your personal slaves?” I said and he laughed a little.

“Exactly.” He whispered and kissed my head as I smiled and returned my arm around him.

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