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Chapter 30 - Special Nights

Steph’s POV

We got home and Gale followed me to the front door like a puppy. I turned to him and kissed his lips quickly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said, kissed me back again and I opened the door. I looked at him and gestured for him to follow. He looked at me in surprise but then followed me inside.

I took his hand and led him upstairs and then finally in my room.

“Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve been in here.” He said dramatically, making me roll my eyes.

“Ha-ha,” I said, closing the door behind us. He took my hips when I walked to him and lifted me, put me on my bed. He came over me and my hand went to the back of his neck as he came down and kissed me.

I kissed him back as my hands moved down and found the hem of his shirt. I pulled it up and then he helped throw it off and away.

He came back down over me and took my hands as he kissed my lips. He pushed my hands up and held them down besides my head.

I kissed him back and then took a breath as he kissed down my neck. He let go of my hands and I lifted off my back as his hands went under and then slowly unzipped my dress. He pulled it off my shoulders and I took my arms out of the straps.

“You never won.” I murmured as he kissed me again.

“I’ve already had many special nights with you.” He whispered back and I kissed him as he pulled my dress down.

I kicked it off with my shoes and his hands ran up my body.

His skin was hot and soft against mine, his hands making my nerves go crazy under his touch. His lips, so perfect against mine, tongue against tongue. His heat came over me and my eyes closed that little bit more as I took in his scent of cocoa and coconut.

I felt him shift but his mouth never left mine. I felt his bare legs slip in between mine as he pushed his body a little bit more on me. His arms kept his weight from crushing me though.

I wrapped myself around him, my legs around his waist as I rolled us and I kissed him harder with the passion. He returned it and put his hands to my waist. I pulled away as I moved my hair to one side before I kissed him again. My hair ran down next to our faces like a long and dark waterfall, soft and straight.

I laughed as he rolled us again so I was under him like before.

“What about your dad?”

“He’s out.” I whispered, “And West’s at a sleepover.”

“On a Thursday night?” He said and went down, kissing down my chest. I closed my eyes, moaned when he started down my stomach. He went across to my hip and he moved my undie strap down a little. He pulled it down lower and I froze a little with nerves as he continued to move his lips down.

“Come back up.”

“Don’t you trust me?” He smirked up at me and I looked at him. I felt his hands on my ankles, softly rubbing. He moved them up and I felt the heat rush to my face.

“Trust me, Steph.” He said, moving back over me. I nodded a little and closed my eyes as he came down and kissed my cheek before my nose and then my lips.

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