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Chapter 3 - Perfect

Gale’s POV

Waking up was a bitch. My alarm was going off and I was so tired still from the night with Britney. Gosh, it was horrible, I don’t even know why I went for her. She kept whimpering and crying out. I mean, no other girl does that. I like them when they moan and giggle. When they actually know how to have sex properly.

Even though Britney is one of the hottest girls in school. She’s just a little shyer than the others and I swear I could guess that last night was her first time or one of her first. I can see why she’s single though.

Her nails kept digging in too hard that it was painful for me too. I mean, worse than any other night.

I’d never done her before, I wanted to try and, well, that backfired.

So, now, here I am, swearing at my phone which is doing what it’s told because I put the stupid alarm on.


I groaned loudly and then got it and turned it off. I sat up when I saw Britney calling me. Probably asking where I am since I left her place at three, leaving her to sleep alone.

I declined it as I rolled my eyes. I threw my phone back on my bedside table and got up. I stretched out and went to my window, knowing full well that I was only in my black boxers only.

I took the curtains and pushed them open, my eyes immediately looking over at Stephanie Grey as she did the same to her bedroom window, directly opposite mine.

She saw me and I opened my window as she did.

“Hey, homeboy.” She smirked, “Nice touch there.”

“You look cute.” I smirked back at her pink hoody, “Say hi to Mickey Mouse for me, will yah?”

“It’s new, you like?”

“Sure, baby,” I said and I took a breath.

Fuck, she’s hot.

“You going to get ready for school?” She yelled over and I looked down at myself. I nodded and stood, closed my window as she did.

I walked away from the window and to my cupboard. I chucked on a pair of black jeans and a dark red shirt. I walked into my ensuite and looked at myself in the mirror.

Perfect brown hair, only in need of a comb up a little with my fingers. Ocean blue eyes. Muscles. Tanned skin. Everything good and worth keeping in a boy of my state and age.

My state? I’m young, I’m beautiful but I’m the devil’s son and you know what they say, ‘Just like father like son.’ True. My father played my mother so, I’m basically a mistake. He’s gone, he went bye-bye after their lovely night.

So, I guess I followed in his steps. Well, I don’t have a kid. I play it safe. Unlike my mum because I got a half brother too. Liam. We both look like her, we could actually be twins if not for the age difference. He was fourteen and I was turning eighteen in a few months.

I freshened myself up with deodorant and then walked back out and put my black Converse shoes on. I quickly grabbed my leather jacket too and my bike helmet. I slipped my phone into my back pocket and hunched my black bag over one shoulder.

I walked out and downstairs to find Liam at the breakfast bench.

Mum was gone, she leaves for the gym early in the morning and then starts work at seven. Crazy woman.

“Hey.” Liam said and I gave a nod back and looked into the fridge, “I heard you come home last night this morning.”

“What were you doing up?”

“Nothing.” He shrugged and I just decided with a banana-up-and-go-drink. I drank it all in the few seconds after and threw it into the bin.

“Your girlfriend got home late too.”


“Four I think.”

“Must have been someone else,” I replied and he shrugged, looking at his phone as he ate his jam toast.

No way was Stephanie Grey out ’till four in the morning. Never could she stay up after ten at night. Even with the sleepovers, we used to have, she’d fall in the first five minutes of a movie.

“You going to be ok to get to school?”

“I have legs. It’s only around the corner.”

“Two.” I corrected and he rolled his eyes. I smirked and then made my way out and to my black motorbike parked outside. I put on my helmet and put my other backpack strap over my other shoulder.

I turned as there was a beep and Steph waved as she passed in her silver 1996 Ferrari 355 Spider. The roof was down and her arm was out.

I laughed and waved back at her before she lost her arm. I shook my head a little and then got on my bike to catch her at the lights up the street. I moved in between the cars, next to her.

“Hey, Minnie Mouse,” I said and she looked at me, sunglasses over her eyes and her arm along the windowless door.

“I wear pink and you’re making me into a cartoon?”

“Hot pink.”

“It’s not.” She said, looking down, “It’s light pink.” She said and I put up my darkened screen, “Beat you to school?”

“It’s three blocks away.”

“So, I’ll win?”

“Fuck it,” I said and put the screen back down. I took grip to the accelerator and watched the light turn green. I went as she did and I went to get in front but she shoved forward and in front of me.

Oh, bitch.

I narrowed my eyes as I tried passing her but she wouldn’t let me. We got to the school and raced into the parking lot. She slowed and I heard her laugh as she put up her arm with the middle finger up.

I passed her as she turned and parked and I went to the bike parking. I parked and got off my bike, took my helmet off too.

I saw Steph walk up and meet with her friends gathering on the front lawn. I continued though.

I walked to the front doors and then in. I pushed passed the crowds and then got up to the second floor and to my locker before no time.

I put my helmet in it and then my bag before my attention was stolen.

“Gale.” I sighed and turned to Britney, walking over with Stacy, “Where did you go last night, baby?”

“Home,” I replied.

“Oh ok. Are you doing anything tonight?”

“Nothing with you,” I muttered and turned back to my locker.

“Excuse me?”

“For fuck’s sake! Do I not make myself clear? Britney, it’s one night, not fucking forever as lovers!” I gritted, glaring at her and she jumped back a little. Without anything else, she turned on her heel and stomped away with Stacy close behind her.

I rolled my eyes and then I jumped as weight came onto my back. Pink sleeved arms choked around my neck.

“I won, what’s my prize?” Steph asked and then got off me. I fake coughed and put my hand to my throat.

“Y-You choked me.” I fake gagged and she rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms across her chest and leaned against the locker next to mine.


“Well.” I repeated and then got my book and closed my locker, “I can give you a one night offer of perfect sex?” I said, moving closer and she looked at me. Her chocolate eyes making mine get lost in them completely.

“You can just give me cash?”

“But I’m the better offer.” I whispered as my hand moved down and took her hip.

“Nope.” She turned and walked away. I stood confused for a moment but enjoyed watching her walk away, her hips moving like no other. So... Perfect.

I want her.

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