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Chapter 31 - Not Me

Gale’s POV

I laid sleepily and comfortable next to Steph as, I guess, she slept. I was close to that too. The whole night had been perfect.

Gosh, she’s amazing. I’d missed sex and that just blew my mind clean. She was so warm, cuddled against me, both of us still naked as the night grew to early morning.

I was resting, my eyes closed and my mind so close to shutting down.

Then bang.

No, no, no, no.

My eyes opened wide as I realised it all. She was so close and comfortable to me. I can’t do this. I felt my heart catch my thoughts and it jumped a few times.

A relationship. Something so special. I’d have to have this one girl, I’d have to be everything she wanted. That’s not me! I don’t do this. I don’t do cuddles and dates. For fucks sakes, it’s her fault. She’s changed me.

I looked down at her now, guilt filling my soul. Gently, I lifted up and took my arms back.

She’d always been a deep sleeper, ever since we were kids.

Gosh, she’s a childhood friend. A friend, nothing more.

Shit. It’s just Tessa all over again. I fall for them and then when it gets to this, they’re so attached that it breaks them more than all the other one nighter girls.

Steph’s Steph though, she’ll get it. She’ll come to school all happy, she’ll jump on my back and laugh at the glitter bomb in my locker.

I moved off the bed and scavenged for my clothes. I changed quickly and without another look, I exited her room and went ever so quietly downstairs and then outside and then next door to my house.

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