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Chapter 32 - Gone

Steph’s POV

The constant bird tweets coming from my alarm woke me up and I groaned, hugging into the sheets. It continued and it wasn’t stopping.

“Gale! You’re closer.” I said, turning to put my hand down to the empty side of the bed, “Gale?” I said, sitting up and looking around but he was gone. His clothes too.


Tears filled my eyes immediately when I realised he was gone.

Fucking asshole!

He’d told me to trust him! I trusted him.

I cried and hugged the sheets into my chest. The noise replayed over and over. My chest ached and I cried, putting my hand to it.

The birds played in my ears again and I grabbed my phone and threw it at my door as I screamed. I crumbled back into a ball under my blankets before my door banged open.

“Steph, what the hell’s wrong?” West said, jumping onto my bed next to me and putting his hand to my shoulder, “Are you sick?”

“No, he’s g-gone. He’s gone.”

“Dad’s always gone?”

“No, Gale.” I said and turned onto my back, “He fucking played me.”

“Oh.” He said and I cried and turned, buried my head into his knee, “I’m sorry.” He said, rubbing his hand down my head, “You broke your phone.”

“I don’t fucking care!” I said and he jumped back and ran out, “Weston!” I said and then cried and covered myself again with my blankets over my head.

I closed my eyes tight and took a breath. I got up and quickly changed into trackies and a black sports bra with my grey hoody. I walked to my phone and picked it up, the screen now cracked badly. I cried silently, looking at it and then I sobbed when Gale’s name came up and it started ringing.

My hands started to shake and I declined it. I went back to my bed and climbed into it before I called Chloe, having a total meltdown in the middle of it all.

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