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Chapter 33 - You Won

Gale’s POV

I sat outside at lunch with the boys at our table again but I sat on one of the chairs, my feet up on the table.

“So, last night went well?” Jake asked and I nodded casually, “I mean, you hadn’t eaten much when we got there. We finished it off for you.”

“Thanks,” I said but I was kind of wondering where Steph was. I hadn’t seen her all day and she never misses school. It’s just the good girl in her. I mean, no good girl gives sex that good like last night but she’s the school's hot goodie.

Plus, one of my best friends so I’d expect her to answer whenever I had called. I’d tried her, like, three times today, she hasn’t answered to any. Yet.

“Yeah, I got to her room.” I smiled and they laughed, “It was really good.”

“I’m sure,” Logan said but he was the only one not laughing or smiling. His voice was mad and husky.


“How’d she wake up?” He asked and I shifted to sit up straight. I shrugged a little and looked at him. He was waiting for an answer.


“You fucking idiot.” He said slowly as he shook his head.

“She’s fine. She’s Steph.” I said, standing and brushing down my jeans, “I mean, she gets over things easily.”

“Not love, mate.” He said, standing, “You’ve lost her. You lost Tessa and I can’t do this anymore. I’ll see you around.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” I said as he started and he turned to me.

“I mean, my best friend’s lost his fucking mind! I’ll be back when he wakes up to the world.” He said and walked away. I stepped back a little at his words and then looked at Jake as he stood, looking at me but then he passed and ran after Logan. Jeremy followed and then Jasper moved and went off to the football team on the oval.

“Guys!” I called out with my arms open. They didn’t look back and then they disappeared inside.

I sighed and looked down at my phone to see no replies from anyone, no Steph.

You really fucked up this time, didn’t you?

“Shit,” I muttered and closed my eyes, sitting back down.

“I can’t believe you.” I looked up to see Chloe with Becky, “You fucking moron.” Chloe spat.

“Everyone knows what I do. Steph just was harder and longer. Good night last night though.” I said, standing and pushing my phone into my back pocket.

“How dare you.” Becky said, “She’s our best friend! Your friend! You lied to her! You fucking lied to her the whole fucking time. You’re such a dick.”

I never lied to her though. It’s just easier to play it on now.

“I’m sorry?” I said and Chloe full-on let her hand slap my face. My cheek stung after that as I looked back at her madly.

“I just got off the phone to her. She’s been trying me all morning but I only noticed now because I had class before. She couldn’t speak!” She said, “So, good job. You ruined your best friend’s life.”

“She can’t be that bad.”

“You don’t get it.” Becky said, “She loved you. She’s loved you for too damn long, maybe as a friend before but you were more than a friend to her. You tore her heart clean from her chest, congratulations. You won.” She said and then pulled Chloe away and I stood still for a moment.

I felt the first drops of rainfall before I saw the rest and then it all just fell, rained hard and everyone rushed to get inside as I moved back and took my seat again. I leaned forward and hung my neck down with my head in my arms.


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