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Chapter 35 - Drugged

Gale’s POV

I ate another packet of chips as I lazily laid on my bed, watching The Notebook. Love and war.

Tears stained my cheeks, my eyelashes freshly wet. It had been a hard week. I hadn’t seen Steph. I hadn’t heard back from her. I heard back from Chloe just five minutes ago but that was it.

What have I done? Stupid, stupid, stupid! Being with her was all that I needed. If it was a relationship, it wasn’t hard. I see that now! We had that! I fucking took it all away, I destroyed the hope, everything. All I do is ruin lives. I’ve ruined Steph’s when she never even did anything.

Who am I?

“Come on.” Jake said, barging into my room as I threw the chip packet onto the floor with the rest, “We’re going out.” He said as Jasper followed.

“She hasn’t gotten back to me.” I mumbled, looking down at my phone lazily, “It’s my fault.”

“Yes, it is, douchebag.” He said, walking to me, “Want to help fix it?”

“I’d do anything to see her and fix it.”

“Good, drink.” He said, putting a bottle to my mouth and all I could do was choke or gulp the tangy liquid down. I pushed the rest away and coughed before I gasped for breath.

“Just sleep!” Jake said, shaking me and I guess he had God’s word. My eyes clamped shut before I just relaxed with everything and lost it all to the darkness of sleep.

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