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Chapter 36 - Master Plan

Chloe’s POV

Becky and I got Steph into the car and Logan helped once we got to it. It was his car and I looked over and laughed a little at Jasper and Jake as they were carrying Gale out, unconscious and Sammy was following with Liam.

“Ok, Logan’s,” I said and Sammy nodded and opened the back door to Jake’s car. I got into the passenger seat of Logan’s as he got behind the wheel and Becky got in next to Steph, putting her head in her lap gently.

“This’ll work?” She said.

“Of course. They’re both heartbroken. I mean, Gale’s been stuck in his room all week moping with Smiths chips and chocolate milk.” Logan said as he started the car, “They both just need to see each other and talk through it.” He said and then it was a while before we reached his big house. So pretty and new, I loved it.

I got out as he did and then he helped get Steph out. He carried her down the back steps and through the backdoor to the back room where we’d already set up barricades for the doors or any way of escape.

I looked at Steph wide-eyed as she murmured something before she frowned.

“Couch.” I mouthed, pointing to the grey couch and he went there, put her down on it.

“Logan?” She said and he backed away.

“Ok, done,” Jake said, walking out of the cupboard with Jasper.

“What the fuck’s going on?” Steph asked, sleepily and we looked at her.

“Go, go, go!” Jake said and we all ran out.

“Guys!” Steph yelled, getting up as I closed the door with Logan and we barricaded it, “Hey! Open the door!” She said, banging on the window next to it.

“Look in the cupboard!” I yelled back, pointing to the cupboard before Logan pulled me away and we all ran off and upstairs to wait for the magic of love to get a move on.

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