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Chapter 37 - Friends?

Steph’s POV

I watched as they all just ran off and I continued to bang on the door. I stopped and then jumped as there was a crash noise from the cupboard.

I turned and stepped closer. I jumped again as there was another crash but it was bigger, followed by a loud groan. There was shuffling and I just froze.

“Fucking Jake!” I jumped and stepped back as Gale forced the door open but grabbed the wall for balance. His back was to me and I was completely frozen. I could feel the tension getting to my hands before they started to shake. I stepped back and felt the wall behind me. I moved down it into a ball and put my head in my arms, ignoring Gale as much as I could but everything just waved through my head all over again.

“Steph?” I heard his soft voice say, “Stephanie.” I felt his hands on mine and I flinched before I jumped up and ran away, to the other side of the room and to the garage door. I tried it but it didn’t budge even once.

“Steph, we need to talk.” He said and I shook my head and crossed my arms over my chest as I leaned my side against the door, “I’m sorry.” He started and I closed my eyes and put my head to the door, “I’m sorry, ok? I really am.”

“I don’t believe that,” I muttered.

“It’s true.”

“You lied! All you do is lie!”

“I never lied to you!” He yelled back and I walked to him.

“No, you promised.” I hit his shoulder with mine and sat on the couch.

“I was scared.” He said, turning to me and I tucked my legs to my chest, “I was falling asleep with you in my arms. That’s never happened before. I didn’t know what to do. I was feeling amazing, I was feeling something I’d never felt before.” He said, sitting next to me.

“You’re lying. You played me like all the others. I was just a challenge, that’s what made it more fun, right?”

“Wrong. You are fun but you know me, since when do I go for the challenging girls when I could have any other whenever. I stayed with you for three weeks, only you.” He said and took my hands, “I really messed up, I know. I know what I did to you and for that, I’ve locked myself in my room only to be drugged by the fucking morons.”

“Same.” I whispered, “Chloe drugged me.” I realised. She fucking drugged me! How dare she!

Bigger things to be thinking about, Steph!

“Steph.” He said, taking my face lightly in his hands, “I love you too.” He said and I looked away. His hands dropped slowly and I whimpered and turned back to him, burying my face into his chest. He obliged and pulled me into his grasp.

“I felt love and I was so scared.” He whispered as his hand trailed down my cheek and pulled my hair back before he lightly ran it down my back. I sniffed before I wiped my tears on his shirt.

“Don’t dribble on me.” He said and I laughed a little, “I’m so sorry, Steph. Please, believe me.” He said but I didn’t reply.

“You hurt me.” I said, standing and then turning to him, “You promised you wouldn’t but you did. Forgiveness doesn’t come with a simple ‘I love you too’, Gale.”

“I get that.” He said, standing, “But I love you, I always did, I just didn’t feel it until that night, I realised and it scared me to death. You are the only one.” He took my face again, “I love you so much, Steph.” He said, his eyes full of guilt and regret but then that hint of light and love.

“I love you too.” I murmured, “But just friends.”


“You heard me.” I said and walked passed him. I went to the door and tried it, completely forgetting that it was locked. I groaned and pulled on it.

“They locked us in.”

“Bastards, aren’t they?” He said, sitting on the couch and I smirked a little, “BFF time?” He asked and I laughed softly and joined him.

“You ok?”

“I think we can be friends perfectly well. I think we can have moments, now and then, right?”

“Right,” I said and he came in. He kissed me, of course, he kissed me.

"Stop!" I shoved him back and he looked at me, stared as silence grew for a few minutes, "you've got to redeem yourself."

"And I will." He sat down further from me, "ok?"

"I hate you," I muttered, turning to look at the tv. He scooted next to me and I glared at him hard. His arm froze in mid-air but then he continued slowly and put it around me.

"You're on thin ice, bud."

"I'll take the chances." He murmured back and I looked to the tv again as I grabbed the remote and turned it on. "Can I kiss you?"

"No," I answered and then felt his lips on my cheek. He pulled away and relaxed against the couch as he effortlessly pulled me down with him so I landed curled up against him. I groaned and just left it, as I put on Netflix and searched for a movie.

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