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So, the friend zone lasted for those two seconds before we were back in with dating. It had been two months after I was heartbroken but then healed thanks to our amazing friends, who saw us better when we were together.

Gale and I now walked out of school, his arm happily around me like every other time he has the chance to hold me. We walked to his bike, which was mainly our transportation these days. Unless he stole my keys and drove us somewhere in my car.

So far, we’d been on three dates. Successful with a really memorable night back at my place or his, won’t go to details there.

But life was great, this was good, sex was amazing. We’re living alive.

My arms left Gale’s waist as he stopped the bike in front of the cafe. I got off and he took his hand, pulling me inside.

“What do you want, baby girl?” He asked, “Choose anything. Birthday girl, you deserve it.”

Yes, it’s my birthday. Yes, he’s made the teachers know and it was sung to me too many times today. Oh, hell, how embarrassing he is!

“Oh, vanilla slice and chai latte.” I said immediately with a smirk and he rolled his eyes, “Ah, what was that?”

“You always order that though. Why can’t you have something different? I want to get you something more special.”

“Nope, the slice and drink will do, thanks.” I said and kissed his cheek, spiky a little, “You need to shave, mister.”

“Says you.” He scoffed and tapped my legs. I jumped back, hitting his hand away and then I left him and found an empty booth. I slide in against the window and waited for him to join me with the drinks and food.

He sat next to me, put my order in front of him as he had a hot chocolate.

“You’re not stealing any of mine this time.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Oh, like you studied for today’s science test?” I said, sarcastically, “I already know that you’ve failed.”

“Stuff science.” He said, “I was thinking about you.”

“Hope it was science-related.”

“Sure.” He smirked, shrugged, “It’s a wonder how genes work, right?”

“Ok, thank you, Gale, you can shut up now,” I said and he chuckled and put his arm around me. I smiled and started with my vanilla slice, which was amazing like every other time.

“One bite?”

“Nope,” I said and sipped my drink. I groaned as he kissed my cheek and then jaw. He kissed the side of my mouth and then his hand gripped my wrist with his mouth over my fingers, my last bite of the slice gone.

“Gale!” I screamed, “No.”

“I paid for it.” He rolled his eyes and I wiped my hand on his shirt as I put on a sad face. I turned back around and put my hand on my cheek, ignoring him as I looked outside. Not that much happening apart from the after school traffic passing slowly like usual.

“I’ll be back.” I heard him say as he got up and walked away. I didn’t give any interest and just continued with my drink. I finished it before I heard him sit back down. I heard something and I frowned at it.

No dogs allowed in the cafe. I turned when I realised that it was a dog and I love dogs.

Instead of turning to the handsome and sexy jerk of a boyfriend I had, that dog I heard up in my face. His tongue connected with my lips and nose and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Good enough pay for you?” Gale asked and I took the adorable white puppy.

“This is too much.”

“Giveaway.” He shrugged and I looked at him, “If you don’t want it, I’m sure Liam would like it.”

“No! He’s perfect.” I said and hugged him, “Thank you but what do you expect me to get you for your birthday?”

“I’ll know when it’s time I guess.” He shrugged and I looked down as hairball barked. I smiled and brought him up, let him lick my face, “Gross.” He said as I laughed.



“The dog, stupid.”

“Well, since you’re not working. Gretta good enough for you?”

“Yeah.” I smirked, “Girl?”

“No, boy.” He said sarcastically and I rolled my eyes, “I didn’t pay for it to be desexed or whatever though.”

“Never!” I exclaimed and he laughed, put his hands up as if to surrender.

“Hey, no dogs!” The manager said, walking to us and we got up and made our way out quickly, laughing.

Gretta barked as a few other dogs walked passed and then she wriggled to get out of my grip. I squealed a little and Gale came and took her.

“I’ll hold her if you can’t.” He said with an eye roll.

“I was fine.”

“Screaming won’t help anything.” He said, “I didn’t realise how much you missed being centre of attention but screaming with a cute dog isn’t the way, Steph.”

“Gale, fuck you,” I said, turning and walking away.

“Fine, I’ll see you when you get home then.” He said and I walked back, took Gretta.

“You stole my heart and food, I want to keep my dog.”

“Ok, bitch.” He snapped back and I poked my tongue out and walked away again, “Have fun walking with your dog.” He yelled and I didn’t turn back. I waited for it and it came. He came to me and took my waist, turning me so we were walking back towards his bike.

“I’ll like to walk.”

“It’s not like you need it.” He said and kissed my head, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. Babies have issues, they can’t think clearly. Like you and your test.”

“If being a baby means being your baby then I’ll take that.”

“My baby?”

“Yeah. You’ll have to hold me. You’ll have to read me bedtime stories. A goodnight kiss. And when I’m hungry, I’ll be hungry for you.”

“Sorry, already got a baby to look after,” I said, putting Gretta up with my cheek on her excitingly moving head.

“You babysitting tonight?” He asked and I rolled my eyes, “You can sit me since I’m your baby, get it?”

“Haha, you jerk.” I said, “Are we going or what?”

“Kiss for the magic to work.” He said, tapping to his lips, “Good kiss.”

“Why are you telling me what to do? It’s my birthday! I tell you what to do.”

“Not this time, baby.” He said and pulled me in for a hot and hard kiss over my mouth. I moaned a little and then pulled away as he did when Gretta joined in on the kiss.

“Yuck!” I said, wiping my mouth and Gale laughed and got onto his bike. I got on after him and held him with one arm, Gretta in my other firmly.

We rode off after that, passing the traffic on the sideway like badass kids. We got home within minutes and Gale pulled me into his house and upstairs, leaving Gretta with Liam, who was more than happy to dogsit.

Gale kicked the door behind us as I kissed him and his hands moved to his jumper, pulled it off before he had me trapped under him, which I only let when I was in a good mood and up to it, which wasn’t that much so Gale being Gale, tried at every opportunity he had. Today being my birthday, I gave myself the gift of having a good sexy night with him.

Hey all! So, this is THE END.

Hope you liked this one and please visit my page for more novels! So many more to be uploaded too so keep an eye out for them. I’m usually uploading regularly so check them out.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

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