Stripper verse Player

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Chapter 4 - Game Go

Steph’s POV

Lunch came and I went looking for Gale for the cash that I won fairly. He did agree to the race and lost like fuck.

I found him outside, sitting on a table as his mates sat on the chairs around. He had his legs swinging as he leaned back on his hands.

He was laughing with his head back, black sunglasses on and sexy looking as hell. I stopped myself with a nibble to my bottom lip.

I thought about the offer then. I’ve actually never seen him naked before. I know, right? The only girl in the school.

I ditched his offer again. I want that cash. Let’s say a hundred.

I continued and he put his head upright and spotted me. He smirked and I smiled back.

“I want a hundred.”

“A hundred?!” He said, standing and swinging his arms back and forth, “Um, ten?”

“Ten?” I said, “Eighty.”


“No, it was a fair race.”

“It was not fair!” He protested and I sighed, “You almost ran me over. Then you were mean.” He faked a sad face and I looked at the boys as they were laughing slightly.

“Sixty,” I said and he sat back down on the table.

“Come kiss me for seventy.”

“No,” I said and he groaned and frowned at me.

“Come here, you have sauce on your shoulder.” He said and I looked to see nothing, “It’s around behind you. Just come here.” He said and I went to him. He turned me side on and I felt him wipe his finger on my shoulder.

“Got it?”

“Yep. All better now.” He smirked and turned me back to him.

Damn, he’s using his sexy smirk on me.

I played his stupid game. Just with a twist of course. So, I leaned in, tilted my head as if to kiss him but never did.

“Eighty’s final,” I whispered and stood, holding my hand out.

“Because money comes out of my pants.” He rolled his eyes.

“You’re a rich boy,” I said and he stood up, making me feel suddenly small and coward. I shook it off though and put my hands to his stomach. I ran them around and to his back pockets but they were empty.

“Looking for this?” He smirked, holding up his wallet and I drew my hands back. I went to snatch it but he held it up higher.

“Dammit, Gale!” I said, jumping for it and the boys laughed, “I won the stupid race!” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

“But it’s my money,” He smirked and I went in. I put my lips to his and felt the shock wave over him as he tensed but then relaxed and kissed me back. I felt his hands lower and took that as my moment. I turned and grabbed his wallet, ran away.

“Bitch, come back here!” He yelled and then was chasing me. I ran inside and dodged all the people. “Steph! It’s not funny!” He yelled, running after me as I ran out of the cafeteria with everyone staring. I ran upstairs, laughing, and turned the corner, hid as I went through his wallet and found two fifties and three twenties. I took ninety and then screamed as he grabbed me and pulled me out of the corner. He took his wallet back but I took the cash and put it in my bra.

“You think that’ll stop me?” He asked, putting his wallet in his back pocket as some of his mates found us and watched as everyone else in the corridor did.

“It’s done now. Your debt's been paid off, good job.” I said, “Now, you can go back outside and leave me alone.”

“Not leave you alone. Hey.” He frowned, “You up to anything tonight?”

“Yep.” I said, popping the ‘p’.


“Work?” I said questioning it myself, “Maybe.”

“Right, doughnuts.”


“You work at the doughnut place, right?”


“Ice cream?”

“No.” I said and he sighed, “Ok, maybe I don’t have work. But I’m babysitting West.”

“Your twelve-year-old brother? He can look after himself. Well, he should be in bed if you wanted to come around later.”

“Sure. Let’s have sex and then forget tomorrow.”

“Really?” He asked and I looked at him dumbly.

“No. Never.”


“Never. N. E. V. E. R. Loud and clear enough for you?” I said and he looked down at the ground for a moment, “Are we done?”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait.” He held his hand up and I froze, “Hear me out.”

“I have been.” I nodded and he walked closer, “Kiss me and I’ll kick your balls.”

“Not yet.” He held up a finger, “Have one-two weeks. Race it. We get points for everything cool and whatever. If I win, you spend a special night with me. If you win, I won’t mention it. Ever again.” He said and I was quiet for a bit.

“No, that’s stupid.”

“Hear me out.” He chuckled, “Like every other race and game we’ve played. This is just serious for your virginity.”

Virginity? I’m not a virgin. Well, everyone probably thinks that.

“Fuck it then.” I said and he smirked, “I’m winning and you’ll have to deal with the fact that you can’t touch me or kiss me.”

“I’ve never kissed you before anyway. Well, not before that one just now.”

“And that's the last you'll get, Gale Colten.” I said, walking back, “Ok, now, I’m pumped! I’m gonna win.” I turned and then regretted everything as I came face on with an open locker. It hit my face hard enough that I fell down on impact to only hear Gale and everyone laugh. Gale clapped as I groaned and put my hand to my sore nose.

“Gale, point.” He smirked, moving his finger down in mid-air, “Gale, winning.” He said and then turned and walked off with his friends.

I groaned and got up, holding my nose still but thank goodness it wasn’t bleeding.

Actually, this whole thing was just humiliating. Dammit, now he’s winning. How do I get him back?

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