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Chapter 5 - Puddle

Gale’s POV

School finished and I got my bag and helmet before I made my way outside with Logan and Jake, two of my best friends.

“Hey, you coming to the party tonight?” Logan asked and I nodded.

“Should do.”

“Hey!” I turned to see Steph running after us, “You guys got out quick.”

“We don’t pack for a holiday after school.”

“It’s homework.” She corrected and then she looked passed me at the ground. I looked to see a big muddy puddle and then before I knew it she pushed me with her leg behind my legs. I fell back and landed straight in it.

I heard her and the others laughing as well as everyone else.

“Bitch!” I said, sitting up to see her videoing or taking pictures with her phone.

“Yes!” She laughed and then ran off, “That’s a point!” She yelled back before she got into her car.

I got up out of the puddle and looked at the boys as they were laughing, having fits hunched over.

“Oh my goodness, are you ok?” Grace asked, walking to us and I looked down at myself.

“Fine,” I muttered and I looked at her as she wiped the side of my mouth with her thumb, probably mud there. Well, it’s fucking everywhere else!

“I like my boys dirty anyway.” She said softly and gestured for me to follow her.

“Ok, I’ll see you guys later.” I said and the boys nodded and walked off as I followed Grace to her navy blue Subaru.

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