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Chapter 6 - Dinner

Steph’s POV

I sat at the dining table with West after I just cooked up some spaghetti bolognaise. Dad wasn’t home yet, he rarely was. He worked in the PD so this being LA, he was out a lot of the time.

“Um, do you have work tonight?”

“Ah-ha.” I nodded and then it was awkward silence again.

“There’s a party tonight too. You think I can go?”

“One of your parties or one of mine?” I asked and he looked at his food for a bit, “Mine. Then no.”


“Because they’re crazy and you could get hurt.”

“Says you.” He muttered, “Dad’s gone. You’re fucking gone for work too. I don’t want to be here.”

“Watch your language, young man.” Dad said, walking in and putting his hat on the hanger, “I’m sorry I’m late.” He said and came and kissed my head before West’s.

“I shouldn’t be too late tonight.” I said and he nodded, “It’s an early shift.”

“So was last night.” He said, walking into the kitchen, “Were you ok for school?”

“Yeah, I was fine.”

“Steph, if you can’t do this, stop. I mean it. I know you enjoy it but you need to stop if it’s affecting your grades, ok?”

“I know but I’m fine with it. Truly, dad.” I said and he nodded, joined us with his own bowl, “Um, me and Gale have started something.”

“No, not him.”

“No, I’m not with him.” I said and he looked a little confused, “It’s a game. It humiliating and stupid but it’s kind of fun.”

“What do you do?” West asked and I shrugged.

“Humiliate each other. Like, I ran into a locker and he, plus everyone else saw it so he got a point for that.” I said and he laughed a little, “Then I pushed him into a puddle, took a photo.” I said, getting my phone and showing him. He laughed and then I smirked and showed dad.

“That boy probably deserved it.”

“Come on, dad. It’s just for fun.”

“Yeah, his nights are just for fun too, sweetie.” He muttered and I rolled my eyes and put my phone away.

“What do I do for work?” I asked and he sighed a little.

“I’m not happy with you showing off your body like that and to so many people but it’s what you enjoy so I respect that. Just as long as you’re safe.”

“I am safe,” I said, standing with my empty bowl. I walked to the kitchen and washed it out, “I should go get ready.” I said and then made my way upstairs.

I walked into my room and then went to my bottom drawer, to all my outfits and just chose a neon green short skirt with a black bikini top and a belt around my waist. I put on long black leather boots and then walked out and to the bathroom. I closed the door and got started on curling my hair and putting my makeup on.

I walked out as I put on my long and warm black jacket and was looking down at my phone to see that my boss was expecting me in half an hour. Easy ride.

“Hey.” I jumped a little and looked up to see Gale as I came to my car as he was at his bike, “You coming to the party?”

“No actually. I have a date.”

“Wow, cheating already?” He faked being hurt and I rolled my eyes, “Must be someone special to make you bury yourself in makeup.”

“Something like that.” I nodded, unlocking my car, “Have a good night.”

“Oh, I will, baby.” He said and I got in and started it.

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