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Chapter 7 - A Hundred

Gretta’s POV

Eleven o’clock came and I was nowhere close to being let off to go home. It was so busy but I got paid a lot after hours so I wasn’t complaining since I was supposed to finish at ten.

I got swapped with one of the girls again and I spent the next forty minutes on stage.

I was still on and moving down to the boys. One put his hand to my cheek and I went in and kissed him.

“Hundred if you meet me later.” He said and I smiled.

“Fair enough then. I finish in ten.” I said, well, should finish then. He smirked back and I got back to my feet.

After ten minutes, I was swapped and I walked out back to find Paige, my boss. She was in her lounge with men, her perfect body showing most of her skin but some leather hid this and that. Short blonde hair, bright red lips, deadly brown eyes.

“Alright then.” She sighed as she saw me, “You’re off but you need to start getting the exercise in again, sweetie.”

“You have no idea how busy I am.”

“Not my problem.” She said and I got my jacket from the side.

“I think you’re fine.” One of the men said, “She’s prettier than you.” He said to Paige and I just left before anything got worse. I got to the side door and walked out, into the alleyway to see the boy from before. He smirked at me as I walked further up the alleyway to him, to the end in the darkness.

He took my arm and pushed me against the wall. He smashed his mouth over mine and I returned the kiss.

“Hundred.” He whispered and I felt him put the notes in my bra. I stood off the wall to take my jacket off and then he pushed me against it again. He kissed me as he took hold of my undies. He moved to my neck and a moan escaped my mouth.

I heard the rattle of his belt unbuckling and I put my head back against the wall. He took my leg and moved it up and around him as his mouth moved down to my breasts. He stopped for the moment he pushed his way in. I moaned loudly as I got paining butterflies in my gut and his mouth continued to kiss. He kissed my cheek and my chin before my lips again. I kissed him back hard as he did.

We spent the next ten minutes like this before my phone started ringing. I groaned and his mouth moved to my neck as I looked at it to see dad.

I answered and hit the boy a little to stop.

“Steph, where are you?” Dad asked and I held in my moaned as the boy didn’t stop, “Steph?”

“I’m still working.” I answered, “Sorry, I can’t talk.”

“How long will you be?”

“Give me forty minutes,” I said and then hung up. I put my phone on my jacket again, which was on a big dumpster.

“I need to go.”

“Ten minutes.” He said and kissed my mouth again.

So, ten more minutes passed and I had to push him away and put my jacket on before he left me. I walked away and I looked at my phone to see that it was midnight.

I sighed and rubbed my eyes as I started down the alleyway and to the private carpark. I got to my car and got in, started it.

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