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Chapter 8 - Showered With The Player

Steph’s POV

I woke up suddenly by a bang that made me jump. I looked at the window and the sky was still black with stars.

Wait. Why are my curtains open? Or my window?

I sat up and then froze as I heard a groan. Not from me.

“Fucking window.” Gale? I got up then and saw Gale on the ground with my window open a little.

“Gale?” I said and he laughed a little.

“Me.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“You’re drunk.”

“Wasted.” He chuckled and I kicked his side a little. He cried out and growled at me, “Um, someone stabbed me.”

“What?!” I said, “Where?” I asked, going down to him.

“My leg.” He said and I looked but it was too dark. I went to my lamp and turned it on before I turned back to him and saw the blood in his jeans, a hole there too on his thigh.

“What happened?” I asked but he didn’t reply. I looked at him and he was asleep, “You dickhead.” I muttered and looked at his leg, “No! Why did you come to me?” I complained and hesitated before I undid his jeans and pull them down.

I closed my eyes until I knew they were down far enough. I looked down at what I thought would be hit leg but of course, it was his junk under red boxers.

Like, I’ve seen him wear boxers but this was up close and holy fuck. It’s huge!

Back to his leg, Steph!

My attention went to his leg again to see his wound, not too deep or big. I sighed and turned, got my tissues from the bedside table. I turned back and jumped when his head was up, looking down at himself.

“I’ve been trying to get you in my pants and all I have to do now is cut myself?” He said and I put my hand over his mouth. He sighed and dropped his head again. I put the tissues to his wound and then took his hand and made him hold them there as I went out to find some vodka and a bandage.

When I walked back in he was gone with the tissues on the ground.

“For fuck’s sake,” I muttered and then heard the shower running. Bathroom. I ran to it and then ran in.


“What?” He said and I closed the door, “I’m washing off.” He said and I saw all of his clothes on the floor, “Wanna join?”

“No,” I said and then there was a knock on the door.

“Steph?” Dad said, “Did you just come home?”

“No, no.” I said, “I woke up and just wanted to wash off.”

“You ok?”

“Yeah, just a crazy night.”

“Well, you mind if I just get my badge?” He asked and I looked at the sink to see his deputy badge.

“No, I mean yes! Yes, I mind.”

“You’re fine behind the curtain.” He said, “It’s just in and out.”

“No, please don’t.” I begged but knew I wouldn’t win, “Just give me a second.” I said and took my shorts and shirt off, hid Gale’s clothes under them and I’m so thankful that I wore a bra to bed tonight.

I got behind the curtain and kept my eyes up at a smirking Gale. I closed the curtain and shook my head, put my finger to my lips.

“Ok,” I called out and just to be safe, I held my hand over Gale’s mouth.

“Thanks,” Dad said, opening the door and I closed my eyes, lost my breath as Gale pulled me against him.

Oh, fuck him.

“Hey, Steph?”

“Yeah?” I managed to get out normally.

“You sure you’re ok? You said it was a crazy night.”

“Busy.” I said, “Um, can you get out now?”

“Yeah. I have to leave now but have a good day.”

“Will do,” I said and he made his way out, closed the door. I looked at Gale and he licked my hand. I pulled it back and he grinned.

“You’re disgusting.” I whispered and tried pulling away but he had his hands locked into each other, “Gale, please.” I whined and he let go as I pulled again. I went back and slipped completely. I squealed a little, leaning on my ass and being below his fucking dick.

“Shit, Gale!” I turned, closing my eyes. Well, now you’ve seen his dick, Steph.

“Is that a point?”

“No!” I got up again and then got out.

“I think it is.” He chuckled and turned the water off. He came out too and I turned away from him. I got a towel and held it to him but he didn’t take it.

“Take the towel and cover yourself, asshole,” I demanded and he took it. I got a towel for myself and quickly dried myself off. I turned to him and he had the towel around his waist thank goodness.

“Your reaction was priceless.” He said and I sighed and closed my eyes, “First time seeing a real dick?”

“We’re not doing this. This is a nightmare and I’m going to wake up in my bed, with you away and in your bed.” I said and he stared at me as if I was shit. I whined and walked out.

“You just walk around like that?” He asked, “Sexy.”

“Shh, West’s asleep.” I snapped and walked into my room, “You’re drunk as fuck so you won’t remember this tomorrow, thank goodness. But you need to leave.”

“In a towel?”

“Get your clothes but you live five metres away.”

“One.” He stepped, “Two.” He stepped again.

“Fuck, no.” I said but he ran the last three and jumped got into my bed, “Gale!” I squealed and turned away as he threw his towel out. I cried and then shook it off and opened my cupboard. I put on a shirt and some bed shorts.

“Come join me.”

“No.” I said and walked out. I went to the bathroom and got his clothes. I walked back to see him asleep. I sighed and put his clothes on the end of the bed and then walked to my couch at the end of the bed. I laid down on it with my fluffy grey blanket over me.

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