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Chapter 9 - Waking up

Gale’s POV

I woke up from an alarm going off but it wasn’t mine. I groaned from it though and then it suddenly stopped.

“Oh fuck.” I murmured. I forgot to leave Sherrell’s.

I turned onto my stomach and then felt that I was naked. I’m pretty sure I put my boxers on after.

“If you don’t fucking leave right now, I’m going to kick your naked ass out myself.”

Fuck. Not Sherrell.

My eyes blasted open and I sat up to see Steph at the end of the bed with her arms crossed.

“Shit. What happened?”

“What happened?” She was angry, “You came into my room last night! Jerk! You invited yourself in and then happily stripped and had a shower, which I was forced to have with you since my dad was awake and thinking I was in the shower too! Then you fucking sleep in my bed, naked!”

“Why didn’t you just stay out of the shower?”

“Because he came in to get his badge!” She said and then I smirked at her cute outfit. Jeans with a white and blacktop and a daggy navy blue cardigan. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she looked so good.


“I like what you’re wearing.”

“You’re fucking hopeless.” She closed her eyes and then turned, got her bag and started putting her books and things in it. I looked around and smiled at her room.

“I haven’t been in here for ages.”

“Gale, get dressed and go home.”

“Did I get any points last night?”

“No!” She said out of frustration and I found my clothes at the end on the bed. I got up and put my boxers on first before my jeans, which were ruined.

“Do I even want to know what happened?”

“I don’t even know. Just that you said that someone stabbed you.” She said, walking to me and I looked at her, “Can we just forget it?”

“I don’t remember it.”

“Forget waking up here.”

“Ok.” I nodded and she sighed with relief, “I woke up naked.”

“Yes, you very naked last night.”

“You saw?”

“Too much.” She added and walked back. She put her bag over one shoulder and then walked out. I sighed and put my shirt on before following her downstairs.

“See you at school then.”

“Yep.” She said and I made my way out and down her driveway, up to mine.

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