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23 years later, "I am sorry, Mrs. Hertz but we lost him," those were the nine words that completely turned my perfect world into a hurricane.

Romance / Drama
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Another five years later


I awoke to warm sheets, followed by the delicious smell of bacon and soft melodic whistling. I soaked deeper into the covers grunting and savoring the moment.

Knowing I would be returning back to Sydney this morning and it would take another two days before I get to see David again. I hate being away from him, I grumbled getting out of bed. Then pulling one of his t-shirt's on, I headed out to meet him.

He was dressed like he was leaving for work but stopped to fix breakfast.

"Morning?" I grinned and made my way over to him.

"Morning." He said with a smile before turning back around to the sizzling pan full of bacon. I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my chin on his broad shoulder, inhaling his delicious lemon scent.

"Do I really have to leave?" I mumbled weakly against his shoulder, I didn't want to let go of him.

It's been almost four days since I flew out to America to surprise him. Now I really don't want to leave. I guess, I have grown clingier over the years.

"Ali, we can't both be here. Sophia needs one of us around, you can't always leave her at your mother's."

He turned his head and kisses me softly on the cheek, I chuckled warmly and held tightly to him.

"I hate all these business trips away from home. I really don't like being far away from you, David." I whined as he placed our plate of food on the table.

"This is the last one this month."

"You said the same thing the last trip.”

"Promise," he mumbled and leaned to kiss me before settling to eat, I still felt sad leaving him this way, so I climbed and curled onto his laps.

"What time is my flight?" I asked, hoping I had more time with him before leaving.

"In two hours," he answered.

"Aw, I was hoping I had more time with you." I frowned disappointed. I know I'm being very melodramatic but I have never had to be away from him.

This is the first time in such a long while that I'm forced to stay this far away from him, this trips usually last a minimum of 3 days but never two weeks,

That's half a month!

"I'll be back before you know it."

I smiled at him, focusing on my food.

Normally, I would have insisted he returned back with me but this particular trip is very important, he's been working on signing a New hotel in America, one of the largest hotels in Beverly Hills.

He's been anticipating it for years and now it's finally happening. I'm so proud of him, I'm always so proud of him. But if I was being very honest, I really don't see the point of making all this money.

We have so much already, enough to feed our entire generation. Why focus so much attention on making more?

"What's on your mind, Babe?" David chirped in and I smile up at him, he's so nosy, always wanting to know what I'm thinking.

"A few things..I have been wanting us to try for days."

"Huh, like what?" He mumbled.

"You'll just have to get home early to find out, Mr. Hertz." I said, wiggling my brows at him and he laughed shortly,

"I can't wait." he muttered and leaned to kiss me. I spent a few more minutes with him before we had to leave for the airport.

"Not another day late." I warned David as I waited to go through security to catch my flight.

"Promise." He caressed my cheeks and then kissed me. "I love you." he mumbled against my lips before pulling away. I could tell this long distance thing was hard for him too. "And give Sophy a kiss for me, tell her Daddy will be back early for the play."

"Sure, I love you too," I smiled and stole another kiss, before running to catch my plane. I really hate goodbyes.

The flight back to Australia was slow but I managed and arrived safely. I didn't feel like returning to an empty house so I went straight to mother's.

I arrived at mother's and was greeted by Mother and Sophia at the table, they were also two extra plates with leftovers, which meant Bate and James just left the table, mother had a habit of making everyone sit for breakfast before starting their day.

"How was your trip?” Mother pointed as I walked around the table to greet Sophia.

"Short.” I mumbled kissing Sophia's cheeks and she giggled a little returning back to her food.

Sophia and I don't have the best mother and daughter relationship, sometimes it worries me that she's only comfortable around David. I read it's because girls prefer their father's. Of course, I couldn't have possibly known that since I didn't have the chance to spend time with mine.

The one father figure I had ignored me the whole time and now he's my husband.

I just want us to have a mother and daughter moment.

"And how’s David?” Mother chirped in.

I huffed and sighed, "Working a lot..”

”I want him around for my school play.” Sophia chimed in as I settled on an empty chair beside her,

"I can come for your play!” I said excitedly. That's something we could bond on,

"I guess, you could come.” She sighed. Mother cleared her throat, holding herself, "Grandmother can I go to my room now?”

"Of course.” Mother said, she got out and ran off,

"She totally hates me.” I groaned and Mother laughed, she's been holding that back for a while, then leaning she poured herself a glass of wine.

"She's just ten, most ten-year-olds prefer their father's.” Mother tries to soothe me, sipping to her large glass of wine. We used to be so close when she was little but as she got older it's like we drifted apart,

"God! I wish I had a boy instead.” I muttered, I really didn't mean it like that but just then Sophia appeared out of nowhere.

Of all the moments!

My mouth opened and closed a few times frozen, "S-sophy.” I stuttered.

"I'm going to play outside.” She said and ran towards the front door.

"Do you think she heard me?” I cringed and mother shrugged. Ugh! I keep screwing things with her, now I have to pray she didn't hear or misinterpret that.


These chapters are extras from the completed book 'Alison' on wattpad.

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