Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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After everything that has happened with her former father Marcus, Ashely believes she has no other family to call her own until she comes face to face with Alpha Black

Romance / Drama
Tiffany B.
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POV: Alpha Black

I woke up the same way I usually do, sadly crawling out of the arms of my loving wife and taking a quick shower before changing clothes into something more business casual. Peaking in on my daughter curled up with her lover, Trevor. I know his intentions, but he makes her happy, so I tolerate their relationship. I went downstairs to a quiet kitchen. All the rowdier and loudmouth members of my counsel had already left. I waited for the freshly brewed coffee and enjoyed the silence before the madness as I walked to my office, taking a seat near the window. As I looked out the window taking in the day, that's when I couldn't believe what I saw, who I saw. I ran out the door as fast as I could, to get a better look at her; to know if she came back home, it's been almost twenty years since she ran away.

That's not her. Is it?

"Let Him Go! You Fucking Idiots He Lives Here!" She yelled out, being held back by security


"Alpha Black, Sir!" One of them said, "These trespassers were trying to enter your house, but we have everything under control," One of them replied

"Sure, you do. Does that explain the four men knocked unconscious, or are they just sleeping on the job?" I asked

"It was all this Rogue's fault, Sir. He was saying wild accusations like, he lived here, and his Uncle is an advisor on your counsel," The other one said

"His name is Leon, and of course, he lives here you jackass!" She yelled

"Sure he does girly, and I'm a descendant of the all-powerful werewolf king, Lord Smith himself. Stop trying to fight," He said trying to restrain her

"Please my Alpha, call off your men," She said

They sound so similar.

"That's enough the Rogue does live here release them, both of them," I said

As soon as they let both of them go, Leon was falling like he was barely conscious when she caught him. She was murmuring to him while he was nodding to her finding the strength to stand she helped guild him towards the house.

"Thank you, Alpha Black," She said on the way

"Don't think you two are in the clear just yet. Someone has to answer for the pile of men at my feet, and I don't know anything about you, young lady. You and the Rogue..." I started

"Leon. His name is Leon, my Alpha," She interrupted

"Meet me in my office in fifteen minutes," I said

"Yes Sir," She said

I sat in my office, staring at a picture thinking of moments that seemed like a lifetime ago laughing to myself as good memories played out in my head only for it to abruptly stop like one of the skipping songs on the vinyl albums we used to play. One after another, we were set on different paths, eventually losing our friendship in the process, all bridges that once seemed like a stable foundation went up in a glorious fire to where not even the ash remains. A knock on the door snapped me out my thoughts as I quickly placed the picture in a drawer before trying to compose myself.

I cleared my throat," Come in. Come In!" I shouted

"Good afternoon, my Alpha," She said nudging Leon

"Afternoon," He begrudgingly said holding an ice pack on his cheek

"At least one of you has some manners. Have a seat, Miss..." I started

"Ashely just Ashely," She said sitting down before noticing Leon still standing up

She tried to pull him into a seat by force, but he knew better he didn't earn the privilege to sit at my table.

He shook his head, "I'm fine with standing," He said

Good dog. You still haven't earned your place.

"Oh okay then I guess I'll just stand with you," She said

"No. It's fine babe; please sit," He said

"No. I'll stand if you can't sit, simple as that," She said getting up holding his hand

I had loudly clear my throat getting both of their attention, "So. What happened from the beginning and please don't skip out on the details," I said

"Yes. Of course my Alpha," She said

While she talked, my mind couldn't help but wonder about the past: my life and my two best friends, the old games and vinyl records we used to play. Then we changed, we turned and after that nothing was ever the same. A child a forced relationship a breakup continuous work training trying to make things work betrayal jealousy backstabbing and then someone disappearance. My head was stuck in the past when usually I'm looking towards the future, and yet here she is a possible fragment of history I'd never thought I'd see.

"Umm, Alpha Black?" She asked

"Huh oh yes yes continue," I said snapping myself out of it

"I would if I had anything else to say," She said slightly annoyed

"What was your name again?" I asked

"Ashely, Sir," She answered

"Last name?" I specified

"Well, ummm...I've just been recently disowned by the only known blood family member I know and by your law I no longer have a claim to the last name," She explained

"Oh. I'm sorry about your sudden..." I started before actually looking at her

Those eyes. There was no question about it, no one and I mean absolutely no one on this planet has those eyes but...

"Get out," I said

"Excuse me?" She asked

"Get Out! Get OUT! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE NOW!" I roared out

She was terrified, backing away slowly but eventually bolting out by my yelling. I walked over to a makeshift bar making myself a drink despite my years of sobriety before throwing the glass against the wall.

"Why the fuck are you still here? Shouldn't you be with her right now?" I asked

Deja vu.

My mind for a moment played a dirty trick for a second having someone else in Leon's place before I shook my head back into the present.

"I'll deal with my matters momentarily, but I respectfully request information on a former member of your council," He said

"And why would I give you that information?" I asked

"Sir. By your reaction just now, it seems as though you knew her. She hasn't done anything wrong aside from, in your opinion, most likely be with me. I don't know your relationship with her, but her former father was an.......unkind man. I know she has more family it's just a matter of tracking them down," He said

"Don't bother. It's not your place," I said

"It is. I'd do anything to make sure she's happy, and she wants to know more about her parents. I wanna help find her mother," He said

"You won't find her," I sadly said

"How would you know?" He asked

"Because my sister has been missing for almost twenty years," I said

"Sister!?" He said

"Have a seat, Leon. This is going to be a long story, and if she's not who I think she is, then you both need to leave. Immediately," I said

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