Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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Family Ties

POV: Alpha Black

“Good, hopefully, he takes it easy for a while. You’re good kid, Leon. Try to stay that way a little while longer,” I said before going upstairs

I did mean it Leon is a good kid with a lot to prove so instead of going to my room. I waited for the two love birds to finally leave the house they gladly locked themselves in for the past three days. I couldn’t help but feel a little envious of the young couple; still, I had to get that sample. I talked with Leon while he was getting his brace removed even though the boy was slightly uncomfortable the entire time.

“I can’t keep this from her, that’s why I’ve been avoiding giving you the sample. She means to much to me, and I’m going to tell her. I’ll keep your history out of it, but she deserves to know what’s going on,” He said

After making sure they were gone, I walked in, and Jesus Christ, the room was a mess. God only knows what was on the sheets, but after looking around, I grabbed a pair of tweezer and found light strains of hair on the floor. I opened up a zip-lock bag and placed it inside before leaving the room for the maids to deal with. I walked to my room for a shower and fresh clothes before noticing Melissa sitting up in bed.

“Leaving so soon?” She asked pulling the covers over her skin

“Yeah. Leon plans on telling her, I can feel it, so I have to move fast,” I said heading towards the door

“Wait,” She said, getting up out of bed, making her way to me.

I was frozen, ultimately tempted to take her all over again. The sunlight beaming off her skin gave her body this glow of an angel. An angel I wanted to do nothing more than corrupt, but I shook my head, fighting my urge to throw her on the bed and drive her insane all over again. I failed to realize that she was standing right in front of me, her arms around my neck with the thin sheet barely hanging on.

“Don’t worry about me, okay? I’ll be back before dinner,” I softly muttered holding her close

She looked up at me with those ocean blue eyes and left a light lingering kiss so gentle I hardly felt it, “I love you so much, Tyrese,” She softly said

A soft smile formed on my face, “I love you, too. I’ll make sure this won’t end in another heartbreak I promise,” I said keeping her close

“Richard? Hey, Rich!?” I shouted looking around the garden house

“Yes, Sir. I’m over here!” He shouted

Richard Carmichael was a thirty-year-old criminal investigative genius, cracking the hardest cases from murder to kidnappings. He single handly solved over two hundred cases before the age of twenty-five. The police force’s secret weapon was a caffeine-addicted overworked under-rested scrawny lightweight with dirty blond hair and dim blue eyes. He’s been lingering around the garden house, trying to find any trances of my sister by any and everything.

“Any traces of her in the digital world?” I asked

“Sadly, no, Sir,” He said before sliding his chair over to a small piece of fabric under a microscope, “And this is useless so many unknown detonators changed the scent of this completely, no wonder you haven’t sent anybody to track her down the old fashion way.” He said

“I need another favor, I know I’m asking a lot of you, and I swear I appreciated how hard you’ve been working already,” I said

He paused, rubbing the sleep out his eyes and stretching out, “How can I be of assistance?” He asked seeming a little bit more awake

“There’s a girl that’s been staying here, and there’s a possibility she could be my niece. But a few years ago, another young lady showed up at my doorstep, claiming to be my long lost niece. I believed her story, no questions asked, thank God my wife was smarter because after a simple DNA test. was hard getting over that kind of betrayal. Everyone knows family is everything to me. It’s my only real weakness, and that kid took advantage of that, so this time I’m playing it smart and not taking any chances. How fast can you turn this around?” I asked holding the bag

He took the bag staring at the hair strain inside, “Hair samples normally take about a week, a week and a half for a deeper analysis, but with this being a pressing matter and a very personal one I must add, a faster way would be with a blood-based sample. Those take a few days less than a week, and they’re more accurate on their own,” He said

“So a blood-based DNA sample? I don’t know how to go by getting that, but I’ll figure something out, but for now, can you use the hair sample that I gave you?” I asked

“Of course I can, Sir. But it’ll take some time until you can provide the blood-sample,” He said

“Thank you for everything. I wish there were something else I could do to help you,” I said

“More coffee? An assistant? And I heard a rumor about your wife’s cooking,” He said looking up from his work

“She doesn’t cook that much anymore but when she does...the guys can’t get enough of it,” I said with a giggle shaking my head, “Dinner only and if you tell anybody that she’s cooking again you’ll cause a riot among the guys,” I said

“Meaning, Sir?” He asked with a smirk

“If they find out she’s cooking just for you they’ll hurt you just to get a taste of whatever it is on your plate,” I said

“Wow, it’s that good?” He asked

“Son it’s to die for,” I said

After talking with Richard a little while longer, I eventually headed back inside to finish up some work. Trading stocks and bonds aren’t the most exciting job in the world, especially with every new stock being a risk and can clasp or crash at any given moment, but my gut hasn’t failed me yet. I didn’t get my wealth handed to me despite what others may believe I worked my ass off since I was thirteen, and since then, I’ve been saving and investing the right amount of everything I had. As soon as I was about to finish up a deal, I heard yelling echoing throughout the house, that when I got up to see the once lovely couple going at each other’s throats.

“I Wanted To Find Her On My Own! Why The Hell Did You Tell HIM?!” Ashely shouted

“He could help. We know you don’t have the resources to investigate this on your own. You’ll need help with this help I can’t provide but he can,” Leon said

“I don’t care. I wanted to do this my way whenever I was ready. I can’t believe you’d go behind my back and tell him. I don’t care if he has the resources; this doesn’t involve him. This is about me and the relationship I want with my family. A family I don't even know. A family I don’t even know if I’m ready to be a part of,” She said

“That’s understandable; I supposed,” I said, walking out my office standing beside Leon, “Ashely, you can’t blame him for wanting to help because he’s doing this to make you happy. I’ve been looking into this matter for quite some time now and still, nothing about your mother has appeared. I’m starting to question if I should end this, but now knowing how you feel about it something I disregarded, what do you want me to do? End it all right now so you can do the grunt work on your own or allow me to continue to look into this matter?” I asked

Please, for the love of God, allow me to keep looking. Be the reason for me to keep going.

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