Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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Damage Control

POV: Leon

I was lucky the two managed to talk out everything and made a deal with one another. Black still hid his reasonings from her, but she gave him the approval to continue looking into everything once a known possible address would come up Ash would be the first to know. It would be her choice and her choice alone to pursue it from that point on; Black said he’d even arrange the transportation to whatever location she’d have to set course for, but she declined. I knew telling her would piss her off, but now I’m eavesdropping behind Alpha Black’s door to get every detail of the conversation. I found myself pacing back and forward like a puppy waiting for their owner to get home when it got quiet.

“Thank you for your understanding. Hopefully, something comes up eventually,” Ash said leaving the room

“Hey. Is...umm everything okay?” I asked

“Yes,” She said walking towards the stairs yawning, “I think I’ll take a nap,” She said

“Good. I mean, is everything good with...” I started

“I’m still mad at you, but it sucks that I can barely hold a grudge as it is when it comes to you, and yet every fiber of my being yearns to be next to you. I know you have good intentions, but try to understand I want to do something for myself for once. I’m going to bed. Alone,” She said walking upstairs

“O...okay. Goodnight, I’ll see you in the morning,” I sadly said

“Goodnight, Leon,” She said

“Don’t worry she’ll come around but I need you for something while you’re not occupied come into my office for a second,” Black said walking back into his office

After taking a second, I followed up behind him, closing the door behind me. My hands were in my pockets, glancing around slowly, getting more and more irritated. I kept glancing back at the door my heart racing wanted to be anywhere near her, but she didn’t want me there. I sat down, wiping the sweat off my forehead, swallowing my nerves, and trying to regain my composure.

“I doubt it’s your first go-around,” Black said, making a drink, “Is it that bad, kid?” He asked passing it to me

I knocked back the glass like a shot before laying my head on the conference table,” This. Is. Fucking. HELL!!! It’s like a raging inferno help me. I don’t know if I can keep this up for the rest of the day and God forgive me if I can’t find anything to detract me tonight,” I said

“So much for the confidential route but there is a way for you to burn off all this extra energy in a more productive way unlike jacking-off,” Black said

“Please tell me, Sir. I’m open to just about anything,” I said

“Train Daniel,” He said

“Excuse me? I swear I was listening, but I had a whole other type of training in mind for someone else,” I said rubbing my head in frustration

“Something sexual, I assume?” Black asked before shaking his head muttering under his breath before redirecting his attention on me, “Teach the kid how to fight, at least the basics on how to defend himself,” He said

“I don’t think now is a good time for that,” I said clearing my throat growing back heated like someone threw gas on a fire

“Why not?” He asked

I clenched my fist slamming it on the table trying to catch my breath, “Obvious reasons are obvious,” I said pushing my hair back

“And I’ll ask again why not now? You don’t have anything else to do with your frustration extra energy and high testosterone level, ” He started making his way over me, “At least get the kid in shape first, he looks like a strong wind can knock him over if God blew hard enough. He doesn’t have to look like a bodybuilder overnight, but a little muscle won’t kill him. I’m sure you’ll come to see that I’m right,” He said leaving his office

After losing a good chunk of my sanity in Black’s office, I ran upstairs as fast I could, changing out my shirt and jeans into a sleeveless black hoodie and a pair of matching black shorts. I ran over to Danny’s room and pulled him out of bed, the poor boy wasn’t even awake when I did, and the fact that he was alone made it even sadder.

“Hey! HEY! What The Hell!?” He shouted

“I’m tired of fighting for you, so I’m going to teach you how to fight, but first you got to get in shape. We’re going for a run try to keep up with me, alright? No wolf form and no half-turning, just you as you are, understand?” I asked

“Yeah, but can I at least get some shoes?” He asked

“Nope!” I said taking off

“Wa...FUCK!” He yelled following up behind me

We must have been at least a state away from the packhouse, and if we weren’t, it sure as hell felt like it. I ended up running on some mountain top overlooking the small city we now call home trying to catch my breath. Once I did, I realized this was the same mountain that I carried Ash on the first night she turned.

“God damn trees in the way,” Danny said, pushing the branches out the way before one pushed back, slapping him behind the head, “Shit!” He said with slight growl under his breath, “Leon! LEON!?” He shouted

I walked over to the edge on the cliff glancing down at the sight of the fall before sitting down at the ledge, “Come take a seat with me, Danny boy,” I said

Danny sighed deeply before sitting down near me, not on edge but close enough, “Why did you bring me out here, Leon?” He asked

“Look at it, isn’t it beautiful?” I asked staring out

The sun was blanked over the forest giving it this hazy yet radiant sunset. The sun's rays would peak through the trees into the small city where everybody continued with their day as if time never slowed down. But from this viewpoint, time didn’t matter the sounds of nature shifting from day to night as animals running to their homes for bed or slowly waking up to get started. It all seems so surreal and peaceful I wish I had something to paint it all down at least a piece of paper and a pen to get an outline.

“Do you think I should go back?” I asked

Danny sighed, “It’s home. Why wouldn’t you want to go back?” He asked

“I guess it’s because I’m afraid. Whatever happened after I left?” I asked

“Anton changed just about everything as soon as you left, even your father’s memorial. Claiming it was nothing but a waste of space. To be honest with you, he didn’t want any males to turn after you left, and the older men are getting worked to death. It didn’t feel right the curfew he placed on all of us. I was outside trying to leave a friend’s house, and I got caught up in a full moon,” He said

“So this curfew is it just for males or everybody?” I asked

“Everybody. But females don’t get kicked out, Anton sees males as a threat. He’s plan seems odd if he keeps treating the males like that they’ll all leave with or without their families. It has this sinful feeling to it,” Danny said

“It sounds lustful to me,” I said before the idea hit me, “Jesus Christ! He’s building a harem. Once all the guys leave, and the human males won’t be able to keep up with their female counterparts he’ll be the only one left unless they walk away from him,” I said

“He keeps an electric fence up during full moons now, and it’s formed around the entire territory. At least that’s what I’ve heard from a buddy of mine,” He said

“Shit. Hopefully, guys will be smart enough to dig under it but still...,” I said thinking it over

Is there honestly anything I could do right now with people still following him?

“It’s getting dark. Want to start heading back?” He asked snapping me out my thoughts

“I guess,” I said lightly jogging before running back

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