Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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Make Up

POV: Ashely

I didn’t think a nap would turn into me waking up with the sun burning into the room. I groaned, trying to recollect my thoughts about all the things I forgot about yesterday, class assignments, talking to Jazz about what she and Rico did before we left, and getting Rico from the hospital late that afternoon. I tried sitting up only to lay back down in bed and forcing myself to roll-off and getting dressed only to realize I fell asleep in Leon’s room. Once I went to my room showered and changed clothes, I tried to tame my wild hair before walking downstairs to see Miley looking around the fridge.

“Hey stranger, long time no see,” I said sitting on the counter near her

“You’re one to talk. Leon finally decided to give you a break and detach you from his hip,” She asked pulling out some apples tossing me one

“I told him to back off since he told your dad about a personal matter that I trusted him with,” I said biting into the apple

“Oh. Not the type of thing I’d do but whatever it’s not my call,” She commented sliding a carton of eggs on the counter

“Why not?” I asked

“Because Leon is harmless, I don’t even think I’ve ever seen him mad, let alone do anything without others in mind. Meanwhile, I know a couple of guys who don’t think with anybody mind,” She said sadly before setting up all her ingredients

“Let me guess? Trevor. He’s so fucking stupid,” I said

“He’s not stupid just blinded, I don’t know why he needs everyone’s approval so badly,” She said

“You do care about him? No wonder you let him mark you every season,” I said

“Yeah. Well, I know what I want. Maybe if he’d show me that he wanted the same thing, I’d be more willing to mark him back, but it’s not the right time. At least not now,” She said pulling out a frying pan

“Yeah, but when exactly is the right time? Do you think you can hold out forever while waiting for him to change?” I asked

“That’s the thing I don’t want him to change, I just want him to admit how he feels, that’s honestly it,” She said, “Now, are you going to help me? Rose and the rest of the staff got the rest of the week off, and somebody has to cook today. The guys are coming back All of them, She said

“Jesus Christ! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” I asked hoping off the counter and grabbing a few more pans

Miley and I spent most of the morning preparing breakfast for her extended family of nineteen brothers, twenty if someone went and got Rico yesterday. We both walked out of the kitchen covered in flour, carrying the trays of food to the guys who were sitting at the table. I instantly noticed that Leon and Danny were missing, but at least Rico was there.

After breakfast, more than half the guys left with Aphla Black. Maybe three stayed back to clean up around the house, but of course, Miley and I were stuck with the dishes.

“What the hell? You deal with this every time the staff takes a day off?” I asked

“Not really but since everybody is back from the heat rush this is the shit show we’re left to deal with,” She said

“Be lucky we’re cool,” I said sliding on some rubber gloves

“Karma at it’s finest, una dama tan Hermosa,” Rico said sitting down on a stool

“So, you’re not gonna help?” Miley asked

“Not after they left me at the hospital yesterday, thank God for my beautiful Jasmine flower,” He said

Miley raised an eyebrow before look at me roll up a towel and whip it against the cabinet,” Oh, okay! Now, since when?” She asked

“First met,” I said

“And Leon told. Did he?” She asked

“He told me to bring her along yesterday, I figured it out and told her,” I replied

“Of Course you did. So lover boy, what did you and bride to be, do yesterday?” She asked

“She told me not to get my hopes up for a relationship,” Rico said

“That doesn’t sound like her,” I said, “I’ll talk to her later, but first I have my problems to deal with,” I said

“Si, I noticed Leon and Danny were missing this morning. Any clue on where mi amigos are?” He asked

“Sadly, no. Leon said something about an early morning run to clear his head; I guess he took Danny with him.” Miley said

I kept washing dishes, trying to come up with an apology for the petty argument I started last night. I don’t have a history of sleepwalking, so waking up in his bed after I know for sure I fell asleep on my own was new to me. Maybe it was just how strong our connection was holding a grudge was hard enough trying to sleep in separate beds was pushing it and if this is how every fight could end up, we weren’t allowed to sleep pissed off at each other meaning either talk it out or completely shut down.

“I swear to God if you made me miss breakfast, I’m going to...” Danny started walking inside

“You’ll do what? You can hardly keep up with me as it is and you still can’t even throw a punch yet,” Leon said following up behind him

“Yeah. Whatever you’re the one who told me to bulk up,” He said pushing Leon

“And you will with time,” He said walking over high-fiving and pulling in Rico for a hug, “Sorry for not picking you up at the hospital, I went out for a run, and I knew I’d come back late,” He said

“It’s cool, Amigo. Thank you for convincing Jazz to drop me off,” Rico said

“I swear I owe that girl more favors than anybody I have ever met in my entire life,” He said

“I need food! Please tell me breakfast isn’t over?” Danny asked

“Sorry, Danny, but...” Miley started

“I can make you guys breakfast,” I said finishing up the dishes

“You sure because we got one hell of an order to make,” Leon said

“Yeah. I’ll be here for a little while, other than that it gives me a chance to make it up to you,” I said

“I’ll just take an apology and some apple juice,” He said

“Alright,” I said, sliding him a cup

Rico, and Miley took off while I was making the guys a monstrous calorie-packed breakfast. I swear I could fry butter, and Danny would inhale it if Leon told him to. Leon pated Danny on his back while he was struggling to finish his food. After a near-death experience, Danny eventually started to leave with an overstuffed stomach trying not to vomit.

“Hey, don’t puke, we’ll work out later, and I’ll show you some moves!” He yelled to Danny before directing his attention to me, “Thanks for cooking us breakfast. How did you sleep last night?” He asked

“I woke up in your room so...good. I guess,” I said rubbing the back of my neck, “I’m sorry about yesterday,” I said

“Yeah. Well it is my fault, I shouldn't have told him it wasn’t my place to tell him, and for that I’m sorry,” He said

“Do you think he could help? I mean I know I shouldn’t doubt him or anything, but I’m still scared he won’t find anything,” I said

“I’m sure something will come up until then I got a bit of time to kill,” He said

“Yeah. You should get some rest you must have been up all night,” I said

“I have a better idea in mind,” He said getting up making his behind me snaking his arms around me, “Making up for lost time,” He whispered into my ear

A shockwave went through my body, and even though I just ate, I was hungry all over again, and for some reason, my throat felt dry.“I could use a drink right now,” I said looking at him licking my lips

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