Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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A Promise.........

POV: Leon

My head tilted back, barely able to stand on my feet, trying to keep my eyes open to look out, but holy shit, she felt good. Usually, I’d be one feasting on her, but today she had taken the lead, and I couldn’t be more excited. I told her I’d like to make up for lost time but glancing down at her on her knees, taking me in. Her tongue wrapped around me, moving back and forward on me, causing my breath to shorten lightly moaning under the puffs of air I could get felt like heaven.

“Leon. Hey, Leon!” Miley called out

“Huh? What?” I asked trying to act normal

“Have you seen Ash? We’re supposed to go shopping in a little while, and nobody has seen her,” She asked

“Ummm,” I glanced down to her winking at me, “Yeah she already left,” I quickly replied looking at Miley

“You okay? You look like your in pain,” She said

“Oh, Ye..yeah. Ju...just a leg cramp that’s all,” I replied trying not to clasp over the counter

Miley looked at me, unsure, “Okay? Well I’m getting a bottle of water,” She said

“NO!” I shouted before fixing my tone, “No. I’ll get it for you since I’m already over here, you know? Hehe,” I said trying to laugh it off

Without turning around, I somehow managed to pull a bottle of water out of the fridge before tossing it to her. She cought it staring at me before shaking her head, “Whenever your done blowing your boyfriend I’ll be in my room,” She said

“Thank You!” Ash yelled out

“Wow,” She said before busting out laughing and walking away

Fuuuuuucckk. We’re not supposed to be doing this here, but don’t stop.

I didn’t want to rush it and despite it feeling good like really fucking good. I didn’t want anyone else walking in on us either; maybe if I could release, I’d have enough energy for another round or so I thought. Once I started moving my hips, it was like she was reading my mind, moving her hand out of the way, taking me whole. My legs were reduced to jello leaning over the counter to keep balance while she was moving faster and faster.

Where the fuck did she learn all this?!?!

“A...A...Ash. I...I’m gonna...” I said gritting my teeth

My body felt like it was seizing up, but I managed to grab her hair in an attempt to pull her off me. She dug her claws into my hand, pulling it away determined to get a taste, and I wasn’t about to disappoint her. I once more grabbed her hair and forced myself deeper down her throat, after a few more thrusts, I released every ounce that was built up. I fell to the floor afterward, watching her lick her lips in a haze, “Where...The fuck?” I asked trying to catch my breath

“I’m not telling,” She said crawling up to me, “Besides it looks like I took your breath away,” She said straddling me

“ are so...gonna get it,” I said

“Is that so?” She asked before leaning into my ear, “Do your worst,” She whispered dragging her tongue up my neck before latching onto my ear lobe

After pulling her over my shoulder and running up to the room, I’m not even sure what happened next instincts were in complete control. I knew a belt was used at some point, along with maybe a tie or extra sheets that I made into a rope to restrain her. Us making up for lost time turned into at least ten rounds of pure, intense ecstasy rolling around clawing at each like wild feral animals and pinning each other down on just about any and everything to try to keep control, to maintain balance, to keep dominance.

Along the lines, we both passed out exhausted and drained of all energy, waking up to see her fully satisfied look on her face was like looking at a sneak peek of paradise or heaven itself. And those golden brown caramelized eyes beautifully reflecting off the sun’s light creeping in through the window showed my entire future once more. Reclaiming my pack, a proposal, a wedding, two kids, growing old, meeting my grandkids and their kids, and finally resting in her arms one last time. Everything within that moment was so peaceful I thought for just a second that I'd lived a life with her before.

“Leo? Baby, you okay?” She softly asked stroking my cheek

I instantly fell into her touch, closing my eyes and getting closer to her, “I...I never wanna leave this bed,” I muttered

“I know exactly what you mean,” She said laying my head on her chest, “I love you so much Leon,” She whispered to me

“I love you, Ashely, so much more than you think. I can’t wait to start our life together, ” I said, opening my eyes to look at her, “I wanna marry you, but only if you’ll have me and I know now would be a way too soon, but I want you. I want us and this future I see ever time I look at you. I really hope you want it too,” I said sitting up

Tears fell from her eyes, but that smile on her face with a light giggle under her quivering voice, “And here I thought I was the only one to see that future when I looked at you. Of course, I want it too,” She said

“I have an idea,” I said getting out of bed

After a shower and a change of clothes, we let Miley and Danny know that we’d do a rain-check before heading out.

The fall leaves blowing in the air during the sunset was giving off this beautiful, radiant red-orange color that would take anybody’s breath away, but it was the moments where I had to stop and look at her that easily left me breathless. We ended up at some jeweler; I didn’t have much, maybe fifteen hundred dollars, a thousand if I took five hundred to replace my tires. We looked around the rings and necklaces and watches to find the perfect thing that’ll fit us both.

“Leo, this is the one!” She shouted

“You sure that’s” I asked, staring at the rings, “HOW MUCH?!” I cried out

After that, I took her up to the mountain where it all started nightfall had finally taken over the sunset. The stars and full moon on display for all to see, but I didn’t care about that. I didn’t care about anything but the beautiful woman standing in front of me, taking in the view of the moon and the small town she calls home. I walked up behind her, placing the ring on a chain and placing it around her neck. She turned around, finding me down on one knee, reaching out for her hand, and with a smile on her face, she placed her hand in mine.

“With that ring that I’ve placed on, you will be a symbol of my undying and unyielding love for you. As long as you wear it, I promise to be faithful, to be honest with you at all times, to protect you from even my anger, and to one day have the honor of placing it around your finger. I have lost so much, but I promise to share all I have, and once I regain everything that I’ve lost, I promise to continue to share. I promise to be any and everything you need; a boyfriend, a lover, a shoulder to cry on, even just a friend if need be. With that ring, you have me completely mind body and soul as long as you wear that ring I Am Yours,” I declared

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