Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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........And A Vow

POV: Ashely

His eyes sparkled more than any star that was hovering over us. The warmth of his hand in mine only hid the fact he was trembling, and yet it was me with tears streaming down my eyes. His declaration of love for me left me speechless, and while I was trying to figure out the words to say, he rosed up to his feet, wiping my eyes, leaning his head on my mine. Those intense yet gentle green eyes locked on mine, showing me my future, but mainly this moment set in the spring surround by so much love I could drown in it. I glanced away for a second to pull out the necklace and place it around his neck.

“With that ring, I’ve placed on you will be a symbol of my never-ending and unwavering love for you. As long as you wear it, I vow to be completely devoted to you, to be genuine and shield you from the fears and insecurities that tournament you and to one day have the glory of placing it around your finger. I vow to be equal in every decision minor or not, no matter what it is. Above all else, I vow to be loyal to you despite whatever missteps you take even if you are wrong. I vow you hear you out in a time a judgment. I vow to never turn my back on you. With that ring, you have me entirely mentally, physically, emotionally and maybe even spiritually so long as you wear that ring I Am Yours,” I declared

Leon took me in his arms laughing and spinning me around keeping me close, “God, I can’t wait maybe this is where I’m meant to be with you and nowhere else,” He said

“You and I both know that’s not true, Leo. You’ll have to go back at some point, but at least I’ll be with you this time,” I said

“Yeah. Hold up for a second,” He said, walking over to his bike, turning on the radio to instrumental music before walking over, “May I have this dance?” He asked holding out his hand

“Of course, love,” I said taking his hand

We danced throughout most of the night, like a freshly married couple. At some point, we just laid down, pointing at the stars trying not to spend more time staring at each other. Eventually, he was curled up on my chest with his arms tightly around me.

“Tell me a story, babe. It can be anything you want, old or new; it doesn’t matter. Please tell me a story,” He softly said

I around for inspiration before looking up, “You see that right there a few spaces away from the Big Dipper?” I asked

“I’m struggling here,” He said staring at the sky

I guided his hand through the stars to Lion zodiac, also known as the Leo, “There you go, let’s call him William. William Ace...” I started

I told him a story about a mighty powerful lion that was forced out of his pride instead of going back to where he belonged he stayed away, trying to rebuild a new life on his own. He was tormented by voices he’d hear from his former pride eating away at him until he had to go back or risk losing his sanity. Once he got back, everything he once knew was destroyed, but after a while, everything changed for the better because he was willing to change it, and in doing so, he changed for the better. By the time I made it to the end of the story, both of us were slowly dozing off. A gentle kiss on my forehead before laying his head on my chest, “Thank you for everything,” He softly said

“I should be telling you that,” I said rubbing my fingers through his hair softly humming to him, “I love you,” I whispered

“You...too,” He muttered more asleep than awake

The next morning was a slow, steady recollection of last night, our rings hanging off our necks, a smile on our face, and watching the sunrise. When we got back to the house, Danny pulled Leon away to train him while Miley told Jazz what happened yesterday in the kitchen. Needless to say, both pulled me away for another round of questions in the backyard.

“You are embracing this whole slut thing, are you?” Jazz asked

“You are the last one to talk, and why did you do Rico like that?” I asked

“Hey. I told him the truth being straight forward is the best way for both of us to move on,” She said

“You’re unbelievable. You didn’t try to give him a chance,” I said

“If he wants a chance at my heart, he’ll have to earn it until then I’m impenetrable,” She replied

“So the rumors are true. You can’t get laid unless you’re with Rico,” Miley said

“ do you hear about that?” Jazz asked

“Rico, of course! He’s been winning about it for a second now, and since he’s pent up he’s going to be so extra,” Miley said

“Extra? As in what?” I asked

“Until Jazz caves in it’s best to keep headache meds with you at all times,” Miley said

“Come on. You're just dramatic he can’t be that bad,” Jazz said

“Three. Two. One,” Miley counted before pointing at the door. Rico busted down the door and took off running in his wolf form, hopping over the fence into the forest. Jazz opened her mouth to speak, but Miley was already on the phone with someone. “Yup. He’s at it again,” She said

“I wonder where did he go? Or at least what the hell is he doing?” I asked

“Whatever. It’s not my problem; my problem is trying to get a refill on this drink,” Jazz said, holding up her empty glass, “Like...Heeelllloooo!? Can I get some service here?” She asked

“Be careful this time no repeats of last time. Alright bye,” Miley said, hanging up, rolling her eyes and rubbing her forehead, “I swear I hate babysitting. It’s so annoying, but someone has to look after these idiots. Way too many brothers, not enough sisters so happy you two came together like a buy one get one free deal,” She said

“What happened last time Rico was like this?” I asked

“He...ummm, how can I say it? Oh! You guys remember the forest fire that burned down at least ten acres of land last year?” She asked

“Yeah but that was because of some kid playing with a lighter in the forest,” I said

“No, it was because some family forgot to put out a campfire, right?” Jazz asked

“Rico has a thing with fire for some odd reason,” Miley said

“What kind of thing?” Jazz asked

“Well...he’s kind of a...little bit...of a...pyromaniac,” She said

“Oh. Oh! OH! Oh No,” I said glancing over at Jazz

“So...he plays with fire too?” She asked

“I swear to God if I see you with a lighter matches or anything flammable I’m kicking your ass,” I said snapping her out of it, “The last thing I need is for you to lose your shit once again in my lifetime,” I said

“I won’t. Geez, you don’t have to do all that,” Jazz said folding her arms

“Yes, the fuck I do. You almost burned somebody alive,” I said

“That big ass bitch had it coming. When she embarrassed you like that,” Jazz said

“Wait. Wait. Wait a one second. What happened?” Miley asked

“Some dumbass bitch thought it would be funny to play a prank on my besite,” Jazz said

“I was fine, and it was harmless no one got hurt it was all in good fun,” I said

“Wow. So the fact that they dumped animal blood on you covered you in feathers and took pictures of you while you were crying was harmless? Everybody involved got what was coming to them I saved the ring leader last, so the bitch knew I was coming,” Jazz said

“Noted I’ll never piss you off but hopefully they’ll bring him back home before he starts something...again,” Miley said

“Hey, who’s he?” Jazz asked

“Who?” I asked

“Over there near the garden house,” She pointed out, “I don’t think I’ve seen him before,” She said

“Me either. Is he one of your dad’s guys?” I asked

“No. Not that I know of and I know everybody my father works with,” Miley said

“Wanna go see who is it?” I asked

“I’m down like a burning house,” Jazz said before I a gave her my death glare, “Figure of speech bitch damn,” She said

“I’m curious, to say the least, it unlike my dad to keep things from me,” Miley said

“Well I guess it’s time for a late introduction,” I said leading the way

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