Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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Blood Bonds

POV: Alpha Black

“Thank you for allowing me to keep looking into this matter, but I need something from you,” I said

“And that is?” Ashely asked

“A blood sample. It’ll be easy to find your mother this way through a DNA tracking profile you could be the key in finding her,” I said

“So. All I need to do is squeeze out a little bit of blood?” She asked

“Yes, unless you don’t...” I started before turned one of her nails into a claw and dug it through her arm, “Want to,” I said watching her covering her arm with a white cloth that was on my desk

Jesus Christ, she did that like it was nothing. Marcus, just what the fuck did you do to her?

She struggled to catch her breath at first, but after a moment there was a strange calm when she took the bloody cloth off her arm the scar was completely gone, “Will...will this be enough,” She said laying the bloody fabric on my desk

“Ummm, yes. Ar...are you going to be okay? You seem weaker, and you look pale,” I asked

“I’ll be fine. I just need some rest for a while Leo has been keeping me up all week can’t say it bothered me though. Hehe,” She said with a giggle

“At least drink some water,” I said, giving her a glass and filling it up, “You know you don’t have to do this, right? I mean, there could be a million reasons for why she did what she did but what if you’re not happy with the reason?” I asked

“Than at least I’ll have a real reason instead of always wondering why. I’ll get closure from both my parents it’ll be so much easier to move on once I know for sure,” She said before drinking the water

“Well let’s just hope I can help give you get that closure you need to move on,” I said

Hopefully. We’ll both get that closure.

“Richard! Samuel! You guys in here?” I asked

“We’re over here, Sir,” Richard replied

“I have that blood sample we talked about,” I said

“Well that was fast, give it to Samuel,” Richard said while typing up something

“Where is he?” I asked

“Over here, Sir,” He said carrying a massive pile of papers and a coffee pot, “Top you off, boss,” He said refreshing Richard’s coffee cup

“Thank you, Samuel. The kid’s been a huge help, are you sure he’s just a student right now?” Richard said while Samuel took the bagged bloody cloth out of my hand

“Well, he’s in his final year, and since he wanted to be a forensic scientist, I thought this could be a good way to start his career. Who knows, maybe he’ll work with you on a couple more cases after this. Every great Sherlock needs a right hand, Watson, right?” I asked

“Could haven’t said it better myself. Still, tracking Emily has been proven quite...difficult. I have a few locations, but they're all over the place they don’t make a consisted path nor area it’s all over the place,” He said

“Yeah. I’m sure it is after the trial she wasn’t exactly thinking rationally, I told her to stay with me after a few weeks she was gone without a trace,” I said

“Maybe she just needed time, but I found something very interesting involving that case. Did you know there was a contract created by Marcus’ parents that she was forced to sign if she wanted to continue their relationship?” He asked

“She never told me about that. What does it all entail?” I asked sitting down

“Are you sure you want you to know about this, Sir?” He asked I took a deep breath before nodding, “Samual, would you kindly give us a moment?” He asked

“Here’s a fresh pot gentleman,” Samual said before leaving

“Thank you,” He said, pouring the hot coffee into a second cup sliding it to me, “Now within the files, I had managed to resurface the contract was drawn up around the same time Emily must have found out about the pregnancy. You said she was turning eighteen that year she had the baby, correct?” He asked looking through the papers giving me a copy

“Yes, but I knew nothing of this contract,” I said looking it over

“It’s clear to me you weren’t supposed to know about it because if you did know of it, you would’ve burnt it or thrown it back into their faces. But the signature, you could tell something was wrong with her when she signed it failing to read this clause on the sixth-page third paragraph typed in small letters it reads,” He said before clearing his throat, “If a connection were not made between wolves I would relinquish my parental rights over our child this contract will be proof of my willingness to do so. Within this contract, I will also keep this information confidential under the policy act set by the current Alpha,” He said tossing the contract on the desk

“No. There’s no fucking way she’d ever sign something like this,” I said flipping through the pages, but there it was her signature on the dotted line

“As I said, that signature doesn’t look like hers. It seems to me that she was under the influence when she signed. Now, what would be the perfect opportunity for a moment like that to occur? When they knew for sure, you weren’t going to come? When she would be placed under the influence of a drug naturally?” He questioned

I rubbed my hand down my face, “When the baby was born,” I got up from my seat pacing back and forwarded, trying to keep calm, but I was furious, “I should have been there. I could’ve stopped it, but...” I started before punching a hole in the wall

“Sir. Please try to compose yourself,” He said

After shaking out my hand, I tried to control my bolling rage, “Did he know about this?” I growled out

“I believe he found out about it during the trial and used this against her giving him an edge easily winning him custody it wasn’t until after the trial weeks later that she received a copy of this contract,” He said

“So he knew about it and used it against her? Why? Why would anybody do that to someone they claim to love?” I asked

“That I may never have the answer for. You have to ask the man of the hour about it,” He said, “I will continue to assist you in any way possible, Sir,” He said

“Thank you, but I need to be somewhere else right now,” I said walking out

I ended up sitting down in the middle of the forest away from my own home, crying like a boy who lost his first love. The burning tears of betrayal loss and anger stun like they were burning my very flesh. Thinking how everything had gotten so bad, the more I looked into it, the more it burned into me like salt to a never closed scar.

At some point, I came back home to find all the girls standing in my office staring me down with Richard sitting down with his head down but proud enough to look me in my eye when I first stepped in.

“Dad, what’s going on?” Miley asked

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Who...who am I to you?” Ashely nervously asked

I exhaled a deep breath of air, closing my eyes and reopening them, reliving the light caramelized brown color, “ could be my sister’s daughter, and there’s a chance you could be my niece. I might be your uncle, Ashely,” I said

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