Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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The Big Reveal

POV: Leon

Everyone was on edge after Black announced that the family might have grown just a little bit bigger. I still trained with Danny, but I was spending most of my time with Ash trying to ease her anxiety about getting the results back from the DNA test. Her nerves were just all over the place, and whenever she got near Black, there was this uncomfortable feeling lingering in the air. At least she didn’t feel this way around Miley, who already accepted her as not only her cousin but the sister she always wanted. The girls had their little pack going for themselves. It was like a sisterhood, and they did everything together. At some point before the end of fall Preston Prep reopened back up from their scandal. I mean, it’s pretty easy for everybody to forget about wild random accusations when over in a different territory in the south school shootings were becoming more common than lemonade in the summer. Despite school being the very last thing I wanted to deal with, it was oddly enough a welcomed distraction. I glanced into the office to find Black staring at an envelope sitting on his desk. He sighed, rubbing his head, not knowing what to do next.

“Are you alright, Sir?” I asked walking in

“I’ve had this for the last few weeks now. I’ve never been more terrified in my entire life, I honestly don’t know if I should open it,” He said rubbing his fingers through his hair

“You’re not the only one who feels that way. Ash is about three seconds away from having an anxiety attack. She knows why you’ve been so secretive about the test your wife told her, she understands, but you’re still making her go through this alone. If you guys are family you should open it with her so you can do this together,” I said

“When did you get so wise?” He asked

“I don’t know I have a great mentor,” I said

After a while, we were all gathered in his office in unbearable silence. To Black’s right, his wife, Melissa, who was rubbing his shoulder while Miley was sitting on his left. An empty chair between Miley and me stood still on my right while Ashely was eagerly awaiting the truth on my left. It was like she couldn’t stay still; she was tapping her foot fiddling with her fingers, her eyes shifting around the room, it wasn’t until I grabbed her hand she managed to calm down. Her eyes were locking on me, squeezing the ring through my shirt a smile formed on her face while she did the same, remembering my promise to her. It gave her some comfort without me having to stay a word lightly kissing her forehead, waiting for Richard to come in and read the results.

“This is fucking bull shit!” Miley yelled out

“Miley?!” Melissa said

“It is! No matter what the results say, Ash is my family blood or not, and I swear if you kick her out because you think she took advantage of you, then I’m leaving with her!” She yelled

“You shouldn’t be making such rash decisions, Miley. I’ll think about what to do after the results, but we all know she had no intention of hurting anybody,” He said

“Yeah. She just wanted to stay with me and just a place to stay in general,” I said rubbing her hand against my cheek before she started caressing it on her own as a soft smile formed on her face

“Well, it still doesn’t matter what the result says to me. I stand by my words,” She said folding her arms

“I know you do, Miley. Thank you for that,” Ash said

“Yeah, well you’re fun to be around and don’t even get me started on Jazz,” She started

“Oh, God. Once she hears about this is going to lose her shit,” Ash replied as both of them started laughing

“Sorry for showing up late, Sir. Mr. Carmichael fell ill, and I was having car troubles,” Samuel said

“Okay. Who this hell, this guy?” Miley asked

“Miley, your manners young lady,” Melissa said while Miley rolled her eyes

“It’s fine, Mrs. Black. My name is Samuel, I’ve been working with Mr. Carmicheal for a while to locate the rest of your family,” He said

“Have you made any progress?” Black asked

“I’d rather you discuss that matter with my boss, Sir. He keeps that case very close to the chest since it’s a susceptible matter for you, but he informed me to come read the results of something,” He said

“Yes, the results of Ashely’s DNA test,” Black said sliding him the envelope

“Are you sure, Sir?” He asked while Black nodded,” Very well,” Samuel said opening up the envelope scanning it over

Ashely gripped my hand tightly, slowly trying to exhale deep breaths of air to keep her nerves down, “I’m right here. Everything is going to be okay, I promise,” I whispered to her

“Here we go. The results of the test show that Ashely shares seventy-five point five percent of your DNA. Congratulations, she’s your niece,” He said

It was relief that swept over the entire room, but it still wasn’t powerful enough to dull our shock. I glanced over at her with tears forming in her eyes and smile on her face. Miley was the first to physically come out of her shock, rushing over to hug Ashely.

“Welcome to the family,” Melissa said making her way over hugging her

“Thank you,” Ashely said

We all ended up looking at Black, who was wiping his eyes, “Finally. There is so much time to makeup, there’s so much we have to talk about, but first, we have to get your name changed. Also, if you have any questions about Emily, just ask me, okay?” He asked

“Emily? That’s my mom’s name?” She asked

“Yeah. By the way, feel free to call me Tyrese or Uncle Black or anything you want honestly. I’m not picky. And Leon, thank you for bringing her home I know that your waiting for something you two kind of make it obvious just know you have my blessing,” He said

“Umm, thank you, Sir, and I didn’t bring her home. I just made sure she was by my side. I can be selfish in that way,” I said rubbing the back of my head

“Whatever you want or need, kid it’s yours,” He said

“Well. There is this one thing I’m very much so interested in,” I said

“Holy Shit We Gotta Tell Jazz! Come On!” Miley said pulling Ashely out the room with her

“Leo...LEO!” She shouted like she was being kidnapped

“I love you too!” I yelled back before directing my attention on Alpha now Uncle Black, “Like I was saying there’s this one thing I’m interested in,” I said

After a while, I was leading him through the forest to the cabin. I’ve been trying to fix it up by myself for a while, but of course, it’s more than a one-person job, and with school back on, I haven’t been able to do much lately. Still, I gave Black a tour of what I did so far and somethings I was trying to work on like the electricity and some of the pipes connected to the water. But my main problem is trying to find the previous owner so I could get in touch with them and hopefully gain the rights to the property.

“I’m glad you’re trying to fix this place up, and if you’re wondering, I am the owner. I let this place go after Miley turned ten she didn’t like being here anymore, I don’t know why but we just forgot about it. It could use some renovations and a new owner. Interested?” He asked

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