Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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Spring Fever

POV: Ashely

It was just like the fall to come and go with the biggest reveal of the year that I was related to one of the most powerful families known to the world. Not even a day later, my last name was changed, and Uncle Ty told me everything he could about my mother. Pictures videos and lots of stories of their shared childhood. He was more excited than I was reliving some of the memories they had together. He even talking about Marcus, which was something he struggled with until he just stopped talking about him along, either, but his welcome was more than enough to make me feel at home. He took to Leon more and more like a surrogate father than a mentor taking him on portals, teaching him all he needs to know about being a good Alpha and a good person, and how to keep his temper in check so he wouldn’t fall for another trap. The winter blew by just like the howling winds would at night. Now it was the middle of spring, and everybody was on edge for a whole other reason the finales and future were just on the horizon. Humans replaced most of the teachers, and exams were during the worse possible time during the week of the full moon. So here we all are sitting down in homeroom trying to control our urges to fuck like wild animals and taking an exam that sets the ground foundation for our futures: no phones, no cheating, no eating or drinking no leaving, and no talking.


My mind was gone entirely, feeling his eyes on me. His breath was speeding up like he was on the hunt, and he gave up on the test to get at me. Everybody was uncomfortable squirming around in their seats, trying to focus and keep calm, biting themselves to gain some sanity. Once more, I was chewing through pens and pencils like tic tacs clawing at my desk until a part of the wood was on the floor. I felt his smirk on his face knowing that I’d rather be doing that to his back or the sheets on a bed, but I shook my head, knowing if I even as so much glanced over my shoulder at him. We probably would be fucking in the middle of the classroom for all to see. These exams count for a majority of our grade more than seventy-five percent to be exact at some point after maybe two hours somebody snapped.

“FUCK THIS SHIT!” Some guy yelled taring his booklet in half throwing it in the air and jumping out an opened window of a second-floor building

“I guess it’s time for a break,” The teacher said, “Five minutes. Go,” He said

We all bolted out of that room anyway we could. I honestly think someone threw a chair at a window cause they could. The doors were pulled off the hinges to every bathroom every broom closet, and every locker room nowhere and everywhere was exposed to the burning sensation that drove everybody insane. No time for anything but a temporary release good thing I had worn a skirt and brought backup panties. That side stairwell will never look the same to me after I flooded it as a joke Leon put a wet floor sign in front of the door before we headed back to class, after another hour someone else lost it and kicked down the door on the way out with three girls followed up behind him while five guys followed them.

“I don’t get paid enough for this shit,” The teacher mumbled, “Okay before I lose any more of you to your urges Wednesday will be double the exams, Thursday is your final exam, Friday Is I repeat IS going to be half a day it’s also a day to make-up missed exams. If any of you feel the need to give in to whatever this is completely. Write ‘I Can’t’ on the back of your exam, turn it in, and quietly leave the classroom. Do NOT return till Friday unless you can make it the rest of the week without incident, understand?!” He asked

More than half the class did just that and without a second thought, but even though I knew I wanted to turn in my test and be with Leon making up an exam was going to count points. So while I tried to keep going, Leon stood up, walked to the teacher’s desk, turned in his test, and instead of leaving, he sat down right back in his seat behind me.

Shit. You just HAD to stay and make this harder for me, did you?!

“Don’t get distracted now,” He mocked

“Hey, you no talking during the exams,” The teacher said

“I don’t have a booklet, so I’m not taking the exam other than that I’m just reminding someone else to stay focus,” He said

“Well keep it down to a whisper, more than enough of you already gave me a headache,” He said

“Well do Teach,” He said

I felt him inch closer to me, almost like he was breathing down my neck, sending shrives down my spine. I couldn’t look back, so I had to look at the questions answer them the best way I could, and for the love of God, I couldn’t let him tempt me.

“I can’t wait to get you home,” He whispered, “Should we play with the sheets or my silk tie?” He asked

FOCUS! Flip the damn page.

Instead of just flipping to the next page, I flipped to the end of the booklet, only maybe six or eight pages left with six questions on each page. Perhaps I could make it through this test going back to the last page I was working on.

“I wonder how long you can last when I’m devouring you? Because I got to eat something and I’m afraid nothing else will be sweet enough,” He said

FOCUS! Next problem. Did it get hotter or...? Oh no, not again.

I felt myself growing hotter and hotter sweat started to form on my skin, and once more, my breath started to become rapid. My throat felt dry, and I was back to biting my pencil like a dog biting a chew toy or a bone. Squirming around in my seat, unable to stay still with the fire building in my lungs only to turn into the invisible smoke during every exhale. I slammed my head on my desk, trying to gain some control shutting my eyes to clear my head than a pause a burst of clarity. Without me being mentally present, I finished the test calmly closed my booklet, and the reason for my clarity was because his hand was gripping my shoulder.

“Are you going to be okay?” He quietly asked

I shoved his hand off my shoulder before staring at him, and a wicked smirk form on his face was more than enough to tell me that I wasn’t the same girl. I tilted my head up, and he shot up out his seat like a random forced pulled him out of it. Afterward, I got up, leading the way to the teacher’s desk feeling his eyes piercing through my clothes. Once I placed my booklet on the counter, he had a tight grip on my hand and an evil smile on his face.

“Shall we leave?”

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