Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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The Final Painting

POV: Leon

I raised my head, from the desk barely able to think straight, staring at the women in front of me. It was finally fucking Friday, and most of the student body was calm for the most part while my amazing Ashely managed to get done with all her exams I had to redo the one from Monday. The rest of the days and nights were a mix of random answers and positions in and outside of the bedroom. That woman had no idea just how much control she had over me and how much power I wanted over her. Every sexual encounter was a battle, maybe even war, and either side was not backing down. I stared at the clock, hoping it would go by a little bit faster since next week, all the senior events would happen and finally graduation. We’ll finally be free from this shit hole for good, and I can put my plans with Ash into motion her birthday was right around the counter I couldn’t wait for her to see the cabin.

“How Much Longer?!” Someone asked

“Three hours!” The teacher replied while the entire class groaned in agony

“Fucking! Kill Me!” Someone else yelled

More than half of us just slammed our heads on the desk in unison like, it sounded like a crack of thunder the way it echoed in the room. Maybe the class was way more in sync then anybody would’ve thought. Still, some benefits were sitting in the back of the classroom; it was easy to sneak out. A slide of a note and low crawl out the back door everybody thought was busted, and I was making my way downstairs to the one-room we’ll honestly miss the most, the art studio. I walked around, thinking it seemed like a lifetime ago. When I officially got a chance to get to know her.

“You just had to come here one last time, didn’t you?” She asked

“Well yeah. I have to do one last painting while I still can,” I said walking over to lock the door and pull the blinds down over the windows

“And that painting is?” She asked

“You know what it is,” I said sitting on a desk near an empty canvas, “Come here beautiful,” I said

She walked over into my arms for a moment I just wanted this to keep her forever in my embrace. I let her warmth take over me and once more, taking in the scent of her hair, peaches. My hands already had taken full control unbuttoning her shirt feeling down her skin and pushing it off to the floor while unhooking her bra, keeping her close to me so the cold air wouldn’t effect her smooth skin. I picked her up and set her on a pedestal on a modeling stage, slowly pulling off her skirt and panties kissing down her neck before laying them on the floor. I had to convince myself to pull away before losing my mind completely. I took off her necklace, placing the ring on her finger, the wrong hand of course still I couldn’t wait. She shifted her position slightly while I picked up her clothes and seated them on the desk, unable to take my eyes off her.

“ this okay?” She asked

I nodded slowly, “Yeah. It’s perfect,” I said making my way back to my canvas nearly tripping over a desk

If we had three hours to kill, I wanted to spend it, making something unforgettable, something beautiful and everlasting. Every detail of her body every curve every strain of hair freely flowing off her shoulders that spark, no that fire that burned in her eyes. She was heaven’s greatest masterpiece, and now she’s my greatest inspiration. I never really took painting seriously at first, but now, every piece of artwork, I took my time making sure everything was flawless. Three hours was down to two, eventually becoming one, and the pressures of getting it all perfect and flawless were taking a toll on me. A rush of heat left my throat dry and hunger like never before taking over. I took off my shirt, trying to focus on her, but that was my problem. I was lost in her. A second later, I dropped my paintbrush and made my way over to her so much for showing restraint. It felt like I couldn’t get my paint-stained jeans off my body fast enough slow lingering kisses, taking her all in like it was a new beginning, to be honest. Kissing over every inch of her skin, licking sucking and biting her nipples, making sure nothing was left out. I was biting her tights while light moans and gasps of air were nothing more than music to my ears as I was sliding my tongue inside her to taste the sweet nectar inside satisfying my sweet tooth and then some. I couldn’t get enough even after she’d released. I wanted more like a greedy bastard, but she pulled me away before I could get a second helping.

“B...b...but why?” I wined

“Because it’s you turn,” She said

“No. You don’t ha...” I started

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to,” She interrupted

“You sure?” I asked

A soft, gentle kiss on my lips turned into a slow, low burning, passionate one her arms wrapped over my shoulders. When she pulled away I didn’t realize she had my necklace in her hand taking off my ring placing it on my finger of course wrong hand but the same hand as hers, “I know you want to worship me like this great Goddess or something, I mean that’s why you put me on a pedestal, but I just rather be by your side, understand?” She asked

I nodded, taking her off the pedestal while she smiled, lacing our fingers together. A kiss from my lips trailed down my jawline and neck before she was on her knees, taking me in. Somehow she learned to quickly take my breath away, her hand holding mine while keeping my slightly trembling hips still. Slowly moving warping her tongue around me, taking me in completely my eyes rolling lightly moaning under my breath, I felt like I was going to implode. After a while, she moved away to focus on sending me over the edge, and once she did, I had to have her. She was used to me, no surprise since I was her first, but I had a trick or two up my sleeve. I folded up my jacket and put it under her back to elevate her hips up higher before I slid myself deep inside of her.

“Shit,” I whispered under my breath feeling her clenching around me, “You okay?” I asked already in a haze

“Yeah. Just promise me you won’t rush,” She softly said

“Of course,” I said

Rushing. That’s all we’ve been doing for the past week, letting our instincts drive us to the point of insanity. But this was different I felt like if I moved too quickly, I’d break her. Slow, steady strokes up and down like how I’d paint in and out taking the time to admire her body and expressions of satisfaction, it only made me harder, and yet the pace remained the same. This wasn’t out of a desperate need to feed into some urge we couldn’t control. This was out of genuine need and want from each other. Even when she was on top of me that slow lingering pace made my toes curled and took my breath away to the point where all I could mutter was her name granted I had to wrap my arm around her hips to keep her from speeding up but leaning my forehead on hers staring in her eyes. She pulled me in closer and tighter, closing whatever little space we had in between each other.

“Leo,” She softly said, “Come inside me, please,” She whispered into my ear moving faster

Once she started to speed up, I felt everything rushing forward, and my body started to play catch up with her. She was getting soaked, and I didn’t want to escape it. She felt too good, but I had to do something. The pressure was building up, my body was seizing up, and if I didn’t get her off me before I exploded, then I don’t know. I just knew she wasn’t thinking clearly, and it was too early for both of us to become parents.

“Leo Come With Me!” She cried out

“I...I...I...I can’t!” I said pulling her off me

I was lucky while she exploded on me. I pulled her off before releasing it on the floor. Thank God, I was smart enough to lay a tarp on the floor near the stage; still, her hurt expression on her face left me at a loss for words for a moment. I waited for a second to catch our breath and come down from our high before talking, keeping her close to me.

“Sorry. It’s not that I didn’t want to, you know how I feel about you. It’s just too soon, you know?” I asked kissing her forehead

“Yeah. I understand. I just can’t believe I said that” She said hiding her face in my chest, “Thank you for being the voice of reason here,” She said with a blush

“We should go home I think they probably released our class by now,” I said reaching for my jeans with my foot pulling them close to me before grabbing my phone out looking through some of the texts kicking in

Trevor: Where the hell are you? We were free to leave over an hour ago!

Jazz: Did you kidnap my bestie? I know you guys share homeroom. I went by the art studio, but the door was locked and...OMG, You Guys Are The Worst! Don’t make a huge mess in there! LOL ;p

Danny: Ummm...I might be in trouble. I’m just giving you a heads up before you get home.

Alpha Black: Danny got caught fighting at school. The good news is he won! The bad news is, they’re talking about pressing charges. My office. Immediately.

“Is everything okay?” She asked

“Yeah. Everything is fine,” I said tossing my phone on my jeans

My work is never done, but at least with her, I get a break.

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