Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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New Friends

POV: Ashely

“Get Out! Get OUT! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE NOW!” Alpha Black roared out

I had slowly back away as his voice got louder until I could do nothing but run away. I ended up outside, trying to catch my breath and clearing my head as those words still seem fresh of my father’s lips to me. The sting of it was just a reminder that he’d no longer want me back home. I had nowhere to go aside from where Leon was. While I was sucked in my thoughts, the cool breeze brought me some comfort.

“Who are you, and what do you want?”

I turned my head to see a girl sitting and drinking tea, enjoying what the early fall had to ofter. Her eyes were the very first thing I noticed. They were bright and just a pure blue as an ocean. It easily compliments her pale skin tone and, with her dark black hair, pulled back into a bun. I swear if she didn’t smell like a wolf, I would’ve mistaken her for something completely different. She looked around my age, maybe even a little older. She was wearing a dark blue school varsity jacket that was clearly to big for her with a black shirt underneath with a pair of black tights.

“I umm...” I started

“You’re way too young to be a maid. A housekeepers kid, maybe? They’re way too many of you guys to keep track of,” She said rubbing her temples

“No. I’m...” I started once more

“There’s no way you’re working for my father he hardly ever hires women to work for him,” She said

“Wait. You’re Alpha Black’s daughter?” I asked surprised more than anything

“Oh yeah. Everybody thinks I don’t exist since I’m not always in front of a camera twenty-five hours of the day, eight days a week. My name is Miley, by the way, and are you ever going to tell me your name?” She asked

“Ashely and for the record, I don’t work for your dad in any way shape or form, I just came to talk to him,” I said

“Than why don’t you? His office is literary right where you just came from,” She said before taking a sip

“Well...I was talking to him than he umm...” I started unable to finish

“He started yelling again?” She asked while I nodded she kicked a chair from under the table towards me, “Don’t mind the yelling he’s normally opened minded and more willing to talk things out. Trust me. My father is a man of compromise before violence,” She said while I took a seat

“You sure about that cause the way he looked at me well, it looked like he wanted to tear my head off,” I said

“Yeah. He does that some times he can’t help it since an incident kind of left a pretty bad scar. I don’t know much about it since it happened when I was a baby, and they don’t like talking about it,” She said

“Do you honestly think he didn’t mean it?” I asked

“I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it because if he did, you would’ve been dead by now. What did you talk to him about any way that’s what probably ticked him off,” She said drinking her tea

“The Rogue that’s living here,” I said while she spat it out

“Which One!?“ She questioned almost breaking the teacup on the table

“Umm...Leon,” I nervously said

She hit herself on the forehead, “Of course! The former Alpha went Rogue Omega; you had to end up with him? Well, at least he’s better than that other guy with the blonde hair. What’s his name again?” She asked snapping her fingers

“You mean Danny?” I asked while she slapped her hand on the table

“Yeah! Danny, that’s his name. How did you know that?” She asked

“I met Danny the same night Leon did,” I answered

“Oh! So you guys are together “together” or no?” She asked

“Well yeah, he’s really...” I started before my mind took me to last night, “Something,” I said trying not to lose control of myself and hunt him down for another round

“I know that look,” She said before getting one of the servers to switch out her small tea set for two glasses of water, “Drink up. You’re going to need your energy, and you’re dealing with an Alpha. Hey Rose! Can you get her a shot or something?” She asked

“Wait. No. I don’t drink I’ll be fine without it,” I said

“You sure? Because I’ve heard rumors about those types of guys,” She said arching her eyebrows up and down

“You know what, you and my best friend, Jazz, would get along perfectly. It’s almost creepy how possibly in sync you two are,” I said before remembering I never told her what happened, “Awww shit! I forgot to call her last night my phone is probably dead anyway,” I said

“How about this? I give you a tour you talk to me, and eventually, we end up somewhere you can privately talk to her, sounds cool?” She asked

“Yeah,” I answered

“So here’s the library not many people come in here anymore so, it’s a nice little hiding spot if you don’t want to be bothered with anyone,” She said

I looked over a few books before picking a few, “Mind if I read a few?” I asked already stacking a pile five books high

“Knock yourself out. I think I already read most of the books here, but someone always adds new books now and again,” She said sitting in a beanbag chair

I walked over with at least nine or ten books, “So you’re a book worm too. I would’ve never guessed it,” I said

“Well yeah. My dad used to read to me all the time when I was younger, so I just did it for fun after a while it became like second nature,” She said

“I just read to escape reality. Eventually, I tried writing my former father said there was no money in the arts so even though I still did it as a hobby I only read to get an advance understanding of my future studies,” I said

“Meaning?” She asked

“I only read whatever was going to give me an advantage in school, boring old books, and future class assignments, that’s all,” I said, “At least I was a straight-A student so much for keeping a scholarship I don’t even know if I’ll be able to keep going to school after he cut me off,” I said

“You go to the same school, Leon does?” She asked

“I did, but the expenses and I think I already missed enough days to warrant a suspension too,” I said laying down remembering it’s Monday, I exhaled a deep breath of air like smoke was coming from my lungs

“Hey. Didn’t you have to call your friend?” She asked

“Oh Yeah! I’ll give it a second to charge,” I said, letting my phone charge before tossing her a book, “Read that one?” I asked

She looked at it before flipping through the pages, “I don’t think I finished this one,” She said

“I Knew Your Ass Was Talking Shit About Me! Where are you any way you know you shouldn’t leave me alone with these stuck up ass bitches!” Jazz yelled over the phone

“Chill the fuck out. I’m at the packhouse if you could believe it,” I said

“You’re fucking joking, right?” She blanky stated

“I...I walked out on my dad yesterday,” I said

“What?! Are you okay? How are you holding up? Is Leon with you?” She asked

“How long will it take for you to make to the packhouse?” I asked

“I got in the car right now I’ll be there before you hang up,” She said

“Don’t get pulled over again and try not to hit anybody and don’t speed you, idiot,” I reminded

“Just tell these assholes at the gate that I’m visiting a friend so they can let me in!” She shouted before getting into an argument with the guards

“Well damn she works fast,” Miley said

“You have no idea,” I said

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