Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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A Friendly Meeting

POV: Leon

I look all over the house for her. I knew she was upset, but I never think that’d she would leave the house that she’d leave me. I shook my head, pacing around thinking where the hell would she be.

“HELLO! ASH!? WHERE ARE YOU?!” A female voice echoed throughout the entire house

Everybody and I mean every single living breathing person in the house came out of hiding to see Jazz looking around in the middle of the hallway.

“HEY, LEON! Seen Your Wife?!” She asked

“Ummmm...,” I started glancing around everybody else staring at me like they wanted to kill me, “Why are you here, Jazz?” I asked

“Cause my bestie needs me. Duh! Where is that girl?” She asked herself walking upstairs past a few people, “You guys got a library because if she’s not in a room with him than nine times out of ten she’s there,” Jazz said

Of Course! But who led her there?

“Hey. Hey. Hey. Don’t push! Geez, don’t make me bite you,” Jazz said

“Don’t tempt me with a good time, Mi Amor,” The guy replied with a smirk and a thick Spanish accent, “Your friend should be somewhere around here. Leon dinner would be at seven so if I were you I’d find that Danny guy before then,” He said

“Alright, Rico. Thanks for everything,” I said

“No problem. See you around my Jasmine,” He said before walking off with a wink

Jazz was staring at him walk away before directing her attention to me, “What’s his name again?” She asked

“Rico. Rico Garica, he’s from Mexico, but he moved here young,” I said

“I’ll keep that in mind,” She said, “MARCO!” She shouted

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Shh. Wait for it,” She said

“POLO!” An echoed replied back

“That way,” She said pointing to the left leading the way

They continued the game of Marco Polo for a while. There was even a third voice mixed in, so I joined in. After a moment or two, we’re all having fun the girls had moved from their original spots and started running around the library making us chase after them. The hunt was on, and after coming up with a plan, Jazz and I split up through different rows.

“MARCO!” I shouted

“POLO!” Ash replied sounding close

“MARCO!” Jazz shouted

“POLO!” The voice replied

“MILEY IS THAT YOU?!” I shouted

“NOOOoooOH! SHIT! I’VE BEEN GOT!” She shouted

I ran around as fast I could, “MARCO!” I shouted

“POLO!” She replied

I slid by Jazz, holding down Miley, “Where is she?” Jazz asked

“Where’s who?” She asked before glancing over at me, “Hey Leon,”

“What’s up? Seen my girl?” I asked

“Maaaaayyybbeee, ” She said before looking back at Jazz, “Do I know you? I’m getting this strong sense of deja vu right now, and I’m oddly comfortable when you on top of me like this,” She said

“I don’t know. I admit it I get around,” Jazz said

“Hum. Neat,” She said

“MARCO!” I shouted without moving

“Polo. Are you guys going to start humping each other or....?” Ash asked standing right beside me

“Maybe, I mean, have you seen this girl. Straight or not I’m going in,” Jazz said

“That’s Where I Know You From! The cave during the last full moon,” She said

“That was you?! Holy shit well fuck my ass and call me a slut,” Jazz said before getting up

“Slut,” Miley said giggling while sitting up

“Jazz Miley, Miley Jazz. Jazz, Miley is Alpha Black’s daughter,” Ash said

“OH MY GOD! I am so sorry, I swear it wasn’t me it was the wolf...well it was was a team effort b-b-but,” Jazz started

“It’s okay. My wolf is kind of irresistible no one is off-limits unless I get mated for good,” She said

“What about Trevor?” I asked

“He’s a sweet guy, and he’s always around, but we both know why he bit me. Everybody knows I’m still on the market if anybody is up for it,” She said

“So, we good?” Jazz asked

“Yeah. We’re good if you tell me more about yourself,” She said

“One second,” Jazz said, walking over to Ash and me, she looked between us before inhaling a deep breath of air, “Oh my God. Oh My God! OH MY GOD!” She shouted before pushing me out

“Hey! What gives?!” I shouted glancing back at Ash while she was waving

“Get out! Get Out! GET THE HELL OUT! I’m getting the details from my bestie before I come to integrate you other than that don’t you have to find somebody so just...Get Out,” Jazz said pushing me out the door and slamming it behind me

I crawled up to my feet and put my ear to the door to hear Jazz freaking out asking Ash a million and one questions firing them off like bottle rockets. Most of them about me and my more private matters others surround her reaction to everything, especially the aftermath. With a smirk on my face, I left feeling a bit cocky, knowing she was bragging about me to her friends, but I had to find Danny. No one has seen or heard from him since the other night, and tracking his scent was a whole different challenge. The guy could’ve been hidden for days, maybe even weeks and no one would even notice since his scent was so light it made it nearly impossible to track. Eventually, I did pick up the scent leading me deep into the forest to see three wolves circling one. They all growled at the one trapped in the circle who was winning backing away with its head down.

“Danny?” I barked down to see him look up at me

I jumped down, growling and snarling at the other wolves, but they weren’t backing down. I backed up against the side of a tree while Danny hid nearby the wolves lined up beside each other the two on the side look to the one in the center for their next move. My eyes fixated on all three waiting to see who’d make the first move. The one on the right took off first with the left one following close behind. I scratched the first one before tackling the other one down while the first shook his head, stunned before coming after me. We were rolling around biting clawing and scratching each other eventually I bit the neck of one of the wolves before they took off running while the other one refused to back down. I was exhausted and bloody, but I couldn’t stop now, not until I made sure Danny was safe. As one of them lunched at me, Danny came out of nowhere and tackled him down, the kid tried to put up a good fight, but both eventually slid off the side of a hill, leaving me alone with the one acting as the leader. I limped around hardly able to stand since those basters managed to bite the hell out of my leg.

“Who the fuck are you?” I growled out

“Don’t worry about it,” The wolf replied before charging towards me

Instead of fighting me straight up, he went directly for my injured leg while I howled out in pain before clasping. I fought to stand up while the wolf gladly stalked around me, watching me struggle.

“Before I kill you, Alpha Anton sends his regards,” He said before pouncing on me only to get rammed back

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