Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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Anton's Assult

POV: Ashely

I howled a fierce howl standing over Leon while the girls right beside me took off into action. Jazz glanced over the cliff to see Danny and the other wolf knocked on conscious before turning human and climbing down. While Miley went after the other wolf who took off in the forest, I nudged Leon while he shifted to his human form, he was scratched up bloody, and his leg looked broken entirely beyond repair. I kneeled closer to him so he could pull himself on my back.

“How did you know?” He asked softly

I shook my head before howling for Miley to come back, and once she did, she helped Jazz with the boys. We all made our way back to the packhouse where the boys were taken to the in-house medical physician while the attacker was placed into a...well Miley called it a prison. I will preferably be using it as a torture chamber right now. But instead, I sitting at Leon’s bedside while he was sleeping peacefully after fighting for not only his life but for Danny’s as well. I should’ve shown up earlier, but I didn’t understand what was happening. I didn’t know why I felt sharp pains and exhausted to the point of almost passing out. Jazz sat me down and tried to give me some water, but I just wanted to run, so we did, but I didn’t expect to find Leon getting attack by another wolf.

“Who the hell is Anton?” I questioned

“Alpha Anton. He’s the temporary leader of Leon’s pack while he’s unable to perform his duties,” Danny said from the bed beside Leon’s

“So. He’s the one who sent those wolves after you guys. I’ll be back,” I said getting up before feeling Leon grabbed my hand, “Goddamn it,” I said sitting back down

“He won’t let you go get yourself killed trying to confront Anton. You have to think clearly about what you want to do next, not just go charging in guns blazing. Oh yeah, I meant to apologize for running off the other night your dad is just terrifying. He reminds me of my foster father so you could understand why I felt so uncomfortable,” He said

“Controlling?” I asked

“Abusive. My adoptive father would tell me the same things, and he’d physically abused me. I wasn’t supposed to be submissive, but after years of mistreatment was easier to go along with it,” He said, “I’m glad you got out before the same thing happened to you,” He said

“Something worse than being forced into a submissive lifestyle would have happened if I’d stayed,” I said, “I would have lost my entire connection if it wasn’t for him coming into my life out of nowhere. I owe him everything he doesn’t know it,” I said rubbing my fingers through his hair before stroking his cheek

“I’m not dead, you know?” He muttered under his breath

“But you had me worried, dummy. I can’t leave you alone for a second before you do something reckless,” I said

“I was sticking up for the little guy, alright? I was trying my hand at doing the right thing without reason and looked at what happened. I get my leg chewed up, and my girlfriend had to save my ass,” He said

“Be happy that we showed up in time, and I’m glad that you started acting like an...well I’ll say a protector for right now. It’s a great trait to have, you know?” I asked

“Yeah. I guess so. You should go check on Jazz before she crashes in here while we’re trying to rest,” He said before sneezing, “Yup. Go see what she wants so she’d shut up about me,” He said

“I’ll bring you guys back something to eat, okay?” I asked getting up

“Thanks, Ash,” Danny said

“I rather sink my teeth into something sweeter,” Leon said with a smirk

A blush instantly formed on my face, “Umm...I’ll be back,” I said before leaving

“Hurry back, beautiful,” He said before the door closed

I made my way throughout the house, and everything was tranquil. I was out of the loop when I finally showed up near the dining hall. No one was there expected Alpha Black, his wife, and Miley all having dinner together like a family.

“What are you doing here?” Rico asked pulling me aside

Rico Garica, a freshly turned nineteen-year-old college freshman, he was Leon height black slick back hair with light brown hazel eyes. His eyes were a darker tone compared to mine; it was widespread, but my golden caramelized hue was unique. He was buff more muscle than tone something Jazz would seem more interested in than me, but as he stood there with his arms folded waiting on my answer, all I could reply was.

“What does it look like I’m doing here, shoving my thumb up my ass. I was trying to get food for the guys, do you mind?” I asked

“Si. No one is allowed in the kitchen right now until after Alpha Black and his family leave, that’s why we have dinner at a specific time. We’re with him throughout most of the day, so we leave him time with his family don’t go in and take this away from him,” He said before walking towards the stairs

“Hey! Have you seen Jazz?” I asked

A smile formed on his face while he calmly exhaled a breath of air, “La Hermosa flor de Jazmin. She left earlier today after everything that happened. She told me to tell you, see you later. She also muttered something about not being able to think straight,” He said leaning on the railings

“Oh! That makes sense. Yeah, you’re a huge detraction for her since you’re her type,” I said

“I am?” He asked seeming interested

“Just don’t do anything to screw this up for yourself,” I said while he walked off

After taking what Rico said into considering I leaned up against the side of the wall and waited for them to finish. After an hour, I was sitting on the floor, fighting my growing hunger by dozing off only to realize that the boys still haven’t eaten.

“Are you gonna wait on us before coming in?” Miley asked tapping me on the shoulder

“Well yeah. It’d be rude if I go in there and interrupt you guys,” I said

“But, you’re hungry, right?” She asked

My stomach answered for me by how loud it growled, “I’m starving,” I said

“Come on. I’m sure he won’t mind if you come to eat with us and besides we’re having whole chickens your wolf could use the extra meat,” She said leading the way

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