Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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POV: Leon

The next few days were rough. Jazz and Miley had to pry Ashely from my bedside to get her to Preston Prep. All was well and swept under the rug if she kept up her grades to make the school look good. So for a while, it was mostly Danny and me soon his injuries eventually healed up good as new, but for some reason, my leg seemed like it was showing little to no progress in getting better. After about a week or so, even Alpha Black was starting to worry, so he brought in some physical therapist to help. It was also the perfect time for him to take me under his wing or paw I should say every day he’d walk in holding up two books.

“Alpha or human?” He asked

There was always something new to learn, whether it was history science proper English, even different languages, and that was just the Alpha knowledge 101. I already had to focus on the human side of things. Learning about both was a bit overwhelming and intimidating, but it did put some things into perspective. I never really a good student, but when he’d teach, I understood everything, and when Ash taught me everything from class so I wouldn’t fall too far behind well, I couldn’t help but get distracted from time to time, but I could focus better. Another week had passed, and there was some progress. My muscle tissue was reconnecting, and my nerves were reforming, but walking on it was still painful like walking on salt with open scars painful like every single step I took felt like I was landing on a leggo painful. My leg was placed into a brace, and the docs’ made it seem like my leg would have to get chopped off the way they were talking about it. Still, this wasn’t normal for me. I’ve had broken bones before, and it never took this long to heal. I grabbed my crutch and snuck out of bed to see one of the guys who did this to me, but while I was right around the corner from his ceil, I could hear Alpha Black talking to him.

“Just what the hell did you do to him?” He asked

“I didn’t do anything that little fuck up didn’t deserve,” The guy replied

“Wrong answer, ” Black said

I could hear the swift and power punch almost as if I got hit, the guy spitting out the blood and the chains that were keeping him restrain raddle.

“Now I’m gonna ask you again, and this time I might let you keep the fingers on your right-hand today since I’m in a good mood. I wish you could’ve learned your lesson when it came to your left, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, ” Black said before his tone got very serious, “What the fuck did you do to him?” He asked

“Go fuck yourself,” The other guy said

“Oh well. Hope you weren’t a righty,” He said before I heard the bone snapped

The man only hissed at the pain before another finger was broken and another eventually all were broken, but then I hear something slid off what I could only guess was a tabletop or stool. I slowly peeked around the corner to see Aphla Black holding a hammer in his hand.

“If you’re going to stand there and watch I recommend you get a better seat, Leon,” He said

“How did you know I was here?” I asked making my way around

“I wasn’t born yesterday, son. You’re curious about your injuries too, and I’m just trying to see if this trash has the answers, the problem is...he’s not very chatty, but I’ll fix that,” He said twisting the hammer in his hand, “Really really fast,” He said

“What are you going to do to him?” I asked

“Well, some times people you don’t like have information, you need to know...” He said sounding like one of his lectures

“Once Alpha Anton comes for me, I’ll burn this entire place to the fucking ground while I slice open your daughter’s fucking neck right in front....” The man said before Black shoved foam stuffing into his mouth

“I’m in the middle of a lecture. Do you mind? So rude,” He said before clearing his throat, trying to restart his thought process, “Where was I?” He asked lightly tapping the hammer in his hand

“Umm...getting information from people you don’t like,” I said

He pointed at me with the hammer, “Right! Exactly so you have to find a way to get that information out of them. Of course, you can always be civilized and talk to them to get the information maybe even bargain like sparing a life for information regarding a young man’s health, but of course, this is only an example,” He said putting the hammer behind his back before walking around

“But of course it is, Sir,” I said while he nodded for a moment before going over the man

“Now our visit...I mean our friend here is going to demonstrate some of the possible outcomes from not just giving up the damn information,” He said showing off some of the previous injuries, “As you can see his left-hand has been completely shattered by unknown causes so instead of letting it heal you can make it rather interesting by squeezing it like so,” He said before getting a bear trap-like grip on the guy’s hand

The guy wined almost shirked by how hard Black’s grasp was on his already broken and for the most part, infected hand. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. More than half of me wish I could’ve done it myself, but watching him squirm like a worm was enough, especially since it only lasted less than a minute before Black let go.

“Are you ready to talk, my ‘good friend’?” He asked patting the guy on the back

He got took a second to catch his breath before glancing over at Black. His eyes filled with hatred as he tried lunging towards him, but still, he was restrained, and Black stood there laughing at his resolve.

“This lesson may take longer than I expected, have a seat, Leon. Today you’ll be learning about the body and how much pain it can tolerate,” He said

I was never an advocate for torcher, at least not this intense, but this man somehow managed to make it into an art form. The guy was barely recognizable, with every inch of his skin professionally craved into with a scalpel. Most of his bones had been dislocated and broken only to be reset back into before he’d take the hammer and wholly shattered them.“I don’t take pleasure in doing things like this,” He’d said, but with that look in his eyes told a completely different story. Eventually, we did find out something. The man’s name was Aaron, and he was sent by Anton to poison me or to give him some advantage if I were to come back and challenge him. He used some item given to him by a witch doctor that slowed down the healing process. After finding that out, I wanted to leave, but Black told me to stay for one more lesson.

“Now earlier, our good friend Aaron said some terrible things. Should we forgive and forget, or should we let him suffer more? Normally I’d forgive and forget, but he said something earlier that I wasn’t exactly comfortable with. Something involving my daughter. Mind repeating it?” He asked

He talked about Miley. Big. Fucking. Mistake.

Aaron was terrified to the point of trembling, “I...I don’t recall,” He lied

“Don’t recall, huh? Because I remember you saying that your going to slice her throat open in front of me. Say what you want about me but never threaten a man’s family,” He said before taking the scalpel, “I didn’t enjoy everything at first, but this is something I’ll get a kick out of,” He said

I couldn’t stay any longer, not while he was in a full-blown mode like that, but Aaron’s scream was something I’d never forget. I spent the rest of the night staring at the ceiling to terrified to close my eyes so I wouldn’t imagine what happened down there. But that is where I fucked up instead of knowing for sure my mind was left to wonder.

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