Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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First Burn

POV: Ashely

The next two weeks were just dull. It wasn’t as monochrome as it was when I was living with Marcus, but the colors I’d see whenever Leon was around now everything seemed lifeless. I had to fight my way back into a student status against nine other students. It turns out I wasn’t the only one struggling; it was a pretty easy test for me at least, along with maybe three others everybody else was either class ditchers or clowns. Still knowing that if my grades drop below a B average, I’d be kicked out left me feeling pretty uptight freaked and stressed out. I had to focus on work, so whenever I was with Leon, I ended up just studying for the next big exam. Sooner or later, I became more like a tutor for him despite him constantly getting distracted he was getting better to bad his leg; on the other hand, wasn’t. I asked Jazz to look into it for me since I couldn’t take the risk of letting it interfere with everything else that’s going on. She found out a few things and decided to tell me while we were at school the problem was I couldn’t find her. It wasn’t until I opened my locker where I saw a slip of paper with the words: PLEASE READ! On it. When I walked into class, I swore to God I could see those intense solar green eyes from the entrance after shaking my head he was gone.

“Are you going to take your seat now?” The teacher asked

“Umm...yeah. Of course,” I said, taking my regular seat glancing over my shoulder before cracking open Jazz’s note:

Yo, I think I found out something about his injuries and why it’s taking so long to heal, but I can’t talk here. It’s the first night of the full moon, and mentally I’m going to be useless here. I’ll try to meet up with you at the packhouse, but trust me when I say Avoid The Library AT ALL COST! You don’t want to be anywhere near that place right now the first burn is the worse try to get the fuck out of here and meet up with Leon as soon as you can. Love you, Jazz.

“First, burn?” I muttered under my breath, “The fuck is that?”

As the day progressed, so did the image of Leon I couldn’t focus at all while my mind was wrapped around that night in the cabin in the forest. His eyes, that devious grin on his face, his hands, his lips, and his tongue. God, I was yearning for another taste another feel of his skin, losing myself in those memories focusing on reality seem impossible with all my senses determined to seek out that again. I was doing just about any and everything to gain some control of myself trying to get through with work I’ve been assigned, and I wasn’t the only one.

“Can I go to the bathroom?”

“I left something in my locker. I need to get it,”

“Family emergency! I got to go,”

“Can I see the nurse? I don’t feel so good,”

Those were just some of the excuses everybody else used to get out of class to run to the library. One guy started to walk into class but stopped look at the teacher for two seconds before turning around and ultimately giving up.

Meanwhile, I bit through at least eight pencils, twelve pen tops, and nineteen pens with my bare teeth. I was burning up, squirming around, slamming my fist on my desk to bring myself back to reality. I felt like a drug addict in desperate need of another hit, and he was the only thing I was craving.


Fucking Focus!

One more question and I’ll get out of here.

I had to remind myself that consistently but this time I meant it, once I was done; I’d bolt out of this hellhole and end up in the one place where I wanted to be more than anything in this world: In Leo’s arms. I grabbed the last broke up pencil I had left and tried to focus, but it was like I couldn’t escape it.

“So sweet.”


“You made a mess.”


“You’re ready.”

I don’t remember much of what happened next. The packhouse was at least ten miles away from the school Rico have been giving me rides to and from, but it felt like I ran at least three miles before shifting and ramming my way down the gate. I shifted back before busting through the doors. The smell of sex lingered in the air, and I wanted to be a part of the reason why. I instantly made my way to Leon’s room, but he wasn’t there. I needed release. I needed him. I ended up wrapping myself in his sheets, picturing his hands all over me and inside of me. Everything just went blank after that, and when I woke up, it was late in the evening I felt around hoping to finally feel his skin only to reach out and feel his hand on mine.

“Hey you,” He softly said

I looked over to see him sitting in a chair beside me fully clothed, “Hey. Wh...what the fuck was that?” I muttered

“The first burn is the worse,” He said pushing the hair off my face laying his hand over my forehead moving it down to my cheek, “Trust me I wanted to be here, but Black wouldn’t shut up earlier, and my leg is finally better, so they took off my brace. And no, I was feeling the same way you were. I was planning on fucking you crazy literally and figuratively. Next time you flare up like that I’ll drop everything and hunt you down, but now I’m sad I missed out on one hell of a party, ” He said

“Wh...what do you mean?” I asked

He held up my hand in front of me. It was still soaking wet and completely covered, “You made another mess. It’s a bigger one than last time; you see you are what we call a squirter,” He started before sucking my fingers clean, “And a sweet one at that. When pressure is built up from sex, you release it all back out when you have an orgasm, and this was just another clear cut sign of why I should’ve been here but enough about that. How in the hell you make it without fucking another guy?” He asked

“I didn’t see any other guys; I only saw you. I only wanted you and when I didn’t get that I think I took it out on myself,” I said

“Fair enough. I had to do the same thing, but mine was more willing than letting instincts take over,” He said, “Just stay close to me this week, okay?” He asked getting up making his way to the edge of the bed

“O...okay, but what are you doing now?” I asked, feeling the sheets being peeled on my body

“Getting the rest of my snack. Do you think I’d stop at your fingers while I’m starving like this? No, I want it fresh from the source to put it simply I wanna devour you,” He said throwing the sheets on the floor staring at me like a five-star meal

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