Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part: 1 (2/5)

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A Proper Introduction

POV: Leon

I groaned, hearing someone banging on my room door, “Wh-what day is it?” I muttered more asleep than awake

“Thursday. We’ve been stuck in bed since Monday night,” Ash mumbled, with her eyes still closed

I sighed sitting up glancing over at her laying on her side curling up into the covers, “I guess I’ll give you a moment to finally recover,” I said kissing her forehead before getting up

“LEON, Answer The Door!” Danny yelled

I quickly pulled up my pants before getting the door, “WHAT!? What? What? Somebody Better Be Dead!” I shouted

“Well. I wouldn’t exactly call critical condition dead, but it’s close enough,” He said

I glanced over at Ash already fast asleep before closing the door behind myself, “What the hell happened?” I asked

“No clue, Alpha Black wants to see every male in the house right now, ” He said

“Fine. I’ll be down in a second,” I said

After making sure Ash was going to be okay and grabbing a shirt, I met with everyone downstairs in Alpha Black’s office. When I got a good look around, everyone was standing with a terrible bedhead, barely comprehending what was going on, wearing tared up jeans and shirts with missing buttons, some didn’t wear shirts at all.

“Pss. Why does it look like people are missing?” Danny whispered to me

After a double-take, I realized Rico wasn’t there, “I don’t know hopefully this will be quick though,” I whispered while Black walked in

“Everybody takes a seat,” He said rubbing his forehead before pushing his hair back and sitting down himself, “Now I won’t say any names, but there was an incident late last night, so now I have to set some ground rules,” He said

“Can we at least know if the person is alright? I heard they were in critical condition,” I said

“Yes. After a couple of hours, they’ll be just fine maybe a day at the most, but getting stabbed after screwing a woman is a huge jump from casual sex to attempted murder. So from here on out, no fucking in the kitchen,” He said while everybody groaned

“Oh, come on!” Someone shouted

“God damn it! Everybody knows that’s the best room,” Another person said

“Tell me about it, that’s Miley’s favorite spot,” Trevor said

“What the fuck did you say?” Black asked

“Did you hear about that new movie called The Creek Rocks?” He quickly refuted

“Like I said earlier, no fucking in the kitchen or the dining room. Be careful of who you bring into this house and for the love of God wear protection around some of these women, especially since we all know why they’re burning like this. No one wants to get trapped with a kid too early, so take the proper steps to avoid fatherhood while all of you are still young. You guys can leave,” He said

While everybody else rushed to get back to their rooms, I stood back, “So is it okay if we visit, Rico at the hospital?” I asked

“How did you know?” He asked

“Well, he was the only one that wasn’t here and I’m not constantly thinking with my dick,” I said knowing damn well, I'd be pinning Ash up against the wall right now for the twentieth time over three days

“Sure just wear something appropriate and try for the love of everything good in this world not to fuck all over that hospital,” He said, “I’m still paying for last months’ shit show,” He muttered before leaving the room

“Is it okay if I bring Ash with me?” I asked

“Bring whoever you want, I’m going back to bed, for now, I need some sleep before I get him later on this evening unless you want to bring him back home?” He asked

“Sure. I don’t see why not I owe him anyway for looking after Ash,” I said

“Good, hopefully, he takes it easy for a while. You’re good kid, Leon. Try to stay that way a little while longer,” He said before going upstairs

I dug through my pockets, thinking about where I last put my phone before heading to the room, finding it on my nightstand. I glanced over at Ash, still sleep before sitting on the edge of the bed. I found out some exciting things went on without much notice like how somebody ratted out the library’s secret underground bunker, so the Preston Prep been closed since Tuesday morning. At first, I didn’t think anything of it little screwing around a few drinks and some pot that’s it until I read more into it than all the hard stuff came up; cocaine crystal meth ecstasy and even crack that didn’t come close to the accusations that were popping up needless to the damage control was the overall plan. I turn off my phone before noticing Ash laying her foot on my leg; it was to easy knowing how ticklish she was. Completely exhausted but waking up laughing, squirming around trying to get out my grip instantly put a smile on my face watching her.

“What is wrong with you?” She asked catching her breath between light giggles

“We gotta visit someone and tell Jazz to get off whoever she’s riding to come along,” I said


“I don’t know why you guys had to come to get me I was busy,” Jazz said

“Doing what? Because for once you smell like you haven’t been...getting your fill,” Ash said

“Well, you two smell like you been all over each other. Does he even let you breathe?” She asked

“Bitch hardly. I swear he is just...,” Ashely started

“Okay. Dumb dumb is in room three-fifteen. This way ladies,” I said leading us to the elevator

“Any reason why we’re here and who we’re here for?” Jazz asked

“I asked the same thing, but he’s not talking, and I tried just about everything,” She said

“Are you sure you tried everything?” Jazz asked

“Yes,” She said

“No hoe. Listen to me. Did you try everything?” She asked once more

“Ummmm...” She said thinking it over while Jazz folded her arms

“Suck the soul out of him until his knees buckle and he’ll open up like a pair of legs regarding anything you wanna talk about,” She blankly said before the door opened

This girl knows what she’s talking about. Holy fuck, she’s dangerous. I wonder if Rico knows what exactly he got himself into?

As we walked down the hall, I didn’t think about knocking on the door, and busting in there was the worst thing I could have ever done.

“Hey, buddy!” I yelled before freezing up

“¿Qué carajo cierras la Maldita Puerta idiota?! CLOSE THE FUCKING DOOR!” Rico shouted pulling the cover over himself and his erection

“Damn, need an extra hand?” Jazz asked leaning in

“SORRY!” Ash yelled grabbing my arm and closing the door

Kill the visual. Kill The Visual. KILL THE FUCKING VISUAL!

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