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Twilight Rogue: A Trial by Fire and Passion (3/5)

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What are you willing to do to earn a chance at someone's heart? To reunite a broken family? To be worthy of someone you believe is out of your league? Are you willing to live for it? Are you willing to die for it? Are you willing to kill for it? Let the trial begin and pass judgement

Romance / Drama
Tiffany B.
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Deal With The Devil

POV: Alpha Black

Its' been two weeks since I collected the letters from Marcus, and even though I wanted to share what I had with Ashely, I had to be sure that all the addresses lined up. Marcus refused to give me the last few letters from her most recent address. Maybe it was to keep me on my toes still when I got home I was late to the dinner party I had set up for the newly graduated students. I was a little embarrassed being the last one to show up still the night went on with everybody drinking eating and chatting with each other, but that's when it started. The cough that burned my lungs after drinking his a weird mixer of liquid in his flask, it was a considerable risk, but it was the only thing I had to do to get the letters from him. After the party, Leon announced that he and Ashely were moving out into the cabin in the forest, but they didn't leave until after I offer Leon a job to train some of the newcomers that would be coming in soon. He agreed to the offer, and he also warned me that Danny might not be the only person that'll come from his former territory. So he'll try to handle it before they interfere with my routine. No wonder he wanted to move out. It was to intercept all of them. Three days later was Ashely's eighteenth birthday, and I couldn't wait to give her everything I've collected, including the three bins of letters and the copy of the contract. I updated her saying that we made a trail of Emily's movements in and out of the city heading all over, eventually settling somewhere up north, which of course, was our best guess since Marcus was still withholding information.

"Black? What did you do to get those letters?" Leon asked

I coughed grabbing my chest for what felt like was forever, "Make a deal,"

"With the devil, I'm assuming. If you need extra help, I am right here, but you have to tell me. Please tell me if you need help," He said

"I'll be fine, son. Don't worry about me promise you'll keep looking after Ashely," I said

"Yes, Sir. I'll take care of her," He said

I've been coughing like a mad man throughout the next few days at some point blood was coming out, and despite my growing nerves, I had to keep this to myself so no one would worry or cause a panic. Still, I had to think of something that would everybody's mind off things around here than an idea; a vacation. But where? The werewolf council summer ball and meeting was coming up, and this is the first time that another part of my family would be attending. I finally got my invitation in the mail, and the location of the ball had been a pleasant surprise and a nightmare for someone who needed to bring along as a translator.

Now we're all on a plane, Leon Ashely Miley Trevor Rico, who honestly didn't want to go and the girl he claimed he couldn't be away from Jasmine. I've been around Jasmine, or as she preferred to be called Jazz, a few times, she seems more like a free spirit or a rebel. She appeared uncomfortable, clinching her seat with her headphones on unable to look out the window, but when Rico leaned over to try and comfort her, she pulled away. Distressed and fed up Rico got up and walked to a different seat near the window his eyes fixated on the passing terrain going from the forest green we were used to the familiar sandy beaches of Mexico City. As soon as we landed, the guys grabbed the bags and the girls following up behind them to the car. Once I started to take in the new environment, I started coughing to the point where it induces vomiting after making it to a trash can I was still coughing barely able to walk as each step felt heavier and heavier. My mind was spinning, and my vision was blurry after a while. Every step I took made the world feel like it was off-balanced titling the opposite way with each step I took. I started to feel weaker hotter to the point where I was sweating coughing up blood into my hands overflowing through my fingers.

"Daddy?!" Miley called out

"Miley," I managed to get out before blacking out

POV: Miley

I glanced up at my dad lying in a hospital bed with an I.V stuck in his arm before looking over at Rico talking to the doctor before he closed the door, leaving me alone with Trevor in the room. The doctor's broken English and heavy Spanish accent only made me more on edge, so Rico took over-communicating and translating his words for me while Trevor was giving me support. I knew Spanish, but not enough to understand a doctor telling me that my dad was sick. I knew that his cough was a problem I told him he should see someone about it, but of course, he didn't want to. It seems the older you get, the more you try to avoid doctors he passed out with blood on his hands and mouth. I started to think back to when it all started sometime around the gradation, but he told me it was nothing to worry about I should haven't listened.

"You okay, Miles?" Trevor asked sitting down beside me

"Yeah. I guess once Rico tells me what's going on. I bet he brought us with him so this will detract us from whatever the hell this is that's affecting him," I said

"I'm sure he'll be fine. You know he'll be up and getting on my ass about our relationship in no time flat," He joked

I glanced over at him, "What does he say about our relationship?" I asked

"He believes I don't take you seriously, that I'm not good enough for you, but I know better still it would be nice to have I don't know some form of his approval. I wish I could prove it to him, you know?" He asked glancing over at me

"I wish you didn't care so much about his opinion," I said

"Yeah. Well, maybe if I could bring more to the table than good strategize, than I'd be seen as something other than a leech. Like I said though I know better, I want to stay with you," He said, tilting my head towards him, "I'm going to stay with you, understand?" He asked

I nodded, leaning my head on his shoulder, trying to relax with his arm wrapped around me as he muttered a lullaby under his voice, calming me down. This is the side of Trevor. Only I was allowed to see that made me trust him so much. His whole anti-weakness act was just lies to appear tuff to the other guys, but I know who he really is, a man who'd used his mind instead of force. The only reason he wasn't physically the strongest because his mind was his greatest weapon and I found that admiral since guys like Rico and even Leon were a dime a dozen and most time cocky and full of shit like their egos and pride run their entire lives until some unknown force makes them humble. A knock on the door grabbed our attention, and just like that, Trevor let me go refusing to let anyone else see him as weak.

"Sorry, am I interrupting something?" Rico asked with Leon peaking in over his shoulder

"No. Come on in guys," I said

"I'm going to get us some water, okay?" Trevor asked getting up I nodded while a slight smile formed on his face for a second before he walked out

"What did the doctor say, Rico?" I asked

"Lung infection. They're saying that they can't find the cause of it, but Leo might have an idea as to why not," Rico said

"It should be obvious, the man shows up out of nowhere, terrorize my girlfriend and your cousin, basically destroyed every single relationship he has ever had, and all of a sudden your dad stumble upon three medium bins full of letters from Ash's mom written throughout her entire life. This has Marcus' name written all over it your dad has been poisoned the lung infection was just the start whatever the hell he took is destroying his body from the inside out," Leon easily explained

"Only if you had proof of this until then great theory, we'll put a pin in it," I said

"This all started after the graduation ceremony, and your father cares more about reuniting his broken family than he does his own life. Marcus isn't above using some sick undermined tactics to get his point across. He's a monster with nothing left to torment so using the letters knowing Black is looking for Ash's mother would be perfect timing to fuck him up," He said

"Once again without proof, all of this doesn't matter," I said

"But it's motive, and it's a better lead than nothing," He said

I sighed gently, laying my head on my father's chest, "What did you do, dad?" I softly asked

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