Twilight Rogue: A Trial by Fire and Passion (3/5)

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Homecoming (1/2)

POV: Rico

I stood surrounded by all kinds of Alphas from different territories all over the US and their cold expression pricing through my flesh as I had just confessed to the murder of a man I didn’t even know. But it was Miley’s hurt and disbelief expression that made me feel so...small ashamed and guilty. As I shut my eyes thinking about everything that led up to this point, I felt the warmth of her hand holding mine. My beautiful Jasmine placed her hand under my chin, tilting my head up to meet her eyes.

“You did the right thing,” She quietly whispered

“Mi Amor,” I replied unable to say anything else

“My title is Alpha Jerico, David Sterling was my Delta, you speak your case directly to me, Mr. Garica. Of course, my fellow Alpha’s will ask their questions as you speak your case, but it will be my decision and my decision alone that determines your fate and the punishment that follows, understand?” He asked

“Yes, Sir,” I said

“Start from the beginning from what was your wolf saying when first meeting Sterling,” He said taking off his sunglasses to revival the fact that he was blind and yet I felt a power swept over me as if I was made completely exposed to him

“The day I met David Sterling, I had a nightmare of a grave that was owned by a little girl. The grave had blue jasmines, and white lilies warped around it with the ashes of a candle in front of it. Each item was some symbol of the girls the candle with ash was Ashely, the lilies were Miley, but the blue Jasmine flowers were this amazing woman standing beside me, and a little girl owned the grave,” I said

“What does this have to do with meeting Mr. Sterling?” Someone asked

“Isn’t it obvious? It was a sign of death for one of the girls,” Jerico said, “Please continue, Mr. Garica,” He said

“My instincts were driven to protect, and I saw him talking to her poolside at the hotel we are staying in. His scent was horrid to me as he spoke in a broken Spanish ascent, trying to impress her. I had no reason for the violence that followed slamming his head against a bar countertop before throwing him in the pool behind us,” I said

“You couldn’t stand him touching me,” Jazz said, “Don’t lie about it. My emotional guard still firmly in placed you were mainly driven by jealousy that day,” She said

“Yeah. That was a major contributor as well,” I admitted

“But it was the next time we saw him that furthered escalated into this. Dancing at a local club, where he was taking by my not so innocent flirting. Something I have to admit I had taken to far in a pitiful attempt to gain Rico’s attention. David grew more aggressive processive even as I turned down his advances the angrier he grew. Eventually, I tried walking away from him, but his grip around my arm grew into his claws dug into my skin, ” She said as I shot a glance at her, “In a desperate attempt to escape from him I slapped him only for the twisted smile to form on his face. He was trying to get me to touch him by forcing my hand on his...” She started

“I apologize for his behavior truly, I am sorry. Where were you, Mr. Garica?” He asked

“Being immature. Numbing my devotion to her by drinking away my emotions because I thought she didn’t want me despite my continued efforts. The night was a blank slate for me, Sir but I could feel that she was in trouble,” I said

“Is that why you hit him over the head with a glass? Tackled him through a crowd? Beat him senseless and broke his hand with a billiard ball?” He asked

“Yes, Sir,” I said wondering how he found out every single detail like that

“So this has been a recurring thing between you three. Why?” Someone asked

“Because David was watching me, he wanted me, but I refused him, so he decided to use force,” She said

“Last night was it. He must have been the one to turn off the lights in the dark she was pulled away from my side, and I saw him trying Don’t Fucking Regret It! If I Could Do It Again, I Would! He...he tried to hurt her, and despite everything we have been through, I couldn’t let that happened. I’d DIE before I let anyone hurt her,” I said feeling her tightly gripping my hand

“Mi Querido,” She said

“Mi Amor,” I said

“Ma’am, would you kindly remove the jacket off your shoulders?” Jerico asked

“Yes, Sir,” She said

As I took the jacket off her shoulders, staring in her eyes, asking her permission, she slowly nodded while I was pulling her hair back. The shocked look on everyone’s face as my mark was proudly displayed for all to see. God, it felt good to have her as my own finally, and even though I couldn’t look an Alpha in the eye, my head was never up higher.

“Rico, did you...?” Miley asked

“Yeah. Yeah! I made her mine. Finally, my beautiful Jasmine belongs to me and only me,” I said

“I need a moment to deliberate with my fellow Alphas’ please. Wait outside until I’ve made my decision,” He said putting back on his sunglasses

“Yes, Sir. Thank you all for your time and for the opportunity to speak my peace,” I said putting my coat back over Jazz and walking out with her hand in mine

POV: Miley

I couldn’t help but smile, thinking to myself. The son of a bitch actually did it! He finally got through to Jazz’s stubborn ass! But at what cost? As the men around me were in a shouting match determining Rico’s fate. Some for Rico some against him, the decision was split down the middle, but it wasn’t their final say. I looked over at Alpha Jerico, nodding his head while everyone was in an uproar.

“I don’t fucking care if they imprinted murder is murder. A life for a life! Blood For Blood!” Someone shouted

“But who in their right mind would mess with a woman that’s been imprinted on?! That’s a terrifyingly strong bond that makes most men driven to extremes. I say he was in the right,” Someone else said

“The man’s a murder! He’s guilty!” One side said

“He protected his mate from a predator! He’s innocent!” The other said would say

“Miss. Black, I’m curious. What’s Rico’s title in your father’s pack?” He asked

I sighed, “He’s my father’s Zeta,” I said

“You mean Beta, right?” Someone asked

“Nope. She said Zeta. A rare breed of werewolves that is the perfect warrior known to werewolf and humankind. Somehow genetically, they have the bloodlines of most of histories greatest military men and women. First ones on a battleground last ones to leave after making sure nothing is remained alive. Their foresight is visions of future conflicts like pre-determined PTSD. Rico, by himself, just one man could kill every single one of us at this table, even if we attack him altogether. That’s just how physically strong they can be,” He said

“Is that even possible?” Someone asked

“Yes. But their one-track minds can be easily persuaded. The only way to beat Zetas is by out-thinking them or strike their mates, but if you do the ladder than God have mercy on your soul,” He said

“How do you know all of this?” I asked

“Young lady, I wasn’t born blind. Mistreating a Zeta or their mates comes with dire consequences. My Zeta is a female who just happened to be my mate. I lost my eyesight against another wolf who challenged me for my title; they tried to use our son as a bargaining chip to give themselves an upper advantage. Let’s just say the body bags were overflowing because of the chunks she left him in after the fact I won and left him alive,” He said

“You spared his life after being challenged, just so your Zeta could finish him off,” Someone said

“I was blinded, and I could sense her overflowing wrath if I didn’t let her do it she’d probably kill me,” He chuckled at the thought, “I love that crazy woman with every fiber of my soul,” He said

“But he murdered a man, your Delta. Do you even care about that anymore?!” Someone asked

His silence was something no one expected as he rubbed his chin before nodding his head.

“I believe I have made my decision. Miss. Black, can you bring him in?” He asked

“Ummm...yes, Sir,” I said heading towards the door

“Oh. And it has to be only him,” He clarified

POV: Miley

I had never known Rico to be vulnerable before making my way past Ashely Leon and even Trevor without saying a word. My nerves were on edge not because my father would be losing one of his strongest men but because I’d be losing one of my closest brothers. Rico was family to me, and knowing that I might’ve just lost him too hurt more anything. I found the two in a garden Jazz was clinging onto him while rocking him in her arms. He never seemed so small and weak with his eyes closed his head on her chest, his arms at his side like he had a long day and yet at peace.

“Rico, it’s..., ” I started as I clinched my trembling hand, “It’s time for final judgment,” I said

He opened his eyes, looking at Jazz with so much sincerity and love anybody even a blind man could just feel the love between the two radiating off one another, “Mi Amor. I have to go now,” He softly said

“Just make sure you come back, Mi Querido,” She softly said

He gently held her hands kissing before squeezing them tightly and eventually letting go of them. He stood up slowly and sighed as his first step away from Jazz was like stepping away from the very best part of himself. The walk back down that hall felt endless, but when I’d glance over at Rico, his head was held high.

“No regrets, huh?” I asked

“There’s one...,” He started, “I still have so much love to give to her, and she was terrified of being alone again. Thanks to that David dickhead that’s what could happen right now,” He said

“You know we’ll take care of her if something happens to you, right?” I asked

“She’ll never be the same if I die over this. She’ll blame herself, I know it. Sis, can you promise me that you’ll watch after her and make sure she doesn’t do anything crazy?” He asked

“I promise, Rico,” I said

POV: Rico

They didn’t let Miley back into the room with me. I was alone in the middle of a pack of hungry Alphas all after my blood for the blood I spilled all but Alpha Jarico, who sat at the head of the lynch mob.

“Do you have any final request before I pass judgment?” He asked

“I’d wish to see my mate one more time but I couldn’t be able to handle the expression on her face if I’m to be found guilty,” I said

“Young man what you did was the noblest thing I’ve ever seen in a long time,” He said

“Disculpa, pero lo que?” I asked

He let out a laugh so powerful and full of cheer you would’ve thought he was Santa Clauses cousin or somebody related to the big guy, “What!? Jerico, this is unacceptable!” Someone yelled in protest

“What the hell is wrong with you!? Have you gone mad?!” Someone else shouted

“Enough! This is my decision, and I decided this young man is innocent as a matter of fact...” He started standing up out his seat, “Mr. Rico Garica, look at me,” He said

“Sir, with all due respect...” I said

“Young man, I said look at me,” He said in a more demanding tone

My head was always high during this entire time of judgment, but as my eyes slowly moved up from staring at the floor in front of me to the brown desk to the man in front of me, I never felt more powerful to be seen as an equal.

“Sir. I still owe you a great debt for sparing my life,” I said

“Son, you owe nothing for your actions have done nothing but redeemed my name my pack and my territory,” He said, “I’ve been told not to speak ill of the dead, but the David Sterling I knew and saw potential in was long gone before that man appeared. Using his title and status to drown himself in privilege and self-righteousness was sicken, and his ideas on treating women as nothing more than objects to play with and throw away like toys was just...horrifying to find out,” He said

“Sir. Was she not the only victim of him?” I asked

“The accessions have been embarrassing, and they just keep appearing out of nowhere. I knew he was a problem, and I’ve been trying with all my resources to get him the help he needed, but it only took one man to end all of it. I am at your debt Rico.” He said, “Let them in judgment has been passed, and Rico Garica is not only innocent, but he is by my territory’s law redeemed,” He said

“FUCK YEAH!” Leon shouted jumping on me knocking me off balance from my shock as everyone else surrounded me

Redeemed. Redemption! It was the highest honor that could be given to a pack member by any and possibly all Alphas. I could look at Alpha Jerico not only as a fellow werewolf but as a man who was utterly equal to him in every way, shape and form. No fear of a challenge, no ideals of disrespect or declaration of war just two equal men.

“Oh, and Miss. Black, please inform your father that he now has allies in the east. As the Republic welcomes your family with open arms and is willing to take arms at your side as well. This Meeting Is Over!” He shouted

“Thank you, Sir. He’ll be excited to know so and Rico she’s waiting for you,” Miley said

I turned around to her standing at the door everybody step to the side as we walked up to each other, “Mi Amor,” I said

“Por, Mi Querido,” She said

As she command, I fell on my knees, still staring at her as she leaned down towards my neck. When she marked me, it was light and gentle, yet as it priced through my skin, I knew I wanted the now bright future I saw in her eyes.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again,” She said

“Never again, Mi Amor,” I said, rising to my feet, “Let’s go home,” I said with my eyes still fixated on hers

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