Twilight Rogue: A Trial by Fire and Passion (3/5)

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First Meeting

POV: Miley

“What the fuck is up with, Rico lately?” I asked

“I don’t know. Maybe he needs to get laid...Jazz?” Ashely said

“I don’t know what’s up with the guy. One second he’s nice and clam next thing I know he’s basing someone’s head into a table and throwing them into a pool,” She replied

“Did you talk to him about it?” Ashely asked

“No. When I got back in the room, he was already asleep again. He doesn’t want to be here, and I don’t know why,” She said

“Well, find out. Talk to the man, I don’t know why you’ve been putting it off, ” I said

“Maybe because it’s none of your business. I don’t own anybody any fucking favors by being with Rico, alright?” She asked

“Hey chill out, we’re not the ones in charge of the imprinting mating system, and even though you can spend your entire life fighting this it’s going to happen at some point,” Ashely said, “Just try to talk to him or at least listen to him you don’t have to say a damn thing about your past if you don’t want to but at least hear him out,” She said

“I...I just don’t know,” Jazz said

“If you can’t open up verbally, then do it some other way. Trevor has the same problem. My father thinks he isn’t good enough for me because he’s not a fighter. He’s different, but my father believes that I always need to be protected. Unfortunately for him, that’s not true, so I’m glad Trevor is with me, but he has to settle things for me to fully accepted him. That’s the only reason I won’t mark him back, but at least I still know the real him,” I said

“So. I don’t have to open up?” She asked

“Just listen to him, that’s all. Reply when you have to, but overall you don’t have to say anything,” Ashely said

“Better that one side is trying than neither one of you guys. Shit, I almost forgot there’s a council meeting tonight, and somebody has to...” I started

“NOT IT!” They yelled

“Catty bitches. The member has to be a blood relative anyway dummy and dummier. Jazz, I don’t even know why you said anything, to begin with, you may be claimed as our sister, but you’re not blood-related,” I said

“Meaning...I get all the perks without the negatives. Nice!” She shouted

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just fucking try, and I mean TRY to fucking talk to Rico before he commits murder. Trevor is coming with me as my guard, we shouldn’t belong if so I’ll let you guys know,” I said

“You guys just try not to fuck in the car on the way there,” Jazz said

“No promises bitch,” I said leaving the room to go to mine where Trevor was sitting on the edge of the bed, “Hey,” I said

“Hey,” He said rubbing the back of his head

I leaned down, taking his hands in mine carefully, pulling the bottle away from him, “How many did you take?” I quietly asked

“Just two. I hate this,” He said just as soft

I leaned my head on his staring intensely in his eyes, “I’m right here, okay? I’m not going to lose you to those demons,” I said

“It’s just they can be loud,” He said

“Shhhh. I know. I know love,” I said, pulling him closer to me, “How about this? I make us a nice bath we attend this meeting after that we’ll take a long walk on the beach to help clear your head, okay?” I asked

“I like that idea. A lot actually, ” He said with a half-hearted smile, “What if I never stop hearing them?” He asked

“Than just listen to me and your gut, not the negatives, not demons and not the others, okay?” I asked

He nodded while I stood he laid his head on my stomach, keeping me close to him. I stroked his hair, and back eventually, he did let me go.

The car ride was quiet, just us trying to think of something to help us get out of there sooner. I hated having to do anything with the consult of Alphas, not because they’re mostly made of men. Most of them are cool until they started talking about how much power land and men they have. Speaking with their egos rather than like civilized men, their undertones leaves the idea of someone is always about to attack someone else. Still, whenever I’m around, no one would threaten my dad’s territory, but that might not happen tonight. His black hair with gray strains only matched, his darken black eyes wearing a black and white suit with his left sleeve tied into a knot. He looked around my father’s age as he laughed, drinking with a small group of men.

“I don’t like him,” Trevor whispered near my ear

“Yeah. We have a good reason not to,” I said, looking at him, “Don’t tell Leon, okay?” I asked

Trevor nodded before looking around, “Those fours guys near the pool table are with him, the two at the bar are familiar hopefully from some territory we consider allies, and then there are the others I’m still trying to figure them out, but you should be safe tonight,” He said

“I’m safe because you’re here now go,” I said

Trevor walked off, making sure to talk to the most hardened and biggest guy in the room. I walked around, avoiding the whole testosterone-filled who’s is bigger energy in the hall outside to the balcony.

The stars were overcasting the sky I couldn’t help myself but admire them for all the beauty they were worth.

“It’s a lovely night out, huh? Miss Miley Black,” A rough male voice said

“That depends on who you’re sharing it with,” I said turning around to see Anton

“I am Riner Anton current Alpha of the Captial in Montana,” He said

“Charmed but forgive me if I don’t welcome you with open arms,” I said

“I know what you must think of me and my actions, but I assure you taking in Leon is a big mistake on your father’s part,” He said

“Excuse me? But as far I know Leon and his mother were victims by your hands and your manipulation so unless you can convince me otherwise I think it’s best if you back off or back down,” I said

“So dominate and rather vulgar, especially coming from a beautiful young lady such as yourself,” He said

“I’m still waiting for a justification for your actions, Mr. Anton, and please don’t waste my time trying to prolong anything. The faster you get to the point the better,” I said

“Oh. Daddy’s little princess likes to play the big bad rough and tough rebel, huh?” He asked, “Know your place girl as a man I don’t have to explain anything to you,” He said

“But you will have to explain to them. Now if you excuse me I have a meeting to attend,” I said walking away from him

“By the way Miss. Black, how’s your father?” He asked causing me to freeze, “I heard he fell ill as soon as you landed it’s truly unfortunate he won’t be attending the meeting with us tonight,” He said

“Talk about my father again, and I’ll personally make sure that you’ll be missing the other arm, understand?” I asked looking at him over my shoulder before continuing to walk away

The meeting went like how all the other meetings go good a show of power strength and unity among members. New allies and trade opportunities formed while others were called into question by not standing by their word. Old familiar faces we’re cracking jokes while new Alphas introduce themselves and open up a line of communication with everybody else, but of course, the one thing I wanted to avoid Anton couldn’t wait to bring up.

“So. The health of Alpha Black,” He started

“Is a tempory setback, he’ll get better next subject,” I said

“The problem with the former Alpha Williams,” He started up

“Is being taken care of under my father’s close attention next subject,” I said

“Is something the matter between you two?” Somebody asked

“Not at all but it seems as though all of Alpha Anton’s concerns are connected by my father’s territory something that troubles me since well...he shouldn’t be involved despite how close are territories are located,” I said

“I’m only concerned because of just how close we are,” He said

“It’s not your place, outsider. Not everyone knows what you did to get to where you are now, but I do so like I said back off or back down. Keep out of my father’s territory stay away from Leon, and I swear you bring up my father’s health one more time than I’ll...” I started feeling Trevor’s hand on my shoulder

“Don’t give him the satisfaction other than that look around,” He whispered in my ear, “He wants you to lose it another form of manipulation. Let’s go. We’re done here, right?” He asked

I glanced around the room; most of their eyes were fixated on me the question ‘what will she do next?’ was painted on their faces. Meanwhile, two of the guards that came here with Anton were standing close behind him while I could fell the other two behind Trevor waiting for any excuse for violence to kick-off. I inhaled a deep breath of air before exhaling, slowly claiming myself down before standing up.

“My sincerest apologies for my outburst I just...I have to check on my father. I hope you all understand,” I said before leaving

“Have a good night, gentlemen,” Trevor said, following up behind me, “You okay?” He asked

“Thank you because I almost did something I would’ve regretted. That asshole has a way of pushing buttons. No wonder Leon tared off his arm. But how did he know about my father being sick?” I wondered

“Someone is feeding him information. We might have a rat, but I doubt it’s here now because no one in our group would gain anything from working with the bastard,” Trevor said

“I hope that’s true because if it isn’t, we’re fucked,” I said

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