Twilight Rogue: A Trial by Fire and Passion (3/5)

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Breakfast In Bed

POV: Miley

I woke up a lot earlier than expected since movie night went off without any problems despite some of the movies missing their mark. Like Leon brought over a scary movie only for Ashely not to have any reaction to it; meanwhile, Jazz was hiding in Rico’s chest. Rico brought a mystery movie over, and while everybody was enjoying themselves, I had to shove my tongue down Trevor’s throat to keep him from over-analyzing the damn thing, and once the killer was revealed, he pushed me on the bed got up and shouted he fucking knew it. Trevor got a Sci-fi movie that Ashely ignored to tease Leon. When it was Ashely’s turn, she brought over aromatic comedy that Rico had a hard time stomaching. I got a Marvel movie that everybody seemed to enjoy, but it was Jazz’s musical that steeled the deal for everybody. It was too fucking easy to have ALL of us singing along like a brunch of idiots. As the night progressed, Trevor got Leon to get more snacks while I told everybody else about the meeting and Anton. They all agreed not to tell Leon, but the question still lingered on everyone’s mind. Who could be feeding information to Anton? I sighed, rolling over, looking at Trevor still asleep, his face pointed away from me as his snoring fill the room.

Do I really want to wake the wolf? Yeah.

I leaned in closer to him, lightly blowing a breath of air against the back of his neck. He shook a little before brushing it off. After a second, I did it again, and this time I got the reaction I wanted as he turned around to look at me still more asleep than awake, barely opening one of his eyes while the other was buried in his pillow.

“Hey,” He muttered

“Hey yourself,” I said

“Bad dream?” He asked softly

“No,” I said

“Than what is it? You know how I feel about early mornings,” He muttered

“Yeah. I know but,” I started

“Come here,” He said laying on his side

When I got closer to him, he held me, hostage, in his arms, nibbling on the back of my neck that left me completely weak. He dragged his tongue over to the side of my neck biting me once more leaving a deep mark, “Trev,” I moaned out

“Can I? Please,” He whispered near my ear grinding against me while his hand was traveling down my skin

“I woke you up for a reason, didn’t I?” I said turning around to face him, “It’s time for breakfast,”

“Good,” He said sitting up pushing the cover off the bed, “Because you know better than to wake me up early,” He said

“Are you okay?” I asked watching him rubbing his head

“I just don’t know where to start then again,” He said before going over to his jeans taking the belt off them and tieing my arms together behind my back, “No touchy,” He said

I stuck out my tongue, something I immediately regretted as soon he bit it before wrapping his around mine in a deep hard kiss that sent my heart racing. After that, he kissed down my skin, only licking over the still swollen bite mark he made earlier. His teasing was relentless, watching me squirm like a gutless worm while his hands roam all over my body, taring open my shirt and pulling off my boyshorts. His fingertips were barely sliding inside me as he gleefully watched me in agony, whining for more.

“Well...beg,” He simply stated with a smirk on his face

“Never,” I said barely hanging on to my sanity

“Oh, never you say?” He said spreading open my legs planting my feet on the bed before getting up close, “Beg,” He said once more

His breath felt like fire against me, and yet it sent a tingle down my spine that was before I felt his finger moving in a slow, careful circle around my opening. I found myself whining, biting my lip to resist while my hips were following his fingertips. My body was betraying me, and he loved every single second of my struggle.

“T...Trevor,” I managed to say

“Yes, love?” He asked with an evil look in his eye just inches away from his breakfast sending another shiver down my back, “Well I’m waiting,” He said

“Please,” I said

“Please, what?” He asked

Evil fucker! This is what I get for waking him up.

“Trevor, please touc...” I started

His fingers were moving faster than the speed of sound, considering I wasn’t even able to say anything while I felt my legs were being swept from right underneath me. I couldn’t even catch my breath while switched out his fingers for his tongue, devouring me like I’d be his last meal before a death march. God, I love it when he’s aggressive, but this was something entirely terrifyingly delightful. He threw my leg on his shoulder and feasted on me like a starving animal before I could even comprehend it; my legs were wrapped around his waist, taking him in. With my arms tied behind my back, I couldn’t control his pace, and it was reckless mascara. Deep hard and so fast, I lost myself at one moment giving into the endless stream of organic bliss trying my hardest to escape out the fucking belt. He had complete control, and it was just the way he liked it before turning me over on my stomach and elevated my hips towards him.

“I wonder if I should play in a different area today?” He asked

“I swear if you put that anywhere near my ass,” I muttered through with a moment to finally catch my breath

He pulled my hair, forcing me to lean up against him, “You don’t fucking tell me what to do, understand?” He whispered in my ear while teasing me

My eyes rolled to the back of my head while my body trembled by his touch, “Y...y...yes,” I barely managed to say before he pushed me back on the bed

He slid inside of me once again, but his pace was slow this time more careful, more gentle at this point though I was ultimately out of it. My body was numb and limp while the breeze of cold air from the AC and soft kisses he’d place on my skin was the only thing I was sure about. I forgot how many times I had released due to his rough, aggressive nature taking over, but it was easy feeling this extreme calm wash over me when I felt him untie my arms lightly kissing on my wrist, placing them on my side before laying on top of me.

“I hate waking up early, but I love having you for breakfast,” He softly whispered in my ear

Maybe I should wake him up early more often.

We laid there, unable to move until we fell asleep. His nose rubbed against my skin, keeping me close in his grip like a child refusing to let go of his favorite toy on Christmas Day. Despite the aggressive behavior, Trevor was just...just...just mine to claim, but he wasn’t ready still I wanted him in my life for as long as I could have him. Everything was quiet-peaceful, and time seemed to halt until a hard knock on the door changed everything snapping both of us awake, and while Trevor managed to get up to pull on his boxers to answer the door, I was stuck to the bed.

“What’s up, Rico?” He asked

“Something happened at the hospital we have to go now,” Rico said

“Give us twenty maybe thirty minutes we’ll meet you guys downstairs,” He said

“Alright. We’ll meet you guys down in the lobby,” Rico said before leaving

Trevor closed the looked over at me, “Did you hear him?” He asked

“Yeah, but I’m still kind of numb here, so...” I said

“I can fix that, but it’s going to hurt,” He said

“What is?” I said

“This,” He said before slapping my ass with something sending a shock wave throughout my entire body

I jumped up with a yelp like a puppy that just got its tail stepped on before shooting a glare at him. He stood proudly with a smirk on his face arms folded and belt over his shoulder, “I’ll kiss it better later, but we have to shower and leave right now,” He said before walking to the bathroom

I swear this man is going to be the death of me.

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