Twilight Rogue: A Trial by Fire and Passion (3/5)

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La Familia

POV: Rico

While Jazz and I were waiting for everybody else to come downstairs, my head was reeling at the idea of someone remotely coming near Alpha Black’s room without our knowledge. Thank God somebody on the staff tried to stop the man before he took off, but Black’s health still wasn’t getting any better. Something about it reminded me of Leon’s leg injury from last year that Aaron guy was lucky Black was merciful enough to let him live, but when Black did release the poor man in the dead cold December night. His hands were broken his toes completely crushed with a hammer, and Black made sure he wouldn’t speak another word about Miley since well, you can’t precisely talk without a tongue. I mean, you can just not correctly. And even though my mind was on that, I was also trying to figure out the man that put his hands on my Jasmine. Every time I even try to think about it, I get pissed off, but then I’d look at her and a delicate clam feeling wash over me.

“What’s taking them so long?” She asked

“They’re still getting ready, Mi Amor. They’ll come out soon, but come sit down with me for a second, please?” I asked

She sighed, walking over to a chair beside me before sitting down, fiddling with her fingers. I hesitated to hold her hand, but never the less I gently grabbed it lightly, kissing it before rubbing it against my cheek.

She moved it from my cheek to the back of my hair, “You had a bad dream last night, hun?” She softly asked

“How did you know, Mi Amor?” I asked

“You were muttering under your breath, and you were twitching a little bit,” She said

“Is that why you were in bed with me this morning?” I asked

“You only stop once I held you so...” She said, “What were you dreaming about?”

I nodded, “Nothing you should worry about, Mi Amor,” I said

“That’s hard to do since I can’t help but worry about you some times,” She said

“I know what you mean but still don’t worry so much about me,” I said

Her eyes were locked on mine, leaning my forehead on hers. I couldn’t see past the contacts she wore or rub my fingers through her natural color hair, but knowing that this moment, something real was radiating off of her. I couldn’t help but smile a little knowing that she was trying slowly, but she meant it, and it was genuine.

“Hey, are you guys done playing around?” Trevor asked walking up

“You guys are the last people in the entire world to talk right now. Miley, can you even speak?” Jazz asked

Miley shot her a smirk before a middle finger proudly popped up behind it. While Jazz clapped her hands, I couldn’t help but laugh at the same time Ashely was walking under Leon’s arm smiling and giggling like Trevor and Miley weren’t the only ones enjoying ‘room service’ and that’s just putting it in a more civilized manner.

“Oh! Come on!” Jazz shouted, “Hay luna llena esta noche?” She asked

“I don’t know last time, I checked the full moon wasn’t supposed to hit here until maybe some time next week,” I said

“We’re still on territory time,” Leon said with a light evil smirk and a wink

“Okay! Let’s Go!” Jazz shouted leading the charge

When we got to the hospital, everybody noticed something was completely off. The scent that lingered in the air was no one’s friend but an actual threat. Miley and Trevor wasted no time running past the reception desk to get to her dad’s room. Leon was shaking his head, walking around already tracking the scent that was leading him and Ashely in a different part of the hospital. Everybody was on high alert, and while Jazz was talking to the receptionist, I was trying to pull the Doctor or at least the man who saw the stranger leave. After a moment, it seemed pointless until Jazz came up with a janitor beside her.

“Rico. He said he saw someone leave Black’s room without checking in,” She said

“Really? Wait,” I said, looking at him up and down, noticing the I.D tag on his shirt, “Cómo has sido primo?” I asked holding out my hand

He slapped my hand away, “Get the fuck out of here, Rico,” He said walking past me brushing my shoulder as he did

I nodded, glancing down before looking at Jazz, “Cousin?” She asked

I sighed rubbing my head, “It’s a long story, Mi Amor,” I said

“Well...I got time, and I’m not going anywhere else, so...” She said

I gently grabbed hold of both her hands, leading her into the waiting area. After we both sat down, I spilled my guts regarding as to why I hated being home. That at one point, around the time when I was fourteen years old, I had to stay here for a summer to late fall, and during that time, I didn’t give a single fuck about anything, not even myself. I hurt a lot of people without any idea of consequences or adverse effects it had on others. Instead of manning up and taking any responsibility what so ever, I ran like a coward back to the US, and it was because I was born in the US. I had the option to do so, but I left a lot of damage behind me to start a new life. And even though I know a lot of people got cought up in my shit show, I was too much of a coward to face them.

“Wow. You lived a fascinating life for that moment in time, didn’t you? So which one was that? The fighter cheated, or the lied on?” She asked

“The fighter. Diego “Destroyer” Garica. I ended his career as a legal professional boxer by breaking his arm and revealing his underground gambling ring,” I said dragging my hands down my face

“And look at him now. Did you ever apologized for it?” She asked

“No. Once I earned enough money to go back to America I just cut off all communication with this side of my family,” I said

“Well. Don’t you think it’s time to try and salvage some of those bonds? It’s not like he can stay mad forever other than that you have to make this right if you want to find out who was in Black’s room,” She said

“Come with me?” I asked

She grabbed my hand, “Qor supuesto, Mi Querido,” She said

She called me her darling.

I have never been so happy to hear those words before in my entire life as she led me to my cousin standing by side as I looked at this man with my pride once more tossed out a freaking window. I bowed at his feet, begging for forgiveness and another chance to make things right between us. He soon forgave me, but in return, he had me make him a promise that I’d apologize to everybody I did wrong too. I accepted his terms, and once I did, we started talking about the stranger. Diego said the guy looked around Black’s age just with a big grudge or chip on his shoulder wearing a long dark brown coat like a detective’s jacket or something. He just got an odd feeling from the guy, and it didn’t sit right with him, so he got with the front desk to call us.

“That doesn’t sound like Anton; it sounds more like...” Jazz said, “Oh my God. We gotta find Leon and Ash!” She shouted running down the hall

“Hasta Luego Primo!” I shouted chasing after Jazz

“Hasta Luego!” He shouted back while waving

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