Twilight Rogue: A Trial by Fire and Passion (3/5)

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POV: Miley

While I was talking with my father, Trevor was looking around the room, analyzing any and every slightest changed in there sniffing the air, trying to locate anything that connected this threat to my father. Opening and closing drawers, looking around the closet, the bathroom, and anywhere else, even pulling the couch cushiness in his search.

“So...” He started looking away from Trevor to me, “Princess, how was the meeting with the counsel of Alphas? I’m sure I missed out on a few since I’ve been here,” He said trying to muster up a smile

“It was okay, I guess. It’s just he was there at the meeting, dad. I see why Leon tared off his arm,” I said

“Who?” He asked

“Anton. The man is like a bug crawling under your skin to leech off you until you break worse part of all he does it with this condescending smirk on his face,” I said

“Did he hurt you?” He asked

“No. But he kept saying things he knew nothing about or at least he shouldn’t know anything about. Dad, he knows your sick that Leon is apart of our pack, and God only knows what else that man knows. We may have a rat that’s what Trevor says, and I believe him someone is giving Anton information,” I said while he was looking at Trevor

“Do you honestly think we have a trader in the territory?” He asked

I nodded, “How else would he find out about these things? I know some times the press interfere in our personal lives, but you’ve place restrictions on certain things to keep us safe. He made our family look weak by mentioning you're sick to everyone and I’m starting feel like someone is about to hit us directly,” I said

“Since when did my daughter became an expert in the art of warfare?” He asked

I couldn’t help but giggle a little, “I hate those meetings, dad, but I pay attention to the important details and undertones of warfare, especially when they are targetted towards a specific territory. Like, how Anton was doing the entire night towards us, I almost made sure Leon wasn’t the only one who took a bite out of that fucking chew toy,” I said

“What stopped you?” He asked

I glanced over to Trevor still looking around like a mad man before leaving the room with a light smile on my face before redirecting my attention back on my dad, “I know what you think about him and how you feel about him but you’re wrong,” I said

He sighed deeply before rolling his eyes, “Honey. There are plenty of more suitable bachelors better than...” He started

“No, there’s not. Not for me, dad and that’s something you have to understand,” I said

“Than why don’t you mark him? You don’t find him worthy,” He said

“Because all he cares about aside from me is your approval. You gave Leon your blessing so easily I’ve been with Trevor for years, and still, you act like he’s nothing more than just some guy who comes up with a good battle plan, but he’s not,” I said

“I just think you deserve better. That’s all.” He said

“You know who you sound like right now?” I asked

“Don’t you ever compare me to him, understand me? Never!” He yelled

“Sorry, but you know I’m right,” I said, “Dad, what happened when you left to catch up to him? What did you do to get those letters? And don’t...don’t tell me not to worry about it or brush it off I need to know the truth,” I said

He sighed deeply, glancing around to avoid looking me in the eye, “Princess...” He started

“No! Don’t Fucking Bull Shit Me Again!” I shouted, clenching my fist, “I’m terrified that I might lose you. Why don’t you get that?” I asked

“M...Miley,” He said, wiping the tears from my eyes, “I’m so sorry. I...never meant for that to happen,” He said

“Well...” I said, pushing his hand away, “You did let it happen now I don’t know what to do. I’m scared, okay!? But you...was just so cought up in find Aunt Em that you just forgot about us! We need you, and it’s like you’re giving up!” I yelled

“I’m not giving up,” He said

“Dad, coughing to the point of vomiting isn’t normal. Ignoring the fact you been coughing up blood isn’t normal. Blacking out at an airport terminal with blood coming out your mouth like drool isn’t fucking normal! Just tell me please,” I begged

“I...I took something from Marcus in exchange for the letters after he threatened to burn them all. It was in a flask and tasted like straight shit. The taste lingered no matter what I ate or drank. Ever since then I’ve been getting weaker more tired, and my lungs felt like someone was punching them from the inside out,” He said

“Someone came into your room without my knowledge, did you see them?” I asked wiping my eyes

“No. I’ve been under some medicine where the common side effect is drowsiness. I must have been asleep,” He said

“Are you going to see him again?” I asked

He turned his head away from me, glancing down, “He...He has the rest of the letters,” He mumbled through

“DAD, HE’S GOING TO KILL YOU OVER THESE FUCKING LETTERS!” I shouted jumping out of my seat

“You don’t understand what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to fix this broken family,” He said

“But At What Fucking Cost?! Are we even a family anymore if you die over this?!” I said

“I’m supposed to meet with him once we get back from here. I’m not sure about the day or when or where or what time he said he’d let me know,” He said

“And you’re just going to do what he wants? What if the letters are fake? What she moved again? Are you seriously about to sacrifice yourself for something that might not even be real?” I asked

“I will sacrifice myself for family,” He said

“We ARE Your Family! But I guess your not satisfied with that, huh? I’m leaving; I can’t fucking believ...” I started unable to finish I walked out his room slamming the door behind me

Before I could fall apart, there he was pulling me into a Chapel, keeping me close in his arms, my head tucked in his chest as I was sobbing uncontrollably gripping his shirt, “It’s okay, Miles. I’m right here,” Trevor softly said

“He’s going to get himself fucking killed!” I cried out

“Shhhh. No, he’s not I won’t let happen, I swear,” He whispered cradling me in his arms

Mintunes easily turned into hours, or at least that’s what it felt like when I was finally all cried out still in Trevor’s tight unyielding grip gently rocking me. I felt exhausted and drained. I haven’t cried that hard since I was a kid, but instead of a doll or a new easy bake oven, I was crying over a stubborn man who couldn’t see that we still need him in our lives. I still need him, but he doesn’t see it that way; instead, he wanted the family that could’ve been more than the reality of the one he has now.

“You know this place is wonderful when you get a good look at it,” Trevor said

I wiped my red bloodshot eyes and looked around instantly, taken by the stained glass patterns of religious figures surrounding us. For some odd reason, I felt better, but still, I just wanted to sleep. A light kiss on my forehead with his head on top of mine, “Rest if you need to, babe. I’ll be right here when you wake up, I promise,” He softly whispered

A light kiss on his lips more than enough to say I love you while my head placed on his chest being lullaby by the sound of his beating heart seconds past, and I was finally able to sleep. Once I did wake up, I was back in the comfort of my bed at the hotel, still with his arms wrapped around me.

“Told you I’d be here, Miles. I love you,” He softly muttered

I swear he’s going to be the death of me if I can’t mark him soon.

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