Twilight Rogue: A Trial by Fire and Passion (3/5)

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Burning Truths

POV: Rico

The next few days were just endless; they felt like they dragged on forever, but having Jazz with me helps. I somehow got in touch with my family. I apologized as I promised even though some didn’t forgive me, they made it so I could work to earn their trust back. Meanwhile, Miley was just out of it and not in a good way. She looked tired and down on herself since we had left the hospital; it was only when Trevor would do something silly to remotely get her to smile for a second only to go back to the sad expression on her face. Leon was on high alert protecting Ashely since Jazz let it out that Marcus could be around, but without proof, she only made him paranoid. I started going to those meetings with Trevor and Miley, but no one seemed to focus on what anybody had to say. It was the week of the full moon; it was also the final meeting and the summer ball the very last things we had to deal with before we could go home. The night was full, but unsatisfying when I was getting ready, walking into the bathroom, she was there fixing her hair. It was the first time I’ve seen her without her contacts in, and that deep dark blue in her eyes reflecting off the mirror had me ready to fall apart. My heart was racing, showing me a vision something grand as she was trying to decide whether or not to leave her dark burgundy hair up or down. I didn’t even realize I was walking up to her until the door creaking gave me away.

“I umm...” I said staring at her

“Come here, Mi Querido,” She said with her hand out

I gently placed my hand in hers, and she pulled me into the bathroom with her. I helped her with her hair, saying that it looked better down and I also zipped up her black dress simple things that I don’t know just made the night seem so much better. She softly smiled to herself, straightening up my tie, trying to see if I looked better with a fedora but deciding against it. Every part of me just wanted her closer to me, so when we were ready and about to leave, I found it hard to move unless she was holding my hand and standing by my side. We met up with everyone downstairs, and though no one was in the mood to go to this upper-class party, an agreement was reached among us saying after the meeting, we’ll get out of there. I must have prayed to at least eight different Gods hoping that it wasn’t going be forever.

Was it three or four hours that passed when we realized that a simple meeting was dead with the full moon still in effect. No one could pay attention tensions were high, and everybody just wanted to either party or fuck, so the ball overshadowed the meeting. Still, it was nice to give in to our instincts and forget our problems for just a moment. We were dancing like idiots drinking as if it was legal and letting the good environment take over. I’m not much of a dancer, but when Jazz pulled me on the dance floor and warped my arms around her, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. A tango came on, and something in me just clicked as a natural flow swept over me. I had her warped up in my arms, and now it was my turn to take her breath away. I showed off a little bit. I had to admit it my hands swimming all over her body only to spin her away and pull her closer to me, leaving her breathless and excited as I took the lead. The dance floor was ours, and everybody knew it as she pulled out a few surprises herself warping her leg around my waist before raising the other in the air, demonstrating her flexibility as a smile formed on her face but my sudden reaction. If she could read minds at the moment, she’d know I’d love her until all she could ever do was release and beg. The primal undertones were there, the temptation, to taste, to feel, to claim her as mine and mine alone, was driving me insane with every dance. The only thing that was driving me more insane than that was the pent up sexual frustration that was only getting harder and harder by the second.

“Querido?” She asked, grinding her ass up against me, “Are you okay?”

“Mi Amor. If you move away from me right now something bad is going to happen, something I won’t be able to control,” I said

Just hold back a little while longer.

I told myself this consistently the entire week of the full moon to keep myself under control. I didn’t want to take her by force or when she wasn’t ready. It was all on her whenever she was willing until then I had to be patient, but if I wasn’t going through the biggest withdraw in werewolf history. Everything was going good so far until the lights went out for a moment, and when they came back on, Jazz was gone. I frantically looked all over for her then that scent of rotten trash and fake gold. I tracked her outside on the balcony, trying to fight off the attacker, taring off her dress.

“Get The Fuck Off Me!” She shouted, “Rico! RICO!”

“Awwww come on babe you told me you don’t believe in love. Why can’t we have fun?” He asked

“Didn’t I made it clear at the fucking club when I slapped you! This Isn’t Fun!” She shouted

It was him! David Fucking Sterling! Trying to force himself on My JASMINE!

I hardly remember turning and tackling the bastard off her, my instincts took over, and when I came back. She looked terrified, staring at me in wolf form. I shifted back human covered in blood, and I didn’t think I’d kill the guy, but I slowly turned around to see his crops lying on the ground.

“No! Don’t look,” She yelled forcing my head towards her

“Wh...what have I done?” I asked

“You saved me. You protected me from a predator, okay?” She asked

I nodded, unable to still fully comprehend everything that just happened. Jazz grabbed my hands and led us out of there, taking me to probably one of the only places I could reason at a time like this.

I sat on the beach with the sand in my toes, listening to the waves crash against the surface. The blood that covered me was washed away by some nearby public shower, and while I was still in shock, she was trying to start a fire.

“Spark you bitch,” She said getting frustrated

I walked over behind her taking her hands in mine, sparking the rocks together to start the fire. I kept my arms tightly around her while we sat down. We both stared at the flame together while I was thinking about what my actions may have meant for the pack; she moved closer to me sighing deeply.

“I was sixteen when I first met him. Ashely wasn’t around as much my parents gladly kicked me out of the house and put me in a small one-bedroom apartment near Preston Prep. So many days spent alone driving myself insane with the silence that tormented me. I just wanted someone there, and Rentro walked into my life. He was older a junior, I think, but he...I thought he cared about me. He made it seem like it the way he kept coming over to be with me to the point where he moved in. He told me I’d never be alone again and that he’d always love me, but after that night, we slept together. I woke up, and everything that was his was gone, there was not a single trance of his entire existence. I thought I was insane imagining him until I found a used condom in the trash can near my bed,” She said

She was trembling in my arms, and I could feel her tears landing on my forearm, “Jasmine...I...I don’t...,” I said

“It’s not your fault. It was never your fault, but I acted so cold to you because I’m terrified that one day, you’ll disappear too. I gave him everything I had my trust, my love, my fucking virginity, and I treated you as if you were no better than he was, but you still stayed. Why?” She asked

“Because I’m tired of running, Mi Amor. I used to hate fire thinking it was a bad omen every single time something went wrong in my life I’d see a flame right there mocking me and the destruction I made. But I realized that it wasn’t bad; it was light guiding me to something better. I have nowhere else I need or want to be other than by your side. Even my wolf is fighting to be by your side. I’ve seen it,” I said

“And what did you see?” She asked

“I saw myself trying to break down this wall anyway I could, and whenever progress was being made, another layer of bricks formed up right in front of me. But even then, I’m still clawing and ramming myself against that wall. I’ve had this dream for days now, but right now it feels like I’ll finally get through,” I said

“Rico,” She said turning around to face me, “I...I’m still scared,”

“Jasmine. My beautiful Jasmine, if I leave your side, I’ll die. I can’t walk away from you because I am madly in love with you,” I said, leaning my head on hers, “And I know you feel the same, Mi Amor. I can see in your eyes,” I said wiping the tears from them

“But what if...” She said turning her head away

I leaned her head back towards me, “Erse mi todo, Mi Amor. You are my entire life now; you are everything. Please let me love you,” I said

“Rico...” She said

“Please. Please. Por favor, Mi Amor,” I softly pleaded

She nodded slowly, “Okay,” She said

I carefully tilted her head over, and without any remorse, I left a mark so deep into her skin it drew blood even then I was biting harder to make sure she felt that I wasn’t going anywhere. The hopeful look in her eyes made me feel like the walls were finally down, and the light I was trying to get to has been right in front of me this entire time. I pulled out a dampened napkin I had inside my jacket pocket and carefully cleaned up the wound. We stayed on the beach for the rest of the night to busy cought up in each other to care about the ball, our friends, or anything else but each other. I found my home, and it was with her.

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