Twilight Rogue: A Trial by Fire and Passion (3/5)

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Party's over

POV: Miley

Everybody was a burnt-out mess the next morning, waking up with hangovers messed up clothes or passed out sex partners. Some of us had the glorious gift to have all three. Waking up naked next to Trevor in the library wasn’t exactly part of the plan we had last night, but that’s life. I was just happy my dress was still wearable and that we weren’t the only ones thinking the library was the perfect hiding spot. Leon was roaring out his yawn like a lion while stretching out his arms, covering Ashely with his jacket while he rubbed his head. He glanced around in between the rows of books before looking at me with a hazed yet fully satisfied smile on his face.

“Morning,” He quietly said being careful not to wake up Ashely

“Hey. Where’s Rico and Jazz?” I asked in a whisper

He shrugged before noticing Ashely was moving around a little. One touch from him instantly gave her comfort that only true mates could have. I couldn’t help but smile a little seeing my little cousin so happy and in love.

“Miles. Babe whe...where are you?” Trevor groaned out

“I’ll go shut him up,” I whispered

“Please and thank you,” Leon whispered while I went back over to Trevor

“Miiiiiilllleeeeeyyyy,” He whined out louder

“Shhhh. I’m right here, you big baby,” I said laying his head on my lap

“Good,” He muttered holding my waist, “I’m fucking exhausted from pulling double duty,” He said

“Thank you for that by the way,” I said while moved my hand on his head, “At least you kept them apart Leon would’ve murdered Anton if he saw him,” I said rubbing my fingers through his hair

“Ashely helped too, you know. Since well she has him warped around her finger, ” He muttered

“Warped around her finger, huh?” I asked, twisting his hair around mine, “He isn’t the only one that’s...” I started

“If you say trained sprung whipped or any variation of those words you are going to be in so much trouble,” He interrupted

“How about obsessed?” I asked

He rosed up from my lap, looking me in my eyes, leaning his head on mine, “That works,” He said, looking away to think it over for a second, “Obsessed? I like it almost like I’m addicted to you, but we both who’s addiction is worse, right?” He asked

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Are you up now?” I asked

“It is time that we leave this place, huh?” He asked, looking around for his clothes, “Leon! Ash! Get Up We Got To Go Home!” He shouted getting dressed

“We were waiting on you guys,” Leon said

“First we have to find Rico and Jazz,” Ashely said

Just then, the doors busted open with at least ten guys roaming around, grabbing everybody that was still either blacked out or just lying around, “NO ONE IS GOING ANYWHERE! LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN!” One of them shouted

“Hey. HEY! What the hell is going on?” Leon asked walking up to the man

“Someone was murdered last night, so everyone is a suspect no one is allowed out of this house until judgment is passed, ” He said

“Murdered?! Here!?” Leon asked, “But who would...?” He started trying to process it

We were all trying to process it as one by one everyone was questioned by the consul of Alphas’. Even I was challenged since I wasn’t an active Alpha, I couldn't detect people's lies intentions or see into their physique. It was only once they were done asking their questions and sure of my intentions they allowed me to take my father’s place at least Anton wasn’t there. Trevor whispered that he left after only a few hours during the party last night. Still, it was slightly uncomfortable watching this group of men stare down and integrate people, making them feel small as they’d stare at the ground, answering the barged of questions coming at them from different angles. Eventually, everybody in the house was questioned, and no one was made guilty, so the men were on edge, believing that the murder had escaped.

“Is there anybody else left in the house?” One of them said

“Sadly, no, Sir. Everyone has been seen,” Someone else replied

“I bet it was that Leon fellow from Black’s territory. I heard some nasty things about that kid,” I heard someone said under their breath

“Black always had his doors open for stray dogs,” Someone else whispered

“Well, what did you expect from a Rogue Alpha?” Someone else asked

“Excuse me, gentlemen. But I don’t appreciate those whispers about my father, so please speak up if you think there’s a problem with Leon staying in his territory,” I said

Silence an eerie one as I patiently waited for someone bold enough to say something, anything to justify their sudden decision to place the blame on Leon and my father. I looked around the entire room as my eyes pierced through their crumbling facades as they couldn’t even look at me all avoided my stare, but sunglasses blocked one man who's eyes. He looked like he was in his late twenties wearing a red button-up shirt under a black vest with matching black slacks. He had a messy bedhead as his dark brown hair was wildly untouched over his copper skin tone. He wasn’t exactly new to this table of powerful men, but you could tell he has some experience with a few things.

“My name is Anthony Robert Jerico. I am the Alpha of the California and Nevada territories, also known as the Republic. I have no hard feelings toward a man I have never even heard of or seen despite rumors and meeting at such sad terms. I can not judge Leon for his past, and yet my fellow Alphas are blind to see that it is my choice on who I believe is the guilty party is. As my Delta’s sudden passing is unfortunate, there were times that David did deserve a wake-up call and someone made sure he’d wake up, but this time he was pushing his luck, and it backfired,” He said

“What? You don’t think he’d start this to trigger a war between territories?” Someone asked

“No. He’d start something like this out of pride,” He replied

“Wh...what do you mean, Sir?” I asked

Just as he was about to explain, Rico walked in with his hands in the air staring at the ground with Jazz following up behind him wearing his jacket over her shoulders, “Why are you here, boy? This is a closed meeting,” Someone said

“I’ve come to speak my case,” He said

“Speak your case on what?” Anthony asked

Rico inhaled a massive breath of air before lowering his hands to the floor, “The murder of David Sterling. I, Rico Garica, brutally murdered David Sterling, ” He confessed

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