Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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It was halfway through the last class and I hadn't seen Win for hours. He hadn't gone to any of his classes and no one had seen him. I had asked to go to the toilet during class, but was currently running around the school trying to find him.

I was so worried.

I had this horrible twisting feeling in my gut as my search became more and more desperate.

As I came out of yet another empty bathroom, I heard faint grunting and swearing, followed by the sound of something hitting a wire fence.

I ran to the nearby bike racks that were at the very back of the school.

Upon rounding a corner, I finally spotted Win, his school shirt torn open, belt undone, and a trail of fresh blood from his nose to his chest.

A large body suddenly launched itself into his stomach, tackling him to the ground, the guys back towards me.


"Don't fucking touch me Derek!"

He reached down to my belt, at the same time as I did to block his hands. Our hands wrestled there for a few minutes before he managed to twist both of my slim wrists into one of his massive hands, pinning them above me and unfastening my belt with his other one.

I continued to try to shake him off of me, as his hand slid into my pants and groped my -still semi hard- junk. He brought his face down to mine, I assumed to try to kiss me, but I didn't give him the chance.

I wrenched my head forward into his face, making blood gush from his nose, all over my face. He instinctively clutched his nose with both hands, freeing me long enough for me to finally throw him off of me.

I quickly stood and began to leave, but he was on my heel within a second, still holding his nose with one hand while he used the other to shove my face into the tree next to me. Pain and blood exploded from my nose, the impact making my vision momentarily blur and spin.

He turned me around and slammed my back against the tree while I was still dazed, his hands ripping my shirt open as I hazily tried to stop him. One of his hands shot up and gripped my neck tightly as he roughly shoved his lips against mine. I bit down hard on his bottom lip as I drove my knee into his crotch, forcing him to crumple to the ground in pain.

"You are a fucking psychopath!" I choked, trying catch my breath after having my windpipe nearly crushed.

I turned to leave again, but he was really insistent that he would have his way with me. I was fast, but he was stronger than me and there was only so long that I could keep up my endurance in this state.

The fight seemed to go on forever, both of us refusing to stay down. We were both covered in blood and panting with exhaustion. I threw him against the wire fence, but he used the motion to rebound towards me and tackle me, pinning me on the ground.

I was far to tired to be able to push his heavy body off of me, but I still tried in vain.


I ran over and pulled Derek into a headlock, dragging him off of Win who lay there panting from exhaustion.

A look of relief washed over his face as he watched me choke him out and lay him on the ground when he lost consciousness, before rushing to Win's side.

"Took you... Fucking.... Long... Enough..." He panted with a half smile on his face.

"Fuck Win, are you okay? You're a mess! What the fuck happened!?" I said in a panic, as I frantically tried to inspect his wounds.

He sat up and explained how he had woken up to find Derek trying to molest him, and what had happened until I showed up. I tried to get up to go over and kill the motherfucker where he lay, but Win pulled me back down beside him.

"Don't Gray. Just... Let's go home... Help me up."

How dare he touch my Winnie! Motherfucking asshole better watch his back!

We got home, and Win locked himself in the bathroom for the next hour, the shower running the whole time. I sat next to the door, silently waiting for him to come out. When he did, I finally had a chance to take in the damage to his face. Two slightly black eyes, badly bruised nose and multiple bruised forming on his neck and the rest of his body.


I pulled him into a big, gentle hug, and felt him scrunch the bottom of my shirt in his shaking fists.

There was absolutely no way I could pretend to hate this boy any longer.

I wouldn't.

"Let me make you some food. Come down to the kitchen with me?"

He nodded meekly as I led him down the stairs and sat him at the counter, where I poured him a glass of my dad's expensive scotch whiskey.

"Thanks..." He mumbled into the glass as he gripped it with both of his trembling hands and took a sip.

"I'm going to make you my favourite comfort food. My mum used to make it for me when I was upset or hurt. It's called eggy in a basket." I stated, as I pulled out the ingredients and utensils I would need.

"Is it eggs.... Served in a basket?" Win raised an eyebrow in question, the alcohol thankfully beginning to help calm his nerves.

I chuckled at him lightly. "No, it's an egg fried in the centre of a piece of bread, fried in butter. I'll cook up some bacon for the side too."

"Oh...Okay.." He mumbled again, taking another long sip.

I cooked up the food as Win watched, and I noticed that his hands had finally stopped shaking as I plated up the food.

"Here you go, don't burn yourself."

We both dug in silently and I watched as he quickly devoured his piled plateful.

"Fuck Gray, you're really good at cooking.... You should definitely make me food more often.. Mum isn't exactly gifted in the culinary department."

I smiled softly at his expression, as he was obviously recalling some of his mum's more interesting concoctions. "Thanks, my mum taught me because she noticed that I loved to cook like she did. If you want, I could cook for you whenever."

"Really? But..... Why would you cook for someone you hate?" He looked dejectedly down at the table, and my heart sank.

I rubbed the back of my neck nervously, letting out a deep sigh in resignation. "Yeah... So.... I never actually hated you. I tried, But you make it really fucking hard Winnie."

"What?" He exclaimed, before giving me a thoughtful look and nodding to himself. "That actually makes more sense then."

"What do you mean?"

"Well," he started, "I was beginning to get really confused. You would be a complete dick one minute, then suddenly be rushing to my rescue and looking all worried the next.."

I cringed at my contradictory actions. "Yeah, I kept rushing in without realising it.."

"So, are we going to maybe try this whole brother thing? If we are, can we change it up a little and pretend to hate each other in front of our parents? I'm still pretty pissed at this whole surprise marriage situation. I kind of just want to make things a little hard for them in rebellion."

I thought for a second, "I'm in. I'm still pissed at dad too."

We shared a devilish grin between us. At least I didn't have to try so hard to hate him now, and the fake hate at home was going to be pure fun. Win stayed home "sick" for the rest of the week, still pretty shaken by the whole Derek thing. Lucky for Derek, he was M.I.A for the rest of the week too.

On Friday, Win met Sofia at the front gates after school, to head home with her and help set up for her party. I would have offered to help, but I wanted to spend as little time around her as possible. Instead, I headed home and spent my time trying to find something to wear.

I wanted to impress Win, but I didn't want girls to be drooling over me all night.

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