Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I stood outside Sofia's house, waiting for Zach and Mason to arrive. More and more people had begun to file into the ridiculously large, ultra modern mansion.

"Gray! Sorry we are a bit late man, had to park waaaaaaaaay down the street." Mason pointed exaggeratingly towards the direction they had come from.

Zach stared in awe at the building before him. "Fuck. I knew she was loaded, but this is like... Insanely rich.."

"Yeah, it almost puts my London penthouse to shame..... Almost." I smirked as I made my way inside ahead of them.

They both stared in disbelief before hurrying after me.

The house was filled with sleek minimalistic furniture, and almost too many large open spaces. It felt more like a showroom than a home.

"I don't know about you guys, but I plan on getting absolutely wasted tonight. I'm heading for the kitchen for drinks, you guys coming?"

"We're going to just find a spot off to the side, away from everyone else. Can you grab a bunch of drinks and we'll find somewhere to sit outside? We don't exactly get along with anyone here, so we should just steer clear. Don't want to start shit." Zach stated dryly. I could tell neither of them felt comfortable being here.

I nodded, "Yeah fair enough. I'll grab a selection and meet you guys outside."

We split up, and I headed for the kitchen where Win and Sofia were setting up an assortment of alcohol. There was a bar with a mixologist in the dining room off to the side, and they had a seemingly endless supply of different types of pre mixed bottles and cans in the kitchen.


"Oh hey Gray! When did you get here!?" Win beamed his brilliant smile at me, telling me he had already started drinking.

I chuckled at his cuteness. "Just now. Zach and Mase have gone out back to find a good spot for us to set up for the night. They thought it would be best if we kept to ourselves as much as possible."

Wins face dropped a little. I could tell that he felt bad that his friends had been dragged here even though it made them uncomfortable, and he wasn't even able to hang out with them because he had to be with Sofia.

"If you get some time you should come find us, okay?" I offered him a warm smile in an attempt to make him feel a little better.

"Yeah, that would be cool." He leant in close and whispered so his girlfriend couldn't hear. "I really fucking hope I don't get stuck being Sofia's arm candy all night. I plan to sneak off the first chance I get."

"Grayson! I'm so glad you made it!" Sofia bounded over to me and wrapped her arms around me, which made her barely contained breasts squish against my chest.

I cringed, trying to hide my disgust. "Yeah, no problem. Happy birthday Sofia, I'm sorry I didn't get you anything.."

"That's okay, just have a drink with me later and I'll count that as my present." She winked at me playfully.

I stared at her in shock, along with Win. She wasn't even trying to hide the fact that she was trying to hit on me right in front of her boyfriend.

"Riiiiiiight. I'm just uh... Going to grab some drinks and find my friends then... Bye." I grabbed a large unopened box of drinks and hurried outside.

I found Zach and Mason on some outdoor beanbags, off to the side where there were less people.

"So, I kind of just grabbed this. I was in a bit of a hurry to get the fuck out of there."

Mason quirked an eyebrow at me. "Sofia being weird? Or was Win being cranky? He tends to get that way when he's around Sofia.."

"I seriously don't even know why they are together." Zach sighed.

"Sofia was definitely being weird. Like... She even winked at me, right in front of Win." I explained what happened while we cracked our drinks open.

Zach raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Fuck, so I guess Mason was right for once. Probably best to just stay away from her as much as possible."

"That's the plan."

"Anyone want some green?" Mason pulled a couple of pre rolled joints from his pocket and passed us one each.

We lit up, and decided to do some people watching while we smoked and drank. As the night when on, people got drunker and stupider, making the people watching a lot funnier. Zach and Mase had both pulled their phones out to record a few times when some guys thought they were ninjas and tried to do stupid drunken stunts.

I was starting to feel pretty drunk myself, so I tipped my head up towards the sky and closed my eyes, leaning back in my beanbag.

I felt two soft, warm hands gently cupping both sides of my face. I opened my eyes to see a very drunk smiling Win, hovering over my face from behind.

"Brother! I found you!" He beamed adorably at me.

"Brother? Since when were you guys so close?" Zach questioned.

I couldn't help but mirror Wins smile. "Heeeeeeey Winnie, having fun?"

"I am now that I have finally found you!" He smooshed my cheeks in his hands and shook it gently, before looking to Zach. "What do you mean Zach? We have been brothers since our parents got married... DUH!"

I quickly shot back upright as Win flopped himself next to me on my beanbag and grabbed himself a drink. I looked between Zach and Mason, giving them a sheepish, guilty half smile.

"No fucking way, you guys are actual brothers? Mason basically yelled.

"Step brothers. Sorry for not telling you guys earlier.... It was pretty sudden, and kind of awkward..." I rubbed the back of my neck, slightly embarrassed that Win had just blurted that out.

"Just kind of?" Win scoffed. "My mum came home from a business trip with a new husband and son. She had a surprise, but I definitely did not expect that."

Zach didn't really seem all that surprised, "Wow. So she really did manage to top the 'moving across the country' surprise. I guess I owe you $50.."

I was glad that they didn't feel awkward after learning that we were brothers, although I felt like Zach kept shooting me looks that I didn't quite understand the meaning of.

We finished our carton of drinks, so I decided to go grab some more. I headed for the kitchen and decided to just grab a couple of big bottles to share between us. I wasn't exactly sober enough to manage to carry a heavy carton back safely anymore.

"Grayson! There you are! Come! You still owe me a drink!!" Sofia exclaimed as she dragged me over to a couch in the living room, where her friends were gathered.

She pushed me down onto the couch before making herself comfortable on my lap, her almost non-existent skirt riding up as she twisted around to hand me some fruity looking cocktail.

"Ah... O-okay... Just one quick drink. I need to get back to my friends..."

I drank the sickly sweet drink down in one go, quickly setting the glass aside and trying to shift her off of my lap.

She suddenly grabbed my shirt and forcefully shoved her tongue down my throat.

I quickly pushed her away, just as I saw Win turning away and dashing from the kitchen where he had been watching. I jumped up, knocking Sofia onto her ass, as I ran after him out the front door.

"Fuck! Win! Hold on!"

I could barely hear Sofia as she called out after me, "Grayson! Come back here!"

I chased after him, trying my best not to drunkenly trip over my own feet. He turned off into a park, suddenly disappearing from my view.

"Win? Winnie! Let me explain! Where the fuck did you go!?"

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