Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I followed Grayson to the kitchen to find some snacks for Zach and Mason.

Instead, I found my girlfriend sucking face with my "brother".

I stood there, frozen in shock, when Grayson noticed me staring.

He abruptly shot up off of the couch and headed towards me, but I panicked and ran for the door.

A surge of emotions built up inside of me, but I couldn't tell exactly what I was feeling. I left the party and kept running, not really heading anywhere in particular. I just knew I had to get away from there.

As I ran, a billion thoughts raced through my mind.

Why am I even running? I don't feel like my heart was just broken, catching my girlfriend cheating...

Am I mad that she was kissing someone else, or Am I mad that she was kissing Grayson?

FUCK! I'm so confused!

I had apparently run to an unfamiliar park. My legs were beginning to ache, my throat had become hoarse, and I was still very, very drunk.

There was a modern netted playground nearby, so I headed over and climbed up to lay on the top to catch my breath and clear my head.

There was no one else around and very few lights, but I was just glad to be away from everything. I stared up at the moon and the stars, as I tried to get my drunken thoughts straight.

I hate Sofia, that's for sure. Why don't I hate Grayson? He was kissing my girlfriend! I should want to rip his throat out with my teeth....

Mmmm I really would like to sink my teeth into his neck... Wait.. What?... No, don't get side-tracked...

"Win? Where are you? Let me explain, please?"

Grayson stood directly beneath me, drunkenly swaying and stumbling.

"Look up dickhead." I sighed half-heartedly.

"Winnie!" He exclaimed happily, as he stumbled his way over and sloppily climbed up until he was at my feet.

I sat upright and glared at him. "Go on then. Explain."

His words spilled out in a panicked jumble, his gorgeous eyes begging me to believe him. "She kissed me! I pushed her away! I already told you I have no interest in her, Winnie!"

"Isn't that a bit cliché? It wasn't me I swear, she kissed me! Blah Blah Blah...." I scoffed.

He actually looked like he was about to burst into tears.

"But... It's the truth, Win.." He said pleadingly, as he tried to move himself over to sit next to me on the netting "I would never lie to you.... Actually, I-"

His hand missed the rope and fell through the net, making him roll sideways on top of me. Our lips crashed together as he knocked me down, his body laying on top of mine.

We lay frozen, lips still pressed together, wide eyed in shock.

My lips tingled as if his were zapping mine with thousands of tiny electric shocks. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks, as I slowly closed my eyes, and moved my lips against his.

I know I shouldn't be kissing him.... But..... it just feels so good...

Grayson returned my kiss surprisingly tenderly, as he pulled his dangling arm up to the side of my neck, and gently stroked his thumb over my cheek.

My body began to roll against his with waves of intense hunger that I had never felt before. My hands made their way into his hair and pulled him into me harder as I hungrily deepened the kiss. Using my tongue, I parted his lips before slipping it in his mouth and tangling it with his.

His large, strong hand gripped my hip as he grinded his hardening bulge against my own.

His eyes flew open suddenly and he broke away, both of us panting hard. He looked away, clearly embarrassed as a blush burned across his cheeks furiously. "Fuck.... Sorry.... We should probably go back..."

I looked away, refusing to meet his eyes. I was both embarrassed and annoyed. "Yeah, I guess..... We did kind of ditch Zach and Mase."

Grayson climbed down after taking a few minutes to calm himself, and held his hand out to help me down. I looked at his hand, then up at him, and jumped over the side of the net away from him.

He dropped his hand and silently hurried after me as I jogged back in the direction we came. We got back to the party and not much had changed, apart from a few unconscious people scattered, and everyone was substantially drunker.

"Let's go find Zach and Mase They're probably wondering what's taking so damn long." Grayson said, heading for the back door ahead of me.

I went to follow after him, but was suddenly dragged sideways. In my drunken state, I wasn't able to make out who had grabbed my arm, and I stumbled awkwardly as they wove us through the crowd, and up the stairs.

I was shoved into what I then realised to be Sofia's bedroom, before the door slammed and locked behind me.

"What the fuck? That's not weird or anything.... Why is it locked?" I rattled the door knob a few times before banging on the door. "Hello!?"

"Win, baby..."

I turned around to see Sofia strutting out of her ensuite, wearing nothing but a skimpy black, lacey lingerie set. Her steps faltered slightly from having too much to drink.

I what I could only assume was an attempt at being sexy, she sucked on her finger, before trailing it down over her breast, and towards her panties.

"What the hell is this, Sofia?" I said angrily, as I backed up against her door.

She came closer and reached out to put her hands on my chest, which I managed to quickly dodge, but tripped on my own feet in the process, sending me face first onto her bed. I turned over to stand, but she leapt on top of me and straddled my hips, before quickly pushing her lips to mine.

I rolled her off of me and wiped my arm across my mouth in visible disgust.

"What's wrong baby? I'm ready for my birthday present! Why did you push me off?" She whined, as she knelt on the edge of her bed.

I couldn't stop myself from exploding. "What the fuck is wrong with you? I'm not your baby anymore, Sofia. I saw you cheat on me earlier. WE. ARE. DONE."

"It wasn't what it looked like!" She scrambled to my side and clung to my arm, an overly dramatic panicked tone to her voice. She put on her stupid looking puppy dog put to try to gain my sympathy, but that shit wasn't going to work anymore. "He came onto me! I swear it wasn't my fault baby! I would never cheat on you, I love you, Win!"

"Fuck off Sofia, don't touch me." I seethed through gritted teeth, as I shook her hands off of me.

I headed towards her window before she could grab me again. I looked down, weighing the pro's and con's of staying or jumping.

Pro's of jumping, I clear the deck and make it into the pool, escaping without a scratch.... Or I miss and probably die.....

Either of those is still a million times better than being stuck in here with drunk, horny Sofia.

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