Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I suddenly remembered the whole reason I had gone to the kitchen in the first place.

"Ah! We should probably grab the drinks-" I turned around to look at Win as I spoke, but he wasn't there. I walked back inside to look for him, but he had completely disappeared.

Crap, I hope that kiss didn't freak him out to the point of avoiding me...

I frantically searched for him inside, before heading back out to Zach and Mason.

"There you are! We were about to form a search party!" Zach yelled in mock annoyance "Wait. Where's Win?"

Damn, I hoped he would've come out here. "Fuck, so you guy's haven't seen him either?"

Zach's face turned serious "Not since he left for snacks."

"Oh, there he is! FUCKING LEGEND WIN!" Mason yelled as he stood from his seat, following with a loud 'whoop'.

The rest of the partygoers joined in with him, as a huge splash of water rose from the swimming pool.

"Did Win just-"

"-THAT WAS AWESOME" Mason cheered, cutting Zach off mid sentence.

I watched as Win resurfaced, his hands running up his face and slicking his wet hair back off of his face.

Holy fucking shit, if that ain't the sexiest damn thing I have ever seen.

I ran over to the edge of the pool, as a rush of people jumped in after Win's "stunt". I plucked him out of the water and tried to make sure he was okay.

"Winnie! Did you seriously just jump out of a fucking window!? Are you hurt? Why the fuck would you do that? Are you fucking stupid!? I almost had a heart attack!" My questions came out all smooshed into one long sentence in my panic, as I frantically searched him for injuries.

He let out a quick laugh before forcing an annoyed expression.

"I'm fine Gray. Chill."

I let out the breath I hadn't realised I was holding. "What happened to you? You were there one second and gone the next. I was really worried..."

He explained what had happened with Sofia as we walked back over to Zach and Mason. I noticed him shivering slightly, as goose bumps began to form on his skin.

In my drunken hysteria, I had completely forgotten the fact that he had jumped into a pool, and was now dripping wet in the cool night air.

I took him by surprise, quickly unbuttoning his shirt before stripping it off, and replacing it with the flannel shirt I had been wearing over my t-shirt. I debated giving him my jeans as well, but that would probably have been considered a little weird, and then I would be walking around in my pants.

My flannel shirt was too big for him, making him look even more adorable than usual.

I plonked myself down onto my beanbag, and dragged Win onto my lap. I wrapped my arms around him to try to keep him warm with my body heat.

He sat in my lap in stunned silence.

"I would give you my jeans, but.."

"That's okay, thanks for the shirt." He spoke in a small voice.

A wicked amused smile spread across Zach's face "You two look cute like that."

I moved my face behind Win in an attempt to hide the blush that had started to burn my cheeks, and I noticed that Win had brought his hands up to cover his own face too.

"Shut the fuck up, Zach." Win grumbled into the sleeves of my flannel shirt.

"Awwwwwww you're as red as a tomato, Win!" Mason gushed in an annoying baby voice.

Win abruptly stood up and Marched off, while Zach and Mason burst into fits of laughter.

"Winnie?" I called out after him, already missing the feeling of him on my lap.

Zach stood up and dusted his pants off, stumbling slightly as he did so. "Looks like Win has decided that the party is over for us. We're going to head home, you'd better go after Mr. Grumpy Pants and make sure his drunk ass gets home safely."

Mason threw his arm over Zach's shoulder as they left, still laughing like an idiot. I raced in the direction Win had gone, and found him sitting on the side of the road a few houses up from the party.

"Winnie!" I exclaimed, happy to have found him relatively quickly, "Why are you on the ground...?"

He looked up at me sheepishly, then back at his grazed knees and hands.

"Jesus Winnie, you're a damn klutz..."

Win grumbled, unwilling to look up at me as he spoke. "Shut up..."

I crouched down with my back to him and put my hands behind me. "Come on, I'll carry you home. That way I know you're safe."

"Fuck off, I can walk... I'm not a girl." He huffed, clearly offended.

"Either you get on my back, or I carry you bridal style. Your choice, Winnie."

He grumbled under his breath and climbed on my back, loosely wrapping his arms around my neck.

I couldn't help but giggle "Good girl."

"UGHH! Fuck you, dickhead." He groaned as he gave me a half assed slap on the side of my face.

I couldn't stop the smile from spreading across my cheeks. I loved feeling him pressed against me. I wanted him so fucking bad, I had no Idea how I had managed to stop myself at the park earlier.

I just didn't want to do anything while we were drunk, and run the risk of him regretting it later.

That would hurt way too fucking much.

"So, you and Sofia are through?" I prayed they would be, but I didn't want to assume.

"Yeah. I can't believe she turned out to be.... Well, just like every other girl I know...." He answered, sounding more annoyed than upset.


I tried to hide my excitement enough to seem sympathetic, but I didn't really do all that good of a job. "I'm sorry you had to find out that way.... Especially seeing as it involved me.."

"Mm.." Win yawned, "So little brother, do you like anyone?"

"Ha! I keep forgetting you are older than me... And that you're my brother...."

"Don't-" He yawned again,"-avoid the question, Gray."

I hesitated, wanting to tell him the truth, but scared to at the same time. "Yeah, I kinda like someone..."

I felt Win's head get a little heavier on my shoulder, followed by the sound of him snoring softly in my ear.

Oh shit, that's just too fucking cute!

Knowing he wouldn't hear me, I decided to go for it.

"I like you, idiot."

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